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Auction History Result

d001 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY teaser 1sh 1970 most rare & desireable EYE poster, the ultimate trip!

Date Sold 12/11/2007
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An Original Vintage Theatrical Linenbacked Teaser One-Sheet Movie Poster (measures 27" x 41") (Learn More)

2001: A Space Odyssey, the classic 1968 Stanley Kubrick (nominated for the Best Director Academy Award for this film) English/U.S. Cinerama futuristic science fiction (sci-fi) outer space computer thriller ("Your greatest adventure awaits you in 2001: A Space Odyssey"; "the ultimate trip"; "Man's colony on the moon... A whole new generation has been born and is living here ... A quarter-million miles from Earth"; "An epic drama of adventure and exploration"; "...taking you half a billion miles from Earth... Further from home than any man in history. Destination: Jupiter."; "Space Station One: your first step in an Odyssey that will take you to the Moon, the planets and the distant stars."; "You visit Space Station One: The first step in an Odyssey that will take you to the stars and beyond."; "An epic drama of adventure and exploration that takes you to the moon, the planets and the still more distant stars."; "An astounding entertainment experience - a dazzling trip to the planets and the stars beyond!"; with a screenplay written by Arthur C. Clarke & Stanley Kubrick) starring Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Daniel Richter, Leonard Rossiter, Robert Beatty, Douglas Rain (as the voice of "HAL 9000"), and Margaret Tyzack.
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Artist: Michael Kaplan
Important Added Info: Note that most collectors know that the one-sheet image with a close up of the star child was used for the 1972 and 1974 re-releases of this classic sci-fi movie and they are also aware there was a colorful "psychedelic eye" wildposting poster (created for the re-launch of the movie in 1970). But few know there was also a 2nd 1970 wildposting poster with the solo star child image, and it was the main image for the 1970 campaign conceived by Mike Kaplan.

The movie opened in 70mm in 1968 in a roadshow release. By the end of 1969 it went into wide release in 35mm, while still playing at some of its most successful roadshow runs. But it was not as successful as previous roadshow releases in its wide 35mm breaks. Kaplan, who was 2001's marketing point man, was convinced that no longer being in 70mm was hurting it, and he convinced the studio to "re-launch" it in March 1970 once again in 70mm (with full stereo sound, correct lenses, etc.), the way 2001's growing fans/audiences wanted to see it.

He conceived the star child//ultimate trip campaign with a giant close-up of the star child, in green and gray and a very colorful secondary "giant eye" poster (with the star child in the eye), both with "the ultimate trip" as the tagline). The two posters were printed as one-sheets (measuring 27x41) and with no NSS or other printing/release credits in the bottom white border, as this was a test campaign in New York, which would determine if the re-launch would work.

"Wildposting" means that a huge number of the posters were posted on walls and building sites all over New York City just prior to the movie's release. Kaplan had the majority of both posters used for the "wildposting" campaign, but as the solo star child was the main image for the campaign, 2/3rds of the posters were the star child and 1/3rd were the giant eye. Both posters were also on view in poster frames at New York's Ziegfeld Theater, where 2001 played. All the print ads for this March 1970 re-launch only used the solo star child image.

After this re-launch proved successful, the star child campaign was adapted nationally to sustain the movie in its remaining roadshow runs and for re-launching the film in 70mm in new national engagements. The one-sheet for that 1970 release shows the star child, but the poster has less green than the "wildposting" one-sheet. The movie was re-released in both 1972 and 1974, and the one-sheets for those re-releases had the star child image, but with even less green than the "wildposting" one-sheet.

Both "wildposting" one-sheets are extremely rare and have no NSS information. Almost all of them were pasted to walls in New York City in March 1970, although a few were likely folded and sent to theaters. Note that while posters that were used in this way in the 1960s to the 1980s were referred to at the time as "wildposting" one-sheets, they later, mistakenly, acquired the name "wilding" posters, and so that is what we refer to them as, because it is term more modern collectors, unfortunately, know them by!

Overall Condition and Pre-Restoration Defects with Quality of Restoration: very good. The poster was tri-folded only. There were some scuffs and tiny creases across the top foldline, and fine surface paper loss on the other two foldlines (typical of high-gloss posters of this period). There were some scuffs and creases down the top quarter of the center of the poster and there was a horizontal crease line in the background just above the top tagline, with some small creases along that crease. Other than the above, the poster was in nice condition prior to linenbacking. The poster was expertly backed, and the linenbacking greatly minimized the above described defects, and they are really not noticeable at all from any normal viewing distance. This incredible poster will look fantastic on the wall of the person who buys it, and I envy that person!
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