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We are the world's leading auctioneer of movie posters and related items (we auction 4,000 to 5,000 items every FOUR WEEKS in our three auction galleries).

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our auctions below. If you do not find the answer that you seek, Contact Us, and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.

Getting Started

How Things Work & General Questions


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  • Shipping/Payment Details - General shipping info and alternate payment methods
  • Did You Know Archive - All sorts of articles such as FAQs, site announcements, hobby details, etc (and fully searchable!)
  • Consign - Learn how to consign all or part of your collection (or inventory) to

Getting Started

How to Register in Our Auctions (updated 6/13/2013)

If you've not done so already, you can register to bid in our auctions on our Registration Page.
Even if you are planning on waiting to bid until nearer to the auctions' close, you should absolutely register RIGHT NOW rather than waiting till the end of the auctions because:

  1. We must approve all registrations and we only do this during office hours (8:30 AM CST to 5 PM CST), so if you wait until the auctions are closing, there is NO chance you're account will be "approved" in time to bid.
  2. You need time to get familiar with how bidding works and to place at least one initial bid (and if you do experience a problem, it can be resolved before the close of the item(s) of interest to you).

In the unlikely event that you experience any problems registering or bidding, you should Contact Us at least a day before the items you are interested in ends to get it resolved.

Note that the registration requires a phone number and a state/province to be entered. If either do not apply to you, please write "N/A" in the box so that you can complete registration.

Once you have created an account, we recommend that you change your user ID from the randomly assigned one to one that you can easily remember. You can do so by:
1.) Log In to your account, and then you should be looking at your account settings page.
2.) In the first column, click "Profile/Username Editor".
3.) On that page, scroll down till you see "Username:". Change what is there to something you can remember (it may be the same as your eBay ID or something completely different)
4.) In the next box labeled "Verification:", retype your password, then click the button "Review Updates".
5.) On the next screen, verify that all the information is correct (if it isn't, go back and correct it), then click "Update Profile".
6.) That's all you have to do!

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How to Login to the Auctions (plus tips for logon problems) (updated 12/17/2014)

To login, look at the very top of virtually every page of our site. At the left just above our logo it will read "Log In | Register | Members Area |
Cart/Checkout". Just click on "Log In", and enter your details on the next page.


If you are on one of our gallery pages (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, or All Auctions), near the upper left is a circular sign in box.  Enter your details there and click "Login". 

Problems logging in? Here are some tips:

  1. A lot of customers have told us they are copying and pasting their username and password when trying to log in. A lot of times when they do this, there is an extra space at the beginning or end that is being copied, and when that is pasted in to the username and password fields, the log in is not recognized. So, if you are unable to log in, you should check for an extra space before or after the username and/or password you are entering.
  2. Often times with login problems, we find that customers are entering their password with a letter instead of a number (or vice versa). For example, your password may have a number "0" in it, but you may be entering it as a "o" (the letter "O"). Check that sort of thing very carefully.
  3. If you continue experiencing problems logging in, you can have the system re-send you your username and password at this link.
  4. If all else fails, please contact us by email or phone (1-417-256-9616 during regular our business hours which are Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM CST to 5 PM CST except between 12 and 1 when we take lunch), and we will do everything we can to fix the issue.

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How to Tell If You Are Logged in

When you are on one of our gallery pages (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, or All Auctions), the circular box at upper left will show "Hello, yourusernamehere!" if you are logged in, or it will show a blank circular login box if you are not.


When you are on the auction home page (or any other "" page), if there is a log in box at the top left of your screen, then you are NOT logged in (if you ARE already logged in, it will show your username at the top left of your screen).

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How to Log Out Of the Auctions (updated 6/13/2013)

There is a button to log out. It is at the very top of auction pages at the top left just above our logo (it will read "Logged in as *youruserid* [Edit] [Log Out]").  Or if you are in our auction galleries (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, or All Auctions), click the "Log Out" button in the circular box near the upper left (below our logo & menu).

