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Auction History Result

6s200 PATHS OF GLORY linen 1sh '58 Stanley Kubrick classic, great artwork of Kirk Douglas in WWI!

Date Sold 5/1/2016
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An Original Vintage Theatrical Linenbacked One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]) (Learn More)

Paths of Glory, the classic 1957 Stanley Kubrick anti-war World War I (WWI) courtroom military court-martial melodrama ("Never has the screen thrust so deeply into the guts of war!"; "It goes where none has ever gone before ...the shattering story of a commander trapped with the enemy in front of him ...and betrayal at his back!"; "Bombshell!"; "Explosive!"; "The behind-the-battle story of the boldest bayonet-charge that ever hacked its way through hell... And the men who came back from it - to face their general's firing squad!"; "The Most Explosive Picture in 25 Years!"; "'Shoot the whole damn regiment!', screamed the General... And now the Colonel had to do it!"; "It explodes in the no-man's land no picture ever dared cross before!"; "BOMBSHELL! The roll of the drums... The click of the rifle-bolts... The last cigarette... And then... The shattering impact of this story... Perhaps the most explosive motion picture in 25 years!"; "Now the screen blasts open the bombshell story of a Colonel who led his regiment into hell and back - while their maddened General waited for them - with a firing squad!"; "Based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb"; "Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, Calder Willingham and Jim Thompson", famed film noir novelist; about French soldiers in World War I who refused to advance in a suicide mission, and a crazy general orders his artillery to fire on his own troops, but they refuse, and the advance is a disaster, and the general orders three random men tried for cowardice, and be shot; a colonel who was a lawyer defends the men; originally, the end of the movie showed the colonel blackmailing a general into pardoning the men and the general is then killed, but this was altered at the very end, and the men were not pardoned) starring Kirk Douglas (as Col. Dax), Ralph Meeker (as Cpl. Philippe Paris), Adolphe Menjou (as Gen. George Broulard), George Macready (as Gen. Paul Mireau), Wayne Morris (as Lt. Roget), Richard Anderson (as Maj. Saint-Auban), Emile Meyer (in one of the screen's all-time great performances!; as Father Dupree), Joe Turkel (as Pvt. Arnaud), Timothy Carey (as Pvt. Maurice Ferol), and Susanne Christian (as the girl who sings at the end of the movie; soon after the movie was finished, she became Mrs. Stanley Kubrick!) Note that director Stanley Kubrick had previously been a professional photographer who made a few short films, plus two features, "Fear and Desire" in 1953 and "Killer's Kiss" in 1955, and while both were admired for their great cinematography, they were both short on a tight plot and good dialog. So in 1955, Kubrick found an excellent book, "Clean Break" by Lionel White, which he renamed "The Killing", and he hired pulp writer Jim Thompson to adapt the book's scenes into film segments (the movie is broken up into segments, following each participant in the robbery, and their movements over the hours prior to it). There is much controversy over what happened next! Kubrick released the movie with the credit "Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick" and "Additional Dialogue by Jim Thompson", and there are many who believe that Thompson essentially wrote the entire script, and that Kubrick solely assembled the scenes and decided the order in which they would be placed in the final movie. Kubrick mended his fences with Thompson after the film was released and he hired Thompson to write the screenplay for this, his next movie, "Paths of Glory", two years later, but producer Kirk Douglas was unhappy with Thompson's screenplay, especially the ending, which had Menjou's General Mireau agree to commute the sentence of the three men, but before it is announced, an angry enlisted man shoots him! Kubrick hired Calder Willingham to rewrite Thompson's screenplay (including the men being shot, but with the added sentimental ending after that), and when the movie was released, the screenwriting credit read "Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, Jim Thompson, and Calder Willingham", and this time, Willingham was furious because he claimed it was almost entirely his screenplay (except for the ending, which, as noted above, had been drastically altered), and he sued Kubrick over the credits, and Thompson was able to show that large portions of his original screenplay remained in the final shooting script, and Kubrick ultimately settled on the credits for this movie reading "Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, Calder Willingham, and Jim Thompson". Kubrick definitely felt badly about how he had treated Thompson, because he kept Thompson on his payroll for quite a while after this, even though Thompson did no writing for him (perhaps he was trying to repay how Thompson had been slighted on both screenplays)!
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Overall Condition and Pre-Restoration Defects with Quality of Restoration: very good. The poster had tiny paper loss at the crossfolds and some tiny tears and tiny bits of paper loss on parts of some folds, with pinholes around the edges. Overall, the poster was in very good condition prior to linenbacking. The poster was nicely backed, and displays well!
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