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Future Auctions
(Dates shown are the dates
the auctions will run)

3/5 to 3/12Complete and incomplete sets of lobby cards
3/8 to 3/15Many different kinds of bulk lots
3/10 to 3/17Rolled non-U.S. posters from many countries
3/12 to 3/19Rolled 27x40 & 27x41 one-sheets
3/15 to 3/22Single vintage 8" x 10" stills
3/17 to 3/24Window cards, Italy & French 1p, 2p, 4p, etc
3/19 to 3/26"really oversized" posters
3/22 to 3/29All sorts of miscellaneous items
3/24 to 3/31Folded 27" x 41" one-sheets
Still Time to Consign
(Dates Subject to Change)
3/26 to 4/2Single vintage 11x14 lobby cards
3/29 to 4/5Lots of 2+ 8" x 10" stills from the same title
3/31 to 4/7Rolled non-U.S. posters from many countries
4/2 to 4/9Rolled 27x40 & 27x41 one-sheets
4/5 to 4/12Many different kinds of bulk lots
4/7 to 4/14Half-sheets and inserts
4/9 to 4/16"really oversized" posters
4/12 to 4/19Single vintage 8" x 10" stills
4/14 to 4/21Folded 27" x 41" one-sheets
4/16 to 4/23Folded non-U.S. posters & non-U.S. lobbies
4/19 to 4/26All sorts of miscellaneous items
4/21 to 4/283sh, 6sh, Argent, Italian, similar
4/23 to 4/30Rolled special posters (travel, war, etc)
4/26 to 5/3Lots of 2+ 8" x 10" stills from the same title
4/28 to 5/5Rolled non-U.S. posters from many countries
4/30 to 5/7Rolled 27x40 & 27x41 one-sheets
5/3 to 5/10Many different kinds of bulk lots
5/5 to 5/12Folded 27" x 41" one-sheets
5/7 to 5/14Single vintage 11x14 lobby cards
5/10 to 5/17Single vintage 8" x 10" stills
5/12 to 5/19Rolled non-U.S. posters from many countries
5/14 to 5/21Rolled 27x40 & 27x41 one-sheets
5/17 to 5/24All sorts of miscellaneous items
5/19 to 5/26Window cards, Italy & French 1p, 2p, 4p, etc
5/21 to 5/28Half-sheets and inserts
5/24 to 5/31Lots of 2+ 8" x 10" stills from the same title
5/26 to 6/2Folded 27" x 41" one-sheets
5/28 to 6/4Complete and incomplete sets of lobby cards
5/31 to 6/7June Major Auction Part I
6/2 to 6/9June Major Auction Part II
6/4 to 6/11June Major Auction Part III
6/7 to 6/14June Major Auction Part IV
March Mini Major Auction
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100 Percent of our items are from consignments

Thursday Auctions

999 folded one-sheets!
Recently $112
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Sunday Auctions

7,922 8" x 10" stills in 999 lots
Recently $37
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Ending 3:00 PM CDT
Sunday, March 8th

Tuesday Auctions

766 personally signed items of all types and sizes
Recently $75
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Ending 7:00 PM CDT
Tuesday, March 10th

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