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1226TF REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES 1sh R47 cool artwork, they're not dead and they're not alive!
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A 1947 Re-Release Vintage Theatrical Tri-Folded Style A One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]) (Learn More)
Revolt of the Zombies, the 1936 Victor Halperin World War I (WWI) romantic love triangle zombie fantasy horror thriller (a bizarre story that starts out on the French-Austrian front in World War I, and a soldier finds an Asian priest with the secret of turning men into zombies, and they imprison the priest, and before he dies, the man thinks he gets the secret, but it leads him to Angkor in Cambodia, where he finds a hidden temple where he actually does get the secret, and while this has been going on, his girlfriend has turned to another man, and he turns hundreds of Cambodians into zombies, and uses them to force his girlfriend to marry him, and he plans on conquering the world, but when he realizes that his girlfriend doesn't love him, he becomes depressed and his zombies are overthrown and he is killed!) starring Dorothy Stone, Dean Jagger, Robert Noland, Carl Stockdale, Roy D'Arcy, George Cleveland, "and a Big Cast". Note that this movie originally was called "Revolt of the Demons", but because of the great success of "White Zombie" in 1932, the title was changed to "Revolt of the Zombies", and it was intended as a sort of sequel to the earlier movie, which was also directed by Halperin. Part of the movie was filmed on location in Angkor, which was the ruins of a lost Cambodian civilization (the movie "Forbidden Adventure in Angkor" was filmed the same year). There was a lawsuit over the title by Sherman S. Krellberg's Amusement Securities Corp, who had bought the rights to White Zombie, but he lost, and it was released with the Revolt of the Zombies title. The movie had a major archaeological expert as a technical adviser! Note that there are frequent images of zombie eyes superimposed over the screen, and director Halperin used Bela Lugosi's eyes from White Zombie for those images! Finally, it sure seems likely that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were inspired by this movie when they created Raiders of the Lost Ark, because it has several "borrowed" elements (there is a search for a secret that can destroy the world, and the action shifts from one remote location to another, etc.)!
Important Added Info: Note that any original movie paper from the first 1936 release of this movie is INCREDIBLY rare! We have never sold any original paper from this title! This 1947 re-release one-sheet came out just 11 years after the first release of this movie. Also note that this poster was tri-folded only (which means there is no vertical machine fold) but because it would be more expensive to send flat, it will be sent rolled in a tube.

Overall Condition: very good to fine. The poster was tri-folded only. It has darkened slightly and has minor fold and border wear. (Learn More)
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