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Auction History Result

2z436 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY style C Cinerama centrifuge style 1sh '68 great McCall art, ultra rare!

Date Sold 12/8/2016
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An Original Vintage Theatrical Folded Style C One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]) (Learn More)

2001: A Space Odyssey, the classic 1968 Stanley Kubrick (nominated for the Best Director Academy Award for this film) English/U.S. Cinerama futuristic science fiction (sci-fi) outer space computer thriller ("Your greatest adventure awaits you in 2001: A Space Odyssey"; "the ultimate trip"; "Man's colony on the moon... A whole new generation has been born and is living here ... A quarter-million miles from Earth"; "An epic drama of adventure and exploration"; "...taking you half a billion miles from Earth... Further from home than any man in history. Destination: Jupiter."; "Space Station One: your first step in an Odyssey that will take you to the Moon, the planets and the distant stars."; "You visit Space Station One: The first step in an Odyssey that will take you to the stars and beyond."; "An epic drama of adventure and exploration that takes you to the moon, the planets and the still more distant stars."; "An astounding entertainment experience - a dazzling trip to the planets and the stars beyond!"; with a screenplay written by Arthur C. Clarke & Stanley Kubrick) starring Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Daniel Richter, Leonard Rossiter, Robert Beatty, Douglas Rain (as the voice of "HAL 9000"), and Margaret Tyzack. Note that Douglas Rain passed away in 2018 at the age of 90.
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Artist: Bob McCall
Important Added Info: Note that when this classic movie was first release in 1968, it was in a very limited release in theaters that showed it in Cinerama. MGM made three different one-sheets for this Cinerama release. The style A Cinerama poster had the classic "space wheel" art. The style C Cinerama poster had the "centrifuge" art. The style B Cinerama poster had the art of men walking on the moon, and those posters were stamped "MOON MEN" on the back, but they were not stamped "style B" (which makes it an unmarked style B). When we auctioned these posters (which are many times more rare than the "non-Cinerama" one-sheets, which were used when the movie went into general release to theaters that did not have Cinerama equipment), we identify them as style A, style B, or style C. Note that this is a super rare and desirable poster! We first auctioned it in 2005, and that example was folded and linenbacked, so we called it the "Cinerama wheel style" (because we couldn't see the back of the poster to know if it had a stamp on it), and it sold for $2,950. We did not get it again until 2015, when we received an unfolded example, which came from the manager of the New York theater that showed it in Cinerama, and he had been sent it rolled, and it was not stamped on the back, so we again called it the "Cinerama wheel style", and this time it sold for $5,250. Now we have been consigned this third example, and this one is folded and NOT backed, so we finally learned that it is stamped "1SH DES. C CENTRIFUGE" on the back!

Note that all but 28 of the folded one-sheets in this Part I of's December Major Auction were consigned to us by legendary French dealer/collector Dominique Besson.

Dominique Besson started collecting movie posters in 1981, and became a dealer in French and European posters in 1994, and has remained as a top dealer ever since!

But in addition, 30 years ago, Dominique began collecting U.S. one-sheets, first those with Saul Bass art, and then adding Alfred Hitchcock posters, then Humphrey Bogart, and he finally ended up collecting in an amazing total of 47 different categories, purchasing the posters from all over the world!

Now the time has come to sell this wonderful collection, and Dominique has chosen to do so, through our auctions!

As noted above, all but 28 of the folded one-sheets in this Part I come from this more remarkable collection (the 28 that do not were consigned to us by other collectors, and are clearly marked).

This is not all of the Dominique Besson collection we are auctioning. In addition, there are approximately 200 more folded one-sheets that will be in Part IV of this special auction (ones from the 1970s to present), and there are approximately 100 unfolded one-sheets that will be in Part III (including many great ones).

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase folded one-sheets (all of which have had no professional restoration) from one of the greatest one-sheet collections assembled!

Note that this one-sheet is from the category that Dominique Besson collected on that he labeled "Stanley Kubrick".

Condition: good to very good. The poster was folded vertically 1/2" to the right of the artwork (no doubt someone displayed it with only the art showing). It was also folded horizontally 4" from the top. There are pinholes around the edges. There are brown stains on the back of the right half of the top border (and they slightly show through to the front) and there is a much smaller number of similar brown stains scattered in the rest of the borders. The poster once had three small pieces of tape on the back of the bottom border, but they are no longer present. There are two pieces of clear tape on the back of the top 4" of the vertical fold, where there was once separation and a 2" tear. Other than the above defects, the poster is in pretty nice condition! The poster will display well just as it is, or certainly, after a relatively simple linenbacking, it will look incredible!
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