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How to Change Your Username or Password (updated 12/17/2014)

The username you are issued when you first register to bid on (and to logon to other features of our site) is intended to be a temporary one (it is generated using the the first 2 letters of your last name plus 6 random numbers). Many people never change it, but know that you can change it to anything you want (as long as it is within the number of characters allowed and is not offensive), and that you can change your ID or password at any time (some people change their ID when they feel that there are other bidders who "follow" them and bid on the same posters they do). It is fine to never change your temporary ID, but it is also just as fine to change it to something that is "fun" or easy to remember, and be sure to make your password something you won't easily forget!

We recommend that once you Log In for the first time, you should immediately change your user ID from the randomly assigned one you were given when you registered to one that you can easily remember (it can be the same as your eBay ID, or anything you want). You can do so by following these steps:
1.) Log in to your account, and then you should be on your account settings page.
2.) In the first column, click "Account Editor".
3.) On that page, scroll down near the bottom until you see "Username:". Change what is there to something you can remember
4.) In the next box labeled "Verification:", type your password, then click the button "Review Updates".
5.) On the next screen, verify that all the information is correct (if it isn't, go back and correct it), then click "Update Profile".
6.) That's all you have to do! Remember that unless you change your ID to something easier to remember, you run the risk of not being able to get it later, so doesn't it make sense to change it now?

If you think your password could have been compromised in any way and want to change your password (or if you just feel like changing it), you can do so by following these steps:
1.) Log in to your account, and then you should be on your account settings page.
2.) In the first column, click "Password Editor".
3.) On that page, in the "New Password:" box, type in the password you would like (and be sure to remember what it is!).
4.) In the next box labeled "Verify New Password:", retype your new password.
5.) In the next box labeled "Current Password:", type your old password (it should be located in the registration confirmation email you received when you registered), then click the "Update Password" button.
6.) The next screen should read "Thank you, your password was successfully updated." That's all you have to do!

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So you won an auction, now what? (updated 12/23/2015)

SHORT ANSWER: Winning bid notifications are sent to all buyers immediately after the entire set of auctions has completed
(usually around 9 PM CST on Tuesdays & Thursdays and 4:30 PM CST on Sundays), and that notification combines all your purchases from that night into a single email.

LONG ANSWER: We get a fair number of brand-new bidders in every set of auctions, and it is only human nature that the moment they win an item they want to know how to pay for it! They often immediately go to find payment instructions on our auction site or look for an immediate email about what they just won, and when they don't get one, they naturally send us an email asking how to pay.

But we DON'T send emails immediately after each auction ends, and we DON'T immediately add your items that you won to our "checkout system" on our site. Why? Because many of our buyers buy multiple items (some 10, 20, 50 or more!) in one set of auctions, and we know they would not want to get a separate email for every one of those wins. And we want them to be able to see ALL their wins from that set of auctions in a single email (or all at once in our Checkout), and that can't happen until ALL those items have closed.

So winning bid notifications are sent to all buyers immediately after the entire set of auctions has completed (usually around 9 PM CST on Tuesdays & Thursdays and 4:30 PM CST on Sundays), and that notification combines all your purchases from that night into a single email. And right before that email has been sent to you our checkout system has all those items added to it, so you can then use it to "Checkout".

Know too that after the above mentioned times, the items you won will appear in our Checkout here:

This also means that even if you don't receive our email, you can still see what you won by logging into our Checkout.

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How Things Work & General Questions

How Does Proxy Bidding (or "Limit Bid") Work? (updated 8/1/2013)

A proxy bid is a bid that works the same way as bidding on sites like eBay. You bid your maximum, and the auction software will bid on your behalf. So, if another bidder is currently bidding $25 and you place a maximum bid of $100, you will have the high bid at $27. If another bidder comes in at $60, you will then have the high bid at $63. So as you can see, it works just like eBay does.

Also, our system does not allow us to see what anyone's maximum bid is, and of course, other bidders can not see that information either, so these are 100% honest auctions.

By the way, you can see what your maximum bids are. When you're logged in to the auction site, on the menu below our logo, click on "My Account". On that page just below the menu is a link that reads "My Bids". Click on that and it will show you all the bids that you have placed as well as what your maximum bid is.

See Also: What Are the Bid Increments?

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How to use the Watch List feature (updated 6/13/2013)

Our auctions have a Watch List feature that allows you mark items to "watch". This is useful if you want to come back later to review the items either to place bids or if you are just curious to see how the items do at auction.

