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In the past 30 years, we have auctioned MORE movie paper for MORE money than ANY other auction company, period!

EVERY item we auction starts at $1, with NO reserve, and NO buyers premium, and EVERY item is honestly described, with an unenhanced super-sized image!

We charge consignors the lowest rates of ANY major auction, and we have held over 1,717,000 online auctions!

Go to our current auctions in our Auction Galleries, and you will quickly see why we are the most trusted auction site! was founded in 1999 as the first all-movie poster auction website. We have auctioned well over 1.7 MILLION posters, lobby cards, stills and related items through our auctions since 1999, surely the most of any online auction! - The most trusted vintage original movie poster site & the only major online auction with no buyers premiums!

Major Auctions

Below you will find the following:

All three parts of our July Major Auction are now "live"!

Our July Major Auction contains 4,085 items from all of the world and from every decade, and many different sizes and is being run in three parts:

  • Part I (ends Tuesday, August 3rd): 1,552 posters, lobby cards, stills, and much more

  • Part II (ends Tuesday, August 5th): 1,696 unbacked and paperbacked posters of all kinds

  • Part III (ends Tuesday, August 8th): 837 linenbacked posters of all kinds

All THREE parts of our July Major Auction are now "live" online, and together they contain a wonderful selection of posters of EVERY type, plus related items, 4,085 items in all! And EVERY item will REALLY have a new owner after the auctions end, because ALL the items really started at $1 with NO reserves (and none of the dreaded "buyers premiums").

But before I tell you more about the July Major Auction, let me why we have so MANY more items than usual (by contrast, our April Major Auction had 785 items). Here is why we have 4,085 items in all!
When we originally planned this July Major Auction, we thought we would have around 500 to 800 items in all, so, because we now have auctions every four weeks, we decided to make it a "one day" auction, and have the Tuesday and Thursday before it be our usual fine selection of flat and rolled items.
     But over the final three weeks of consigning, we were contacted by first one, then two, and then three VERY long time collectors who had decided the time had come to let go of major portions of their collections! We soon realized that these great last minute consignments would push our total from around 650 items to around 1,300 hundred, so we decided the best solution would be to divide the Major Auction over 3 days, just as we always have.
     But that created a new problem. If we "bumped" the regular flat and rolled items originally scheduled to start the 13th and 15th, that would have meant that they would have had to wait four more weeks (unlike one or two weeks, as it used be in the past). And since many of our buyers ONLY buy "regular" items, we did not want them to have to wait that long.
     So we moved ALL the non-backed Major flat items that ship in standard boxes into the "regular" flat auction that started the 13th, and we moved ALL the non-backed (and paperbacked) Major flat items that ship in oversized boxes or tubes into the "regular" rolled auction that started the 15th!
     So this has created two "Super Regular Auctions" on Tuesday and Thursday, far and away the best "regular" auctions we have ever had, and we also have our "all-linen" Part III that just started, which is a better auction of linen posters than we have had in many years!

What does this mean to you? First and foremost, it means you have the most auctions to look through at one day than you have ever had from us before (4,085 in all)! But you also now have a FULL TWENTY ONE DAYS to look over each set of auctions, because they all now run for that long! If you spread your viewing over that time, you CAN absolutely easily view all the auctions one at a time (and make sure to make good use of our "Search Filters" located to the left of each set of auctions (and they work best when you view all 3 parts in a single gallery (see below).

And one really great "silver lining" to having so MANY auctions closing in such a short time is that there is a much greater chance to get great deals (and maybe some absolute "steals"). But YOU can't get those if you are not bidding, so please start looking now! Remember that from now until Tuesday August 3rd at around 7 PM CST (when the Part I items begin to end, SIXTEEN full days from now) you can view ALL 4,085 of the items in all three parts in a single gallery at!

Why is this so valuable? Because when you are looking at all the items in one gallery, you can search ALL 4,085 items at once (and our Search Filters work on all the items at once), which is a giant time saver if you solely want to look for single stars, or single movies, or single genres, or whatever! And because each part of this July Major Auction runs for three full weeks, you get all that time to look over ALL 4,085 items in the three parts, so you shouldn't need ever feel "rushed" when doing so!

Our new "every four week" auctions began on July 13th!

The below graphic tells it all! We switched to our all-new ONCE EVERY FOUR WEEK AUCTIONS, which we feel certain will prove to be FAR BETTER than the old bi-weekly auctions, just as the bi-weekly auctions have proved to be a giant improvement over the earlier weekly ones! The below graphic gives an overview as to how the new bi-weekly auctions work.

