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Ernest Schoedsack worked in movies in several capacities starting before World War I. He served in the war, and afterwards, he formed an association with Merian C. Cooper that would prove long lasting! They made the classic documentaries "Grass" and "Chang" together, and Schoedsack independently directed this movie, but then signed with RKO and worked as co-director and cinematographer with Cooper on King Kong, Son of Kong, and The Most Dangerous Game! Schoedsack was larger than life (including literally, as he was 6'6"!) and he was an adventurer who loved making jungle movies. His wife was screenwriter Ruth Rose, who wrote the screenplay for King Kong and other classic movies, and their marriage lasted 50 years until she passed away in 1978 at the age of 82, and he passed away the follow year at the age of 86.
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