There are three main ways you can add an item to your Watch List:

  • From our galleries (such as the Tuesday Gallery), there is a Watch button () for each item. Clicking it will open a new window, add that item to your Watch List, and show you your current Watch List.
  • From an item's auction page at the top where it shows you the auction details (current price, time left, high bidder, etc.), look for this toolbar and click "Watch":

    A small popup will appear confirming it is added. It looks similar to this:

  • By default, when you bid on an item, it is automatically added to your Watch List (see below for details of how to change this default setting).

There are also some settings available to you. To change these settings, go to your My Account page. Then at right, under the Preferences section, click "Bidding". Here are the settings (NOTE: By default, both are set to "Yes"):

  • Automatically add items I bid on to my Watch List
  • Automatically notify me via email when items on my Watch List are about to close (email sent day prior to closing)

Finally, you may view your Watch List by going here: Once on that page, there are some sorting options at the top of the page. Additionally, you may check boxes of some items and then click "Clear Checked Items" to remove them from the list.

Also know that your "Watch List" and your "Want List" are two separate things! 

  • The Watch List allows you to track current auctions to follow until they close.
  • Click here to learn about the "Want List" feature which allows you to save searches and be automatically notified when we have items you are interested in.

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How Is Bidding Different or What is 'Time Extended Bidding'?

The bidding in our auctions is similar to how it is on eBay (it includes proxy bidding where you can bid the most you are willing to pay and the software will bid on your behalf until you have been outbid).

There is one major difference. These auctions use time extended bidding. That means five minutes must go by without a bid being placed for an auction to end. So if an auction is due to end at say 7:06:45 and someone bids at 7:03:30, then now the earliest the auction can end is 7:08:30 (five minutes after that bid was placed). If someone again bids at 7:07:02, then now the earliest the auction can end is 7:12:02 (five minutes after that bid was placed).

Some buyers have voiced a concern that the auctions could last "forever" with time extended bidding, but actually fewer than 10% of the auctions are extended at all, and most of those are extended by only a few minutes. In very rare cases two bidders keep bidding on an item, and it gets extended 20 or more minutes. This is because buyers quickly realize there is no benefit to waiting until the very end to bid (because they can never "bid at the last second" as they do on eBay), so most buyers bid on whatever they are interested in well before the end of the auction, but at the latest, in the final few minutes.

In a way, this is the exact reverse of eBay "sniping"! There is no advantage whatsoever to bid in the final seconds, because the auction will be extended for 5 minutes after you bid, whenever you place the bid. And you have a lot to lose if you try to bid in the final seconds, and your bid is not accepted (either due to a problem with your computer, or with the auction software), because if you try to bid with seconds to go and fail, then the auction ends, but if you tried to bid with minutes to go and fail, then you have a few extra minutes to try again.

Or to put it another way, a time extended auction is very much like a live auction. The auctioneer takes bids, and when no one bids for a short period of time (in this case, the "time extension"), the auctioneer says "going once, going twice, sold!", and the auction is over.

So, there really is no purpose in having snipe (last second) bidding in an auction that is time extended because the auction would be lengthened when the snipe bid was placed, eliminating any benefit to last-second bidding. Therefore, all bidders should understand that our auctions are more like a live auction and should either bid in advance or within the last 5 minutes of the auction (the ideal time to bid is with exactly 5 minutes to go, because that way, you don't extend the auction, and if those last 5 minutes go by without another bid being placed, then you surely win the item).

To any of you who think "without sniping, I will never get anything (or I will have to pay way more)", we ask you to wait and see these auctions in action! There WILL be some auctions where you will lose the item (or pay more), but we guarantee you that there will be many auctions where you get the item for less than you would have had you placed a high snipe bid.

When we first started these auctions three years ago we had some bidders (who were used to eBay) say that they didn't like these auctions, and preferred the eBay model. Now, 200,000 auctions later, just about everyone sees that these auctions are more fair to everyone, and prefers them! I think you will understand once you participate, but if you have any questions, please ask them.

Also, know that our auctions have a countdown timer. It works wonderfully, but don't blindly trust it! Read why

See Also:
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Did you know... that more and more auctions are switching to time extended bidding like has had for the past six years?