And below is a chart of our auction schedule for the remainder of 2021. Note that even though the auctions start FOUR weeks apart, they run for THREE weeks each! This will give us one week after each set of auctions close to get all the items packed, invoiced and shipped, and then, one week later, the new auctions will begin, and close 3 weeks later, and then the process starts all over again, as shown in the chart below:

WHY DID I MAKE THIS CHANGE? Several reasons!

1) After 31 years of auctioning (and 1,780,721 unique auctions!), I have found that is it great to "slow down the pace" of our auctions. Yes, it helped a LOT when we changed to bi-weekly auctions from weekly auctions sixteen months ago (mostly it has given us a chance to almost completely catch up on all old consignments), but preparing 3,500 or so auctions every two weeks is still stressful, and I feel that now having auctions every four weeks will give us the perfect balance (not too often, not too infrequent).

2) When we changed to bi-weekly auctions from weekly auctions, I quickly saw a GIGANTIC added benefit to having far fewer auctions. I could FINALLY enforce my rule that single sale auction items have a minimum realistic retail value of $20 each (not that we stopped auctioning sub-$20 items, but rather that they are now in bulk lots instead of in single auctions. GREATLY REDUCING THE NUMBER OF SUB-$20 ITEMS HAS MADE OUR REGULAR AUCTIONS FAR MORE INTERESTING TO ALL THE BIDDERS (and it has had the great added side benefit of making the bulk lots FAR more interesting as well (as more and more of them contain interesting $10 to $20 items)! Now, with having even fewer auctions every four weeks, I will finally be able to COMPLETELY enforce my "single sale auction items have a minimum realistic retail value of $20 each" rule, which will make all our auctions so much better than before!

3) I suspect many of you bidders are still getting worn on from having to check 999 or more auctions three times every OTHER WEEK, and I strongly suspect you will not mind having more of a break between auctions (just as so many people have told me they prefer the bi-weekly auctions over the old weekly ones, for that same reason; how did any of us keep checking new auctions every two or three days for decades?).


1) As stated above, this gives you bidders far more "breathing room" between auctions than you had with our weekly auctions, and also with our bi-weekly auctions. We won't have ANY auctions closing three out of four weeks! Imagine how happy your spouses, children, or significant others will be to learn that they can once again do something with you on three out of four Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays!
    Remember that back in 1990, when the modern era of this hobby began with my very first Christie's auction, most collectors and dealers had only TWO major events a year to look forward to, the annual Christie's auction in December, and the annual Cinevent on Memorial Day. Not only did collectors and dealers manage to deal with this, but they also mostly traveled to both! So having 13 weeks of three auctions each every year (that you don't have to leave home for) is still an awful LOT more than that was!

2) They allow me to catch up on many projects that I have never had time to do, both at work and at home. That is a big plus for me! The number one goal is to get every single old consignment auctioned, so that we are SOLELY auctioning what has just arrived! Those of you who consign will send your consignments THIS month, and they will be auctioned the very NEXT month, and you will be paid the NEXT month after that! So a total of 60 to 90 days from you sending your consignments to you receiving payment for ALL you sent!

3) They allow me to take off a week here and there, without it affecting at all, all year round if I want, because we will have 13 sets of auctions each year, four weeks apart. I have five children, and four now live away from home, and I want the freedom to visit them more, and to take trips all over the world!

Is there ANY downside to this? I don't think there will be any, other than that everyone will need a little time to get used to the new schedule, but I really feel that once everyone adjusts, they will all say, "I wished you had done this years ago"!

Here is the best part of it, one you might not immediately think of. You might say "I don't want to have to wait four weeks between auctions", but actually, you may well find you are waiting shorter times rather than longer times! What wizardry is that? It is because under our bi-weekly schedule, we only auctioned each type of item every two or three months. So if you like say, window cards, you might only see them at auction every three months or so.
    BUT NOW, THERE WILL BE WINDOW CARDS EVERY FOUR WEEKS! That is because each of the "every four week" auctions will contain ALL of each size that we were consigned the previous month! Now of course this means there might be 50 windows cards this time, and 200 next time, and then 100 the time after that, but you will see EVERY type and size of item every four weeks!

And here is the biggest change, which I alluded to above. With far fewer auctions, we will no longer have the time to auction low value items individually. So starting in July, ABSOLUTELY all items we are consigned that realistically sell for under $20 each will be placed in bulk lots (or returned to consignors). And each bulk lot itself also has to realistically sell for $20 each.
    So if someone consigns ten $2 items to us, we will make a single bulk lot out of them, even if they are all different kinds of items. And if they send twenty $5 items, we would at most make them into five bulk lots, but more likely just one or two.  But of course we will also offer to return the items to that person. BUT ABSOLUTELY ALL ITEMS THAT ARE SENT TO US THAT REALISTICALLY SELL FOR $20 OR MORE WILL CONTINUE TO BE AUCTIONED INDIVIDUALLY!

