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In the past 32 years, we have auctioned MORE movie paper for MORE money than ANY other auction company, period!

EVERY item we auction starts at $1, with NO reserve, and NO buyers premium, and EVERY item is honestly described, with an unenhanced super-sized image!

We charge consignors the lowest rates of ANY major auction, and we have held over 1,834,000 online auctions!

Go to our current auctions in our Auction Galleries, and you will quickly see why we are the most trusted auction site! was founded in 1999 as the first all-movie poster auction website. We have auctioned well over 1.8 MILLION posters (movie and NON-movie), lobby cards, stills and related items through our auctions since 1999, surely the most of any online auction! - The most trusted vintage original movie poster site & the only major online auction with no buyers premiums!

Did you know... that no auction anywhere goes to the effort that does in every way, to be the absolute best auction there is?

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Added: 06/18/2018

We are constantly told by our consignors and our bidders that there is no other auction anywhere like ours (not just in movie posters, but ANY kind of auction). Generally, people say we are the absolute best of ANY auction they have ever dealt with in ALL the following areas (and these are just the Top Ten!):

1) Our unparalleled customer service: Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that almost all businesses (not just auctions) have drastically cut back or virtually eliminated their customer service departments. But not! We not only still personally answer every phone call and email, but we also do all we can to solve any problem any one of our 46,000+ bidders, buyers or consignors have. And at all times we are open, anyone can call our special "hotline phone number" to get immediate help with an urgent problem, and anyone can call and ask to speak to the owner, and Bruce will drop whatever he is doing to take the call (try doing that with the owner of ANY other auction company!).

2) Our regular communication with our buyers and consignors: When each set of auctions end, we send all winners an email listing exactly what they won, and giving direct links to our Checkout where they can quickly and easily pay for their orders online. After they pay, they receive an email when their order has been shipped, which includes a link to track that order! The morning after each set of auctions begin, we email all consignors to that auction an exact list of what items are theirs and a week later we email them the results of those items. Once a month (on the last day of the month) we pay all consignors who had items sold in the previous month, and we have NEVER been late paying any consignor in 28 years!

3) Our "Pay and Hold" system: We hold 3,000 or so unique auctions every WEEK. We give every U.S. buyer three weeks in which to buy without our shipping the items, so that they can consolidate their purchases over that three weeks' time (during which we will have held 13,000 auctions!) into as few packages as possible, so they can save a fortune on shipping. For non-U.S. customers we give them six weeks, because their shipping is much higher than U.S. shipping.

4) Our individual Auction Galleries with "Search Filters" that let you quickly search all our current auctions for items of interest: For each of our three weekly auctions we have an individual Auction Gallery that lets you view all the items from that set of auctions in a bidder friendly customizable gallery format. Best of all, each gallery has a set of  "Search Filters" (to the left of the items) that let you quickly zero in on specific items of interest to you!

5) Our "Want List" feature: Every auction bidder knows the frustration of finding out about an auction of interest AFTER it has ended. So we created our "Want List" feature, which sends an email to bidders whenever we are auctioning items that they have pre-entered a "Want List" for, and there is no limit as to how many "Want Lists" each bidder can create. We currently have 52,245 "Want Lists" created by 3,836 bidders, and they all tell us how wonderful this feature is!

6) Our "Auction History Database": This lists virtually ALL our past auctions (currently 1,536,481 results) and also contains 1,489,465 images (we are missing sold from our very oldest auctions). Since, unlike EVERY other auction site, we only list actual results that were paid for, this database serves as the ultimate reference site AND "price guide" to movie and poster memorabilia, and best of all it is completely free to everyone!

7) Our unenhanced images and our super honest condition descriptions and grading: It is an "open secret" that many auctions "enhance" their auction images, "boosting" colors, and sometimes even "Photoshopping" out defects. And many conveniently "miss" describing clear defects, and many routinely "overgrade" the items they auction. Quite often what you see in those auctions is in no way what you receive. But in auctions, we NEVER enhance any image in any way, and we ALWAYS accurately describe all the defects each item has, and we give a very accurate condition grade to every item we auction, and many of our bidders describe being pleasantly surprised when they open their purchases, and they say that never happens to them in other auctions!

8) Our super accurate item descriptions: In addition to accurately grading what we sell, we also go to great lengths to look up the movies themselves, with accurate credits (as they were presented when the movie first came out), good plot descriptions, trivia about the movie, and more. We also have done massive research on poster artists, and we always credit the ones we know, and just as importantly we DON'T credit the ones we aren't certain of, because there is a ton of "bad" information circulated on the Internet.

9) Our unique Lifetime Guarantee: On everything we auction (except for signed items) we guarantee the item is what we say it is, as to condition and year of origin. When we find a mistake, we contact the buyer of that item and offer a full refund (even years later or many years later), including return shipping. ALL other major auctions have no guarantee at all, and you buy at your own risk ("buyer beware"). Why don't we have the Lifetime Guarantee on signed items? Because there are tons of incompetent and dishonest autograph "experts" out there, so we give signed items buyers a full 30 days to decide if their will keep the item, but that's the extent of our warrantee on those.

10) Our expert packaging and our speed of delivery: Just about EVERY one of our customers marvels at how much better we pack than any other auction! We have spent 28 years perfecting how to perfectly pack posters and all other kinds of memorabilia, and we really have it "down to a science". And we get the orders out quickly soon after they are paid for (usually in just one to three business days) which is FAR superior to any other auction we know of!

And what makes all of the above so remarkable is that no one auctions even a significant fraction of what we do, week in and week out, year in and year out, for 28 consecutive years! We are nearing one and a half MILLION completed unique auctions (has anyone anywhere every auctioned anything like this?).

But we have to warn you that once you fully discover "the difference", it will be very hard to go back to the auctions with the NO customer service, the "you bought it, you're stuck with it" philosophy, the fuzzy images and the fuzzier condition descriptions, etc, etc!

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Also, please read the following two pages of Consignor Reviews - Page 1, Page 2, and two pages of Customer Reviews of our company - Page 1, Page 2, which shows you in our customers' own words exactly what makes our company and our auctions so very different from all others!

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