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Do our auctions have any buyers premiums or added fees? NO!

We have been a major auction house of solely movie posters since 1990 (when we hosted yearly million dollar movie poster auctions), but there is a HUGE difference between our online auctions and those of other major auction houses who have opened websites. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT OUR ONLINE AUCTIONS HAVE NO BUYERS PREMIUM WHATSOEVER! Most other auctions add a 20% or 25% added charge to everything you buy (some even have a $14 minimum, even on a $1 purchase!), and this massive added charge turns many good buys into terrible ones. Some auctions may also charge hidden fees such as "photography fees" or "handling fees". But in our auctions, what you bid is what you pay plus the actual cost (or less) of getting your purchases to you!

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What Are the Bid Increments?

These auctions use whole dollar bidding ($20, not $20.43), so the system will not allow bidding using cents at all (if we did allow bidding using cents, it could only be incredibly tiny bid increments, and we felt bidding a nickel or a quarter at a time could result in auctions needlessly being extended).

So, here is a breakdown of the bid increments in our auctions:

Current Price Bid Increment
$1 - $9 $1
$10 - $49 $2
$50 - $99 $3
$100 - $299 $5
$300 - $499 $10
$500 - $999 $25
$1,000 - $1,999 $50
$2,000 - $4,999 $100
$5,000 - $9,999 $250
$10,000 + $500

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How Can I Leave Feedback? (updated 12/23/2015)

We are glad to hear that you would like to leave feedback, but our auctions have no feedback system (since we are the only seller). However, you are correct that we should have some way to share your feelings about purchases, but if you would like to share your feelings about your experience with us, just send us an email and we may run your comments in our Weekly Email Club or on Facebook.

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How can I review the results of an auction? (updated 12/12/2012)

We have "Results Galleries" which are on our website for one week and allow you to browse or search auction results in the same ways that you could browse and search our current auctions. To get to the results galleries, go to our homepage (, and then click on any of the auction galleries. At the top of either gallery are several links. Click on the one labeled "Last Week's Results" to see all the results from last week. If you are looking for the results of a specific auction, click on one of the tabs labeled either Tuesday (ended), Thursday (ended), or Sunday (ended).

Here are direct links to the results galleries for quick reference:
Tuesday Results Gallery:
Thursday Results Gallery:
Sunday Results Gallery:
Results Gallery of last three previous sets of auctions combined:

If you wish to view results from more than one week ago,
you can do so in our Auction History. Once there, go to our by Date page and click on the date you are curious about.

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Is there a way to be notified when you have items I'm interested in? (updated 9/30/2013)

There are a few ways.  The first two ways are through our free Weekly Email Club or promotional email.  Both emails detail what we are currently auctioning.  In addition, the Weekly Email Club includes Did You Know articles, Cool Item of the Week, collectors' comments, hobby news, website updates, occasional special offers, etc (and
in September 2013, we added a new series of articles called "Against the Grain: Black Film Pioneers")!
    The promotional email is only sent to buyers who wish to be notified about items similar to what they've bought before.  For instance, if you bought one-sheets in the past, we will notify you when we are again offering one-sheets.
    If you unsubscribe from either email, you will be removed from both the club and from promotional emails. Know too that if you ever unsubscribe, you can always re-join at any time at the same link.

However, what if you want to know about specific items (such as Apocalypse Now Japanese poster, or Laurel & Hardy, or glass slides)?  Then you want to use our "Want List Notification System" which allows you greater customized notifications (and it is independent of the club or promotional emails). This part of our site allows you to save searches in our auction galleries. You can create saved searches using virtually any details including film title, movie stars, directors, specific poster sizes (one-sheets, lobby cards, Polish, etc.), genre, or anything else that appears in our auction description (even "double-sided", "re-release", "tri-folded", etc.!).

First, you must be registered in our auctions. If you're not already registered, please go to our registration page.

Once you are registered for our auctions, you use that same username and password for the Want List page.

When you are ready to use the Want List page, go to, and sign in. You will then be able to add saved searches for any movie details to your want list page. Once you have set up your saved searches, you can visit your personal Want List page and view your saved searches at any time. In addition, the day before an auction closes, you will receive an email letting you know of any items we have that meet your searches. That email includes links directly to your Want List page as well as links to those saved searches in our galleries.

