About eMoviePoster.com's Sunday Auctions #517

Auction Description: 999 French one-panels, Italian one-& two-panels, Mexican LCs, Window Cards & more
Start Date: 11/17/2019
End Date: 11/24/2019 beginning at 3:05 CDT

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*Special Details About These Items (999 French 1p, Mex LCs, Italians & WCs)
*U.S. Shipping Details
*Non-U.S. Shipping Details

Details About These Items

(to better help you find the sizes and countries that interest you)

1s001-1s011 unusual U.S. items of all sorts
1s012-1s014 subway poster, 40x60, Egyptian 67x135
1s015-1s022 matted stills, pressbooks, campaign books
1s023-1s031 crate labels, blacklight posters, oversized stills
1s032-1s042 laser discs, records
1s043-1s052 standees, Swiss LCs, advertising posters
1s053-1s067 softcover books, magazines, calendars
1s068-1s097 art prints, promo brochures, magazine covers
1s098-1s127 special posters, German A0s and others
1s128-1s159 jumbo LCs
1s160-1s233 Mexican LCs (sets and singles)
1s234-1s374 window cards
1s375-1s537 Italian two-panels, one-panels
1s538-1s551 French 8p, 2p, miscellaneous, door panels
1s552-1s999 French one-panels

About the shipping of these items
Note that we call the items we are auctioning "very oversized", but that refers to the size of package they need to be sent in! Some of the items ARE very large (French one-panels), but all of the remaining items are 14" x 22" or smaller, but they all measure over 11" x 14", so they need to ship in flat packages that are much larger than our regular flat packages.
Therefore, all of the items CAN'T be sent in our regular standard-sized flat mailers (and NONE of them can be rolled in a tube). There are possibly a few exceptions, and if we can send your purchase(s) in a cheaper way without damaging it, we will. This means you mostly will have to pay greater than normal shipping, so bear this extra cost in mind before placing your bids.

About the condition
Note that we give a detailed overall condition grade to every item we sell ("fine", "very good to fine", "very good", "good to very good", "good", and only a few less than "good") along with more details about the condition described in words (but pretty much a general description of the defects, and we only describe specific defects if they are the type that CAN'T be seen in our super-sized images, or if the item is especially valuable). We felt this would help bidders identify items they want to bid on more easily. Of course, we still strongly recommend that you look at our super-sized image to see the extent of the defects that we describe and to examine the poster for minor defects that we did NOT describe.

U.S. Shipping Details

THERE IS AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE IN THIS SET OF AUCTIONS ONLY. The items being auctioned ship in oversized flat packages (in oversized boxes if you purchase a number of items). We USED to have a flat rate shipping on this set of auctions, but due to increases in shipping costs (and the adding of "dimensional weight" by shippers), we now charge the actual cost of shipping, plus $3 for packing materials. After winning, you need to request a shipping quote through our Checkout system.

Missouri customers: You must pay an additional 7.662% sales tax on your purchases. If your order is sent within the state of Missouri, we MUST collect this tax (if it is shipped to another state, we do not collect the tax).

Do you need "signature required"?

 Neither UPS nor USPS automatically require a signature to deliver packages, so if you want the signature to be required, you will need to pay the extra $5.00 for UPS or $2.60 for USPS that they charge for "signature required", and please realize that they will then NOT leave the package at the door, and you may well have to go to the UPS or USPS facility yourself to pick it up if you aren't there to meet the delivery person. If you have any other special requirements, please tell us when you are paying for your order. IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY THAT YOU WANT SIGNATURE REQUIRED, THEN YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE SENT WITHOUT SIGNATURE REQUIRED (unless your package has a