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Of course we very much apologize to everyone affected. It is clearly noted on our site that if the auctions are not accessible to most bidders when they are closing, we will extend the affected auctions and that is what we did.

WHAT HAPPENED? At least ten thousand, and maybe fifteen thousand registered users ALL logged on at 3 PM CST Sunday, as the auctions were about the close. This completely crashed the site, and NO ONE was able to bid after 3:02 PM CST.

WHAT DID WE DO? Our auction host ( had to first unfreeze the site, which took around 15 minutes. They then "paused" all the auctions. However, the ones that had been scheduled to close in those 15 minutes now said "Auction closed", because the end times had passed. then added 24 hours to all the auctions, and then increased the time between the closings to 6 seconds each from 3 seconds each, and then re-started all the auctions, which all "picked back up" from exactly where they had been before the site froze (same high bidders, etc).

WHAT HAPPENS NOW? The resumed auctions close TODAY, Monday, beginning at 3:05 CST. As noted above, they are now six seconds apart, so they will close over a 4 hour time frame, with the final auction closing just before 7 PM. This means that the end times of many of the auctions are now later in the day today than they were yesterday, so please, if you are bidding on specific auctions, check their end times to see exactly when they now end. All of the auctions still have "time-extended" bidding, so five minutes must go by without a bid placed for an auction to close.

WHAT WILL PREVENT ANOTHER SITE CRASH? The people at have worked through the night to make modifications to the site that should prevent that from happening, and spreading out the closings over 4 hours instead of two hours should help as well. Of course I can't say for sure it won't happen, but everyone is doing everything they can to prevent it from happening.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? There are three things:
1) If you want to place further bids, please strongly consider doing so NOW, or at least before all the auctions start to close at 3 PM CST. Even though the site will likely remain accessible, pages may load very slowly, and you risk missing placing bids by waiting for the end. Of course, if you want to bid at the very end, that is fine to do so, but we can't be responsible if you encounter delays, so please bear that in mind.
2) If you DON'T want to place any bids (or have already placed all your bids), please DON'T visit the site between 3 PM CST and 7 PM CST, as the auctions are closing. I know you likely want to "see what is happening" but it was the ten to fifteen thousand of you who did that yesterday who caused the site to crash, and you will help us greatly by solely visiting the site as the auctions are closing in order to place bids.
3) Please try very hard to be understanding. I would have given just about anything for the site to have not crashed yesterday, and I so very much apologize to everyone negatively affected by what occurred. No one wanted this to happen, and no one gained by it. We are doing the very best we can under very difficult circumstances.

PLEASE TOO BEAR IN MIND THAT THESE ARE BENEFIT AUCTIONS FOR THE EMPLOYEES OF ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE, WHO ARE, OF COURSE, COMPLETELY BLAMELESS FOR THE SITE CRASH. And while what occurred is very sad and unfortunate, consider all that is going on in the world right now, and try to keep "the big picture" in mind. No one knows what WOULD have happened had the site not crashed (except that surely many thousands of additional bids would have been placed). Surely some (or many) prints will now sell for lower prices than they might have, and some (or many) will now sell for higher prices than they might have, but no one will ever know that for sure.

Around ten hours from now, the greatest auction of Mondo prints ever will have concluded, and a LOT of people will have won rare prints (some, ones they have searched for for years) and a LOT of money will have been raised to benefit the employees of the Alamo Drafthouse. And yes, some people will have missed out on prints they very much wanted, but that happens in EVERY auction ever held, because with each auction there can always only be one winner, and several underbidders, who did not win.

We very much apologize to everyone for this most unfortunate chain of events. We have run 1,728,000 auctions (including million dollar auctions) without this ever happening. We simply did not reckon with the amazing power of Mondo, and its many, many thousands of fans, and we are doing the best we can to be fair to everyone. is hosting the extra special
"First Ever Major Mondo Print Auction" 11/29 to 12/13!

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Before we explain about the auction, know that all bidders MUST pre-register on the site, and join their 17,000+ current active bidders! Go HERE to register

Once you are registered, you can bid on all the auctions at
(you can view all of them if your registration is not yet approved, but you can't bid yet)

ALL of the prints in this special auction will be shipped to the winning bidders directly from (and we ship anywhere in the world).

How and why did this auction come about? You likely have heard of the wonderful Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters (the ones with the great seats, where food is served, and where no talking or cell phones are allowed!), and you also likely have heard of their wonderful "Mondo" limited edition prints, most of which sell out very quickly, and rapidly rise in price. 

As you can imagine, the pandemic has been very rough on all movie theaters, and the Alamo Drafthouse theaters are no exception. So, as a way to help them get through to the end of the pandemic, Alamo Drafthouse co-founder and Executive Chairman Tim League decided to, for the very first time, hold an auction of prints from his personal collection, a total of 2,344 Mondo limited edition prints, including many long unavailable!