Need help creating your Want List? Check out our Examples page!

We certainly hope you will find this part of our site to be easy to use, but if you have any questions, be sure to read over the details we provide on the top of the Want List page. If you still experience any problems, report them to us by using the "Testing Feedback" box located at the bottom of the Want List page.

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What about inactive accounts? (updated 12/23/2015)

We are more vigilant than any other auction site in stopping people from bidding and not paying, and we collect from over 99% of our buyers, which helps every honest bidder, because that means they are bidding against real bidders who will pay for their purchases. We have noticed that sometimes "dormant" accounts (ones that have not been logged into for over a year) have been "hijacked" and used to place "prank bids" (bids that are never honored). In addition, it seems likely that those who don't log into our site for over a year have lost interest in movie posters, so for the above reasons it makes sense to remove them from our list of registered bidders. Therefore, we make all accounts that have not been logged into for 1 year or longer inactive. If this is done to your account, we notify you at your registered email. You may always Contact Us to have your account re-activated.

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Where can I see my Order History? (updated 12/23/2015)

On 2/1/2013, we added a "My Order History" page which allows you to view your recent order history (up to 90 days from the current date). To get there, go to our Members page and click "My Order History". You'll be asked to log on. If you have any unpaid orders, they will be displayed at the top of the page followed by your previous orders (sorted by the date they were paid). If you have any questions, be sure to scroll to the bottom of that page where there is a yellow box of "most commonly asked questions and answers".

Here is a direct link:

NOTE: If you want your complete order history (including items older than 90 days), send us a request stating "please send me my complete purchase history", and we will send you an Excel file containing everything.

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What is's policy on combining purchases of more than one item? (updated 6/26/2019)

We always combine shipping when it is safe to do so to save you LOTS of money, so there is a possibility of combining items from many sets of auctions. U.S. customers get up to 4 weeks or 12 sets of auctions up to 12,000 items in all, and non-U.S. customers get up to 8 weeks or 24 sets of auctions up to 24,000 items in all, but ONLY if you pay as you win.

Here is how combining works with examples:

  • From a single set of auctions that has a flat rate U.S. shipping (such as a single Tuesday night set of auctions), we will combine everything you win in that single set of auctions for that one U.S. flat rate shipping charge whether you win 1 or 100 items (or more!). Even if items from that single set of auctions requires more than one package, we will charge you for a single flat rate shipping.
  • But if you win "combinable" items (items that can be combined from more than one set of auctions), such as a Tuesday and a Thursday set of auctions that both ship in the same type of package:
    • If they fit in a single package or tube, we will combine them and charge you for a single package.
      EXAMPLE: If you win 2 flat items Tuesday and 5 flat items on Thursday, we will combine the 7 items in a single flat package for one shipping charge.
    • If they fit in more than one tube or package, we will charge you the flat rate shipping for EACH package.
      EXAMPLE: If you win 20 rolled items Tuesday and another 20 rolled items Thursday, there will be two tubes (because no more than 30 or so posters can safely fit into a single tube) from two separate sets of auctions, so we will charge you for two packages. Why do we say "or so"? Because posters vary in size and thickness, and 30 of one type of poster might make it into a single tube, but 30 of another might require two tubes.
  • If you win items with flat rate shipping that ship in different kinds of packages (such as a tube and a flat package), you will be charged for the two separate packages.
  • If you win flat rate items (such as folded one-sheets) and non-flat rate items (such as bulk lots or linenbacked posters), they will either be shipped separately and you will pay the cost of shipping for each package OR they will be combined (when physically possible and when safe to do) for the actual cost of shipping.
  • AN IMPORTANT FINAL NOTE: We lose tens of thousands of dollars on shipping because of our flat rate shipping, but it is our way of saying "thank you" to customers who purchase multiple items and pay within two weeks. This means there is a possibility of combining items from up to 9 sets of auctions (usually around 8,000 items!) for a single U.S. shipping charge, but as described above, please be understanding that if items from more than one set of auctions require more than one tube and/or flat package, we will charge you the stated flat rate shipping for each package. Because of the complicated nature of safely shipping items, we reserve the right to combine items in the safest way possible. We always try to save you money, but sometimes it makes more sense to pack carefully at a greater cost to ensure that orders arrive in the same condition as when they left our warehouse. In the event you ask us to combine items we say are not safe to combine, we will do it if possible, but we will ask you to send us an email confirming that you accept responsibility for any damage caused to your purchases due to your request.