So please remember that we absolutely WON'T be stopping auctioning low priced items! It is just that we will be auctioning them ONLY in bulk lots, and NOT in single item auctions. And since I am hoping to do 999 bulk lots every other month (instead of our current 500-600), we can also actually auction more sub-$20 items a year than we did when we had bi-weekly or weekly auctions, except they will be in bulk lots.

And one final change. We will have FIVE Major Auctions in 2020, as opposed to the SEVEN we had last year (that was fun, and led to our first $6 million dollar year, but unbelievably hectic!). AND YOU WILL NOTICE FROM THE ABOVE SCHEDULE THAT THE MAJOR AUCTIONS ARE NOW HELD ON ONE DAY, RATHER THAN SPREAD OVER THREE AUCTIONS. This means that more than ever, we will reserve the major auctions for truly rare and desirable items (which will both make them even stronger than before, and also make our non-major auctions that much stronger as well)!

I know this news seems like a big change (and in some ways it is, and some ways it isn't) but it won't start for over two months. Just as I was certain the switch to bi-weekly auctions was a big plus for, I am just as certain the switch to every four week auctions is just as big a plus! Take some time and think about it, and if you have thoughts you want to share, please email me, because, as you know, I have always run this business by listening to the feedback I get from our bidders, our buyers, our consignors, and my employees!

Why think about Halloween NOW, when it is FOUR months away?

Why NOT! We have held 21 very successful Annual Halloween Auctions, and we want to make the upcoming one our very best EVER, and we figure the best way to do that is to start promoting it now, and to keep promoting it all year long. That way, we will not only reach the most potential consignors, but also all poster collectors everywhere will have seen our promotional ads, and none of them will miss the auction!

So if YOU have horror/sci-fi material you'll wanting to send now for this auction in October, please send it right away. Because we always take the first example of each item we receive, you will guarantee your items WILL be in the auction by sending them now, and EVERY Halloween auction we get lots of titles sent more than once, and I hate having to tell people they "waited too long"!

And of course, the great posters pictured below WILL be in this auction, all starting at $1, of course with NO reserve (and NO buyers premium)!

Click on the above images to see much larger images of each, so you can better view each poster!

We absolutely charge the lowest commissions of ANY major auction, at every price level

I want to alert you to something about auction commissions that confuses many people (and this is the result of an intentional deception, a virtual "Tower of Lies"). Three different potential consignors recently told us that they had decided to auction their items elsewhere, because “the other auction's rates were so much lower than’s”.

We asked them how they arrived at that, and they said that they were told that the 15% they were charged at the other auction was less than the 20% (or higher) that they were charged at our auction. But sadly, that is not at all true. When you factor in the Buyers Premiums that are hidden from the seller, the sellers at those other auctions pay more.

We THOUGHT "everyone" knew better than to think other auction's offered lower rates than ours, because in our ads we state “We charge the lowest consignor commissions at EVERY price level”, but obviously that has not always been true.

So we created a chart that proves it beyond a doubt, and here it is (click on it to view a larger version):

Just to make it crystal clear:
When you consign a poster to that the buyer pays $12,000 for, YOU get $10,800.
If you had instead consigned that poster to an auction that "only" charges 15% seller's commission (but also has a 20% buyers premium, which is true of almost every major auction other than, then after the buyer paid them $12,000 for it, YOU get only $8,500.

When you consign a poster to that the buyer pays $1,200 for, YOU get $960.
If you had instead consigned that poster to an auction that "only" charges 15% seller's commission (but also has a 20% buyers premium, which is true of almost every major auction other than, then after the buyer paid them $1,200 for it, YOU get only $850.

When you consign a poster to that the buyer pays $600 for, YOU get $468.
If you had instead consigned that poster to an auction that "only" charges 15% seller's commission (but also has a 20% buyers premium, which is true of almost every major auction other than, then after the buyer paid them $600 for it, YOU get only $425.

When you consign a poster to that the buyer pays $120 for, YOU get $86.40.
If you had instead consigned that poster to an auction that "only" charges 15% seller's commission (but also has a 20% buyers premium, which is true of almost every major auction other than, then after the buyer paid them $120 for it, YOU get $85 (close to what you would get with, but still less!).

When you consign a poster to that the buyer pays $20 for, YOU get $10.
If you had instead consigned that poster to an auction that "only" charges 15% seller's commission (but also has a 20% buyers premium, with a $19 minimum), then after the buyer paid them $20 for it, YOU get only 85 CENTS.

So when you compare, there is NO comparison! $10,800 or $8,500? $960 or $850? $468 or $425? $86.40 or $85? And the most outrageous of all, $10 or 85 cents?


Click on the above image to see much larger "more readable" version!

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