And because the auction is in partnership with all of the prints in this very special auction will start on November 29th, and all will close December 13th, and all the auctions will be held under standard rules (NO reserves, $1 starting bids, NO buyers premiums, actual cost of shipping, and time-extended auctions (5 minutes must go by without a bid for an auction to close)!

“This is the first ever extensive Mondo poster auction,” says League. “The depth and variety of this offering will likely never be duplicated again. If you ever wanted a rare Mondo poster from the vault, this is THE opportunity. Everything in the auction is, of course, certified original and in mint or near mint condition. Each poster will be meticulously inspected and graded prior to the auction by the team. If you’ve always wanted a Mondo poster but haven’t been able to get one, this is your unique chance to get it."

League adds "Cinemas across the country are facing extraordinarily financial hardships. We are legally unable to open many of our venues, where we can open capacity is significantly reduced, our product - the supply of blockbuster films - has evaporated, and our debt from accrued rent during closure continues to mount.  We are therefore looking for unique ways to stay afloat and survive until normalcy returns.

I am personally reaching out to our film-loving communities and asking for assistance. These next four to six months are critical and the proceeds from this auction will help immensely. If you are a Mondo collector, if you have a movie fan in your life who would like something unique under the Christmas tree this year, or if you have never purchased one of our prints before, we invite everyone to explore the incredible history of nearly 15 years of beautiful poster design in this auction."

Please know that
100% of the proceeds from the sale will go towards paying staff of the Alamo Drafthouse and paying debt and expenses accrued during the COVID closures. And have slashed our commission rates, so that we too can do all we can to support this most worthwhile cause.

If you have ever bought a Mondo print before, you know how hard it can be, because they are offered at a set time, and those with the "quickest" computer connections win, and those who don't have that often miss out. But in auctions, the playing field is completely level! You can not be outbid without always having an additional five minutes in which to place a higher bid. You only lose an auction because you choose to stop bidding, NOT because "time ran out", as on eBay and with other auctions.

Below are just a few highlights from this upcoming auction: rare original posters from Attack Peter, Shepherd Fairey, Aaron Horkey, Olly Moss and Tyler Stout.

STAR WARS Trilogy by Tyler Stout

“Godzilla vs Mothra” & “Godzilla vs. Hedorah” by Attack Peter

IDIOCRACY and THEY LIVE by Shepherd Fairey

STAR WARS Trilogy by Olly Moss


Before we explain about the auction, know that all bidders MUST pre-register on the site, and join their 17,000+ current active bidders! Go HERE to register

Once you are registered, you can bid on all the auctions at
(you can view all of them if your registration is not yet approved, but you can't bid yet)

You can buy one or several limited edition prints that have been sold-out for years (and are very difficult to obtain), and you will have a great print to display on your wall, that will likely continue to appreciate in value, PLUS you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part to help a most worthy cause!

ALL of the prints in this special auction will be shipped to the winning bidders directly from (and we ship anywhere in the world). Buyers CAN combine their purchases (whenever possible) into as few tubes as possible) and they can also combine purchases from this special auction with purchases from other auctions (whenever possible)!

We have auctioned more vintage movie posters for more money than anyone in the world! From 1990 to 1999 we sold over 12 million dollars of posters through auctions and sales catalogs, and from 2000 to 2008 we auctioned 13 million dollars of posters on eBay. Since April 2008, we solely auction right here on our own website (currently every other Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday), and for the past eight years we have averaged over 5 million dollars in sales per year, for total sales so far of over $97,000,000! Go to our About Us page to learn more.

About Alamo Drafthouse
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was founded in 1997 as a single-screen mom and pop repertory theater in Austin, TX. Twenty-three years later, with 41 locations and counting, Alamo Drafthouse has been called "the best theater in America" by Entertainment Weekly and "the best theater in the world" by Wired. Alamo Drafthouse has built a reputation as a movie lover's oasis not only by combining food and drink service with the movie-going experience, but also introducing unique programming and high-profile, star-studded special events. Alamo Drafthouse created Fantastic Fest, a world-renowned film festival dubbed "The Geek Telluride" by Variety. Fantastic Fest showcases eight days of genre cinema from independents, international filmmakers, and major Hollywood studios. Alamo Drafthouse's collectible art gallery, Mondo, offers breathtaking, original products featuring designs from world-famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek & Universal Monsters. Alamo Drafthouse continues to expand its brand in new and exciting ways, including the American Genre Film Archive, a non-profit film archive dedicated to preserving, restoring and sharing film, and Alamo On Demand, a new VOD platform boasting a growing and carefully curated library of entertainment for rental or purchase.

About Mondo
Mondo is an expanding enterprise with a passionate love of film, art, music and pop culture, best known for creating limited-edition posters, vinyl soundtracks, premium collectibles and games. Based in Austin, Texas, the team collaborates with an international network of talented artists and creators to produce the highest quality products inspired by licensed properties and original IPs. Over the last decade, Mondo has partnered with leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers, along with dozens of independent studios and filmmakers from around the world. Find out more at

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