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About Types of Movie Posters

Below you can see a description of many common poster types and other items (such as lobby cards and stills). We don't list everything that exists because that would be thousands of different types! But this is a great beginners guide to many movie poster sizes (both U.S. and non-U.S.).

To use this page, look at the "tree"  list below and to the left. These are countries and sizes. You can click on these to see the description of the type of item.

Along with some of the countries and sizes, there are minus ( signs and plus ( signs next to the country names and poster sizes. These are the "types" that you can choose to see more options. If you click on a plus (, you can see additional types. For example, when the US option is opened, it turns to a minus ( and you can then see all the various sizes, such as 6sh, 3sh, 40x60, 30x40, 1sh, etc. Some of those sizes can be further expanded such as "still" which which you click the plus (, you can then see 8x10, 11x14, and 8x10 LC.

Also, when you select a size, not only will it show you the description of what that is, you will also see an example from our Auction History, and if we currently have anything for auction from that size, you will also see an example of one that is at auction! Both examples are clickable so you can view the example items in our Auction History and our auctions.

Finally, note that in our weekly auctions and Auction History, if we have a description of a size, it will be linked from the item's page. We also describe items generally in large red text (such as "An Original Vintage Poster") followed by a "Learn More" link. If that link is there, click it and a small window will appear with a brief description of that item type.

  • US
    • 6sh
    • 3sh
    • 40x60
    • 30x40
    • 1sh
    • 1/2sh
    • insert
    • window card
      • WC, mini
      • WC, jumbo
      • WC, regular
    • lobby card
      • LC
      • LC, jumbo
    • still
      • 8x10
      • 11x14
      • 8x10 LC
      • fan photo
        • 5x7 fan photo
        • 8x10 fan photo
    • presskit
    • program
      • program, screening
      • program book, souvenir
    • pressbook
      • pb
      • handbill
      • ad approach
    • herald
    • banner
      • banner, paper
        • banner, 5x25 paper
        • banner, 5x28 paper
      • banner, vinyl
      • banner, cloth
    • books & magazines
      • magazine
      • magazine, exhibitor
    • door panel
    • glass slide
    • Mini Poster
    • personality
    • script
    • standee
    • subway poster
    • other large sized posters
      • 2sh
      • 8sh
      • 24sh
      • 30sh
      • 60x80
      • 1-stop
      • bus stop
  • Argentinean
    • Argentinean
    • Argentinean 2p
  • Australian
    • Aust daybill
    • Aust 1sh
    • Aust 3sh
  • Austrian
    • Austrian
    • Austrian program
  • Belgian
  • English
    • British quad
    • English 1sh
    • English 3sh
    • English 6sh
    • English 1/2sh
    • English 17x22
    • English 40x60
    • English pb
    • English program
    • English lift bill
    • English door panel
    • English double crown
    • English 8x10
    • English FOH LC
  • Cuban
  • Czech
    • Slovak
    • Slovenian
    • Czech 11x16
    • Czech 12x37
    • Czech 23x33
  • Danish
    • Danish
    • Danish herald
    • Danish Program
  • East German
    • East German 22x32
    • East German 8x11
    • East German 12x19
    • East German 16x23
    • East German program
  • French
    • French 1p
    • French 2p
    • French 4p
    • French 6p
    • French 8p
    • French pb
    • French med
    • French large
    • French small
    • French door panel
  • German
    • German A0
    • German A1
    • German A2
    • German A3
    • German A00
    • German still
    • German herald
    • German program
    • German 5x10 program
    • German Ross Postcard
  • Italian
    • Italian 1p
    • Italian 2p
    • Italian 3p
    • Italian 4p
    • Italian 6p
    • Italian 1sh
    • Italian locandina
    • Italian oversized still
    • photobusta
      • Italian photobusta large
      • Italian photobusta small
      • Italian photobusta medium
  • Japanese
    • Japanese A1
    • Japanese B1
    • Japanese B2
    • Japanese B3
    • Japanese 38x62
    • Japanese Speed
    • Japanese still
    • Japanese program
    • Japanese B0 40x58
    • Japanese Chirashi
    • Japanese press sheet
    • Japanese STB Tatekan 2p
  • Mexican
    • Mexican WC
    • Mexican poster
  • Polish
    • Polish large
    • Polish small
    • Polish medium
  • Spanish
    • Spanish
    • Spanish 18x25
    • Spanish herald
    • Spanish program
  • Swedish
    • Swedish
    • Swedish 12x26, stolpe
  • Turkish
  • Other non-US
    • Dutch
    • Russian
    • Colombian
    • Hong Kong
    • Hungarian
    • Thai poster
    • Yugoslavian
    • South African
  • non-movie poster
    • war poster
    • circus poster
    • art print
    • sheet music
    • Topps poster
    • cut album page
    • special poster
    • commercial poster

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