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Did you know... that we just made a massive update (and a MAJOR change!) to our Fixed Price store?

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Added: 06/09/2014

I want to let you know that we have made two major changes to our Fixed Price store (where you DON'T have to bid, but instead buy items instantly!):

1) We have updated our Fixed Price store with 393 new items! We also removed all the sold out items and we have reduced prices on the remaining 600 or so items that were left in the store (we had sold out of approximately 700 of the items over the past several years, and our consignors of the remaining items allowed us to lower the prices on the ones that have not sold out, to better increase the likelihood that those remaining ones will sell out as well). In many cases, we have SLASHED the prices on those remaining items (usually by one third or more)!

As we have done in the past, we will continue to raise the prices as they sell (see below), so you really want to look these over quickly to see if there are any you want (both the 393 new items, and the 600 or so remaining items that have been lowered in price).

Here is a link to our Fixed Price store with the newly added items at the start (they are lots 1274 to 1691):

IMPORTANT ADDED INFO: We usually receive a large volume of orders when we add new items, so please be understanding that it will take us extra time to fill these orders (please expect it to take a few days or so for your order to be filled). However, you CAN add these purchases to an existing Pay and Hold order, plus you can now buy these through our Checkout (see below).

2) THIS IS REALLY BIG! We have integrated our Fixed Price store (posters, lobbies, stills, etc) with our Checkout! This means you can purchase Fixed Price movie paper from us with the Checkout (in the past, you had to pay for these separately, which was a real hassle for both you and us, and we are so happy that you can now order them through the Checkout!).

Here are answers to some questions you may have:

Do you live outside the U.S.? If so, you can't fully purchase the items immediately, but they WILL be "held" for you when you add them to your "cart" and "request a shipping quote", and we will quickly e-mail you those quotes and you can complete your order as soon as you receive them.

Autoship and Pay and Hold buyers: We will handle your Fixed Price purchases per your normal Autoship or Pay and Hold rules. If you want them shipped right away, please add a note when you use the Checkout. But know too that Fixed Price purchases are different in that you DO need to complete the Checkout in order to purchase the Fixed Price items.

Will you combine with my auction purchases (if they are "combine-able")? Yes! And the Checkout will do it automatically (assuming the items can be combined!). So rolled items go with rolled items, and flat items go with flat items.

What about books or MasterPrints? These have not been integrated with the Checkout yet. We will announce when they have been.

What if I purchased a Fixed Price item at a higher price than it is currently offered for? We follow the policy that almost every major department store uses. If you purchase an item, and it goes on sale within 30 days of your purchase, then we automatically will credit you with the difference between the price you paid and the new lower price. WE CAN ONLY GO BACK 30 DAYS. Also, it will take us several days to process these credits, so know that they will automatically go on your account. If you purchased something OVER 30 days ago, and it is now on sale for a lower price, you just need to accept that, just as you do whenever the same thing occurs to you in any major chain store.

If something about the Checkout doesn't work right, please e-mail to tell us about it so we can get it fixed. The more details you can provide about what occurred (or what you expected to occur) will help! Please be understanding of any glitches you might encounter, as this is brand new. We HAVE thoroughly tested it, but if some problem occurs, we will quickly resolve it. But your letting us know exactly what the problem is will help us greatly.

For those of you who have forgotten how our Fixed Price gallery works, read below:

Our Fixed Price gallery currently contains 1008 items (currently, zero are sold out, but that will soon change!) we are offering for direct sale to the public (no waiting to bid on auctions for these items!). The best part is, if you purchase any of these Fixed Priced items AND if they will fit in the same package with any of your current auction winnings, you pay little or no additional shipping costs (NOTE: if we can add it to your package without raising the cost of shipping, then we will do so with no added shipping charge, but if it raises the cost then you will need to pay the difference) if your order is going to the U.S. (and the actual cost of shipping anywhere else)!

Also, know that you have a great incentive to purchase any of these items you want as quickly as you can! This is because, each time one of these items sells, we raise the price by approximately 10% for the next one that we sell. This means, that the 5th time we sell one of these, it costs around 50% more than it did the first time, so obviously those who purchase early are rewarded. And of course, we can only sell as many of each item as we have on hand (usually 5 to 10 examples of each), and once they are gone, they are gone forever (unless some other consignor sends us more examples of them in the future), and since we have first started selling Fixed Price items, we have completely sold out of well over 400 different titles (thousands of posters in all)!

I want to thank all of you for your patience. I know it has been a long time since we've updated our Fixed Price store, but we wanted to wait until we had it integrated with our Checkout, and it has now happened which means it will be far easier (and faster) than ever to order Fixed Price store items from us!

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