NOTE: For auctions with U.S. flat rate shipping, the flat rate is good for two weeks after you win item(s) from us. If you don't pay for your item(s) within that two week time frame, you must pay the actual cost of shipping your order (we offer flat rate shipping as an incentive to get people to pay more quickly). This is so that we can keep shipping orders in a timely fashion (otherwise, our warehouse quickly fills with unshipped orders!). If it is after three weeks, Request Your Shipping Quote Here. We will email you your shipping quote as soon as it is ready, typically within a few days.

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How our U.S. Flat Rate shipping works

Go to our "How our U.S. Flat Rate shipping works" page to learn about it.

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I Did Not Receive My Registration/Outbid/Etc. email (updated 9/11/2015)

Some customers have not been receiving our emails. The cause is usually that some email providers (Comcast, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Hotmail, WebTV, EarthLink, etc.) have really tough spam filters that block our emails, so if our email addresses are not in your contacts list or address book, then our emails go into your spam or junk folders or do not reach you at all!

If this is the case, it is usually easy to solve. Just add our auction email address of "" (and,, and to your contacts list or address book and that should allow our emails (such as outbid notices, winning bid notifications, payment details, etc.) to reach you. In addition, we recommend that you check your spam or junk folders for any emails from us, and if there is a way to mark them as not spam/junk, do that as well.

Doing the above will likely take you less than five minutes and will allow you to receive IMPORTANT auction related emails. We certainly hope the above helps make your bidding experience in our auctions run as smooth as possible.

Also note that email is not always reliable due to circumstances out of our control (such as a problem with our email server, a problem with your email server, a problem with your email client, a problem with your Internet connection, or any of the many Internet "backbone" connections in-between our servers). For this reason, we recommend that you don't exclusively count on outbid notice emails, especially if it is an item you very much want. The solution is to either bid the most you can imagine you are willing to pay OR to be watching the auction(s) you want as they end so you can raise your bid if you are outbid.

If that does not work, Contact Us, and request that we help you get a free Gmail email account that has never had a problem receiving our messages.

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Did you know... that Gmail recently changed the inbox for their users which makes it much harder to find our e-mails to you?

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How Come Searching Does Not Work As Expected? (updated 12/12/2012)

Searching from will only search the TITLE of the auction, so we really recommend that you use our thumbnail galleries to search as it works much better allowing you to search the full descriptions of the auctions, and it does have direct links so that you can bid on the auctions.

The Tuesday Auction Gallery is located at
The Thursday Auction Gallery is located at
The Sunday Auction Gallery is located at
Search All Auction Galleries is located at

Getting results that aren't what you were looking for? You can now use exact "QUOTES" searching.  Here is what we mean: let's say you are searching for John Wayne, but you keep getting items that don't feature John Wayne (such as How To Stuff a Wild Bikini).  If you search with quotes around his name, like this: "John Wayne", it will now find exactly John Wayne only.  This will work with any phrase that appears in our film description.  Here are some more examples:

  • "film noir"
  • "gone with the wind"
  • "Jerry Lewis"

You can find many more search tips here.

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I Made a Mistake! How Do I Retract My Bid? (updated 9/30/2013)

We do not have a "retract my bid" option. On sites like eBay, bidders were able to retract their bids which allowed some to place a sky high bid on an item, therefore exposing the high bidder's maximum bid. Then, they would retract their bid. This is unfair to honest bidders (exposing their bid for all to see), so we think it makes sense to not have the retract option. Instead, if a bidder places a bid by mistake, they can contact us and we can cancel their bid on their behalf, so that ability is still there. This would also allow us to monitor any suspicious bid behavior, so we think it is a win-win situation.

If you need to retract a bid,
Contact Us and be sure to tell us on which item the bid mistake was made. Know that we are only in our office Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CDT). We also do our best to check for last minute emails we may have received after hours on auction nights, but we are not a "24/7" company, so it is best to contact us at the aforementioned times.

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