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In the past 30 years, we have auctioned MORE movie paper for MORE money than ANY other auction company, period!

EVERY item we auction starts at $1, with NO reserve, and NO buyers premium, and EVERY item is honestly described, with an unenhanced super-sized image!

We charge consignors the lowest rates of ANY major auction, and we have held over 1,657,000 online auctions!

Go to our current auctions in our Auction Galleries, and you will quickly see why we are the most trusted auction site! was founded in 1999 as the first all-movie poster auction website. We have auctioned well over 1.6 MILLION posters, lobby cards, stills and related items through our auctions since 1999, surely the most of any online auction! - The most trusted vintage original movie poster site & the only major online auction with no buyers premiums!

U.S. Shipping Details

For the item you clicked on, you need to enclose only $12 U.S. shipping no matter how many items you purchase from a single set of auctions (we will combine purchases from multiple auctions or Fixed Price purchases too and if they fit in a single package, you'll pay no additional shipping; see below). We spend $12 (or more) on almost all U.S. orders, because we use such good packaging!

More Details

Missouri customers: You must pay an additional 8.162% sales tax on your purchases.  If your order is sent within the state of Missouri, we MUST collect this tax (if it is shipped to another state, we do not collect the tax).

Combining Orders
We always combine shipping when it is safe to do so to save you LOTS of money, so there is a possibility of combining items from up to 9 sets of auctions (up to 8,000 items in all) as well as with our Fixed Price store items!
Here is how combining works with examples:

  • From a single set of auctions that has a flat rate shipping (such as a single Tuesday night set of auctions), we will combine everything you win in that single set of auctions for that one flat rate shipping charge whether you win 1 or 100 items (or more!). Even if items from that single set of auctions requires more than one package, we will charge you for a single flat rate shipping. Learn the exact details of flat rate shipping
  • For Fixed Price store items, we will automatically combine your purchases from the store along with any auction purchases you have made to save you money on shipping. If items can't be combined, our Checkout will show you that, and you will be charged for the separate packages.
  • But if you win "combinable" items (items that can be combined from more than one set of auctions), such as a Tuesday and a Thursday set of auctions that both ship in the same type of package:
    • If they fit in a single package or tube, we will combine them and charge you for a single package.
      EXAMPLE: If you win 2 flat items Tuesday and 5 flat items on Thursday, we will combine the 7 items in a single flat package for one shipping charge.
    • If they fit in more than one tube or package, we will charge you the flat rate shipping for EACH package.
      EXAMPLE: If you win 20 rolled items Tuesday and another 20 rolled items Thursday, there will be two tubes (because no more than 30 or so posters can safely fit into a single tube) from two separate sets of auctions, so we will charge you for two packages. Why do we say "or so"? Because posters vary in size and thickness, and 30 of one type of poster might make it into a single tube, but 30 of another might require two tubes.
  • If you win items with flat rate shipping that ship in different kinds of packages (such as a tube and a flat package), you will be charged for the two separate packages.
  • If you win flat rate items (such as folded one-sheets) and non-flat rate items (such as bulk lots or linenbacked posters), they will either be shipped separately and you will pay the cost of shipping for each package OR they will be combined (when physically possible and when safe to do) for the actual cost of shipping.
  • AN IMPORTANT FINAL NOTE: We lose tens of thousands of dollars on shipping because of our flat rate shipping, but it is our way of saying "thank you" to customers who purchase multiple items and pay within two weeks. This means there is a possibility of combining items from up to 9 sets of auctions (usually around 8,000 items!) for a single U.S. shipping charge, but as described above, please be understanding that if items from more than one set of auctions require more than one tube and/or flat package, we will charge you the stated flat rate shipping for each package. Because of the complicated nature of safely shipping items, we reserve the right to combine items in the safest way possible. We always try to save you money, but sometimes it makes more sense to pack carefully at a greater cost to ensure that orders arrive in the same condition as when they left our warehouse. In the event you ask us to combine items we say are not safe to combine, we will do it if possible, but we will ask you to send us an e-mail confirming that you accept responsibility for any damage caused to your purchases due to your request.

About Flat Rate Shipping
U.S. flat rate shipping is good for two weeks after you purchase item(s) from us.
If you don't pay for your item(s) within that two week time frame, you must pay the actual cost of shipping your order (we offer flat rate shipping as an incentive to get people to pay more quickly). This is so that we can keep shipping orders in a timely fashion (otherwise, our warehouse quickly fills with unshipped orders!). If it is after two weeks, Request Your Shipping Quote Here. We will e-mail you your shipping quote as soon as it is ready, typically within a few days.

P.O. Box Shipping
We can offer a flat rate U.S. shipping because we are able to choose the cheaper method of shipping between UPS or the Post Office. Sometimes (especially with packages over five pounds, but always with packages over ten pounds), it can be far cheaper to ship via UPS than the Post Office, and the difference can be substantial. When this happens, we will present you with two options: 1) You can provide us with a street address so we can send your order via UPS at the fixed rate shipping or 2) You can pay the actual cost of shipping via the Post Office to your P.O. Box.

UPS Shipping
UPS does NOT automatically require a signature to deliver packages, so if you want the signature to be required, you will need to pay the extra $2.50 UPS charges for "signature required" Delivery Confirmation, and please realize that they will then NOT leave the package, and you may well have to go to the UPS facility yourself to pick it up.  But if you prefer this, that is fine, and if you have any other special requirements, please tell us when you are paying for your order.  IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY THAT YOU WANT SIGNATURE REQUIRED, THEN YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE SENT WITHOUT SIGNATURE REQUIRED!

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