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Auction History Result

4y172 KING KONG pressbook '33 incredibly elaborate & includes herald and full-color jigsaw puzzle!

Date Sold 8/3/2010
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An Original Vintage Theatrical Movie Pressbook (pb; measures 12" x 32"; 20 pages). Also included is a herald that has 8 pages and a jigsaw puzzle that has 150 pieces. (Learn More)

King Kong, the classic 1933 Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack Africa New York City giant ape fantasy romantic love triangle adventure horror thriller ("'The most awesome thriller of all time' the one and only"; "Not beast.. Not human.... Not devil.. But all three magnified! Raging.. Roaring.. Crushing.. Killing.."; "Strangest story ever conceived by man!"; "Out-leaping the maddest imaginings! Out-thrilling the wildest thrills!"; "See the living, fighting monsters of Creation's dawn rediscovered in the world today!"; "See the death-fight between giant ape and prehistoric dinosaur... the most amazing combat since the world began!"; "See the ape as big as a battleship wrecking New York!"; "Unique..! Thrilling! Startling!"; "From an idea conceived by Edgar Wallace & Merian C. Cooper"; based on the story by Edgar Wallace, with incredible special effects by Willis O'Brien) starring Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong (as Carl Denham), Bruce Cabot, Frank Reicher, and Sam Hardy
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Important Added Info: Note that because this is such an elaborate pressbook, we have pictured the front and back covers, plus most of the interior pages. We have also pictured the jigsaw puzzle and the original mailing envelope that the puzzle came in. Also note that RKO was pretty certain that this movie would be a REALLY major blockbuster, but to further guarantee that, they created this incredibly elaborate oversized pressbook, with lots of color, and they lowered the prices of the posters so that theaters would order lots of them, and they made huge special posters and standees to further promote the movie, and of course, this all worked, and King Kong was a massive success! Also note that this pressbook is exceptionally difficult to find complete, because people often removed the full-color covers or the interior full-color poster page and frame them, because they certainly are just fine by themselves on the wall. Not only is this pressbook complete, but it also has the original herald (which usually sells for $500 or more on its own, and is often removed from the pressbooks), and it also has the original jigsaw puzzle, in the original printed envelope (which is advertised in the pressbook, and was likely sent to this theater owner as a sample), and the puzzle usually sells for $1,000 or more on its own! This is an amazing opportunity to get all of these items at one time, which rarely ever happens!

Condition: good, NO CUTS. The cover of the pressbook (with the large horizontal image of Kong running amok) is separated down the middle and there are many small tears and tiny areas of paper loss around the edges, with a 1" x 1" area of paper loss at the bottom of the center of it. There are also many scattered areas of surface paper loss in the right half of the front cover and faint water staining in the left half. The full-color back cover with the wonderful vertical image of Kong, which is the "upright six-sheet", has tiny paper loss in the left and right of the center and across the bottom edge, with just a few tiny bits of paper loss around the edges. All of the interior pages, including the four-piece full-color center section, is in surprisingly nice condition, with separation at the center of the vertical fold in each page, but with no paper loss. The herald is in great condition, and the puzzle is in nice condition (its printed envelope has staining, but its job was to protect the puzzle, and it did!). Obviously, one would wish to find the front cover in better condition, but that is certainly offset by all the other great pluses of this pressbook, which is the herald, the great condition interior, and the puzzle in its original bag (and who knows when this pressbook with its contents will be offered again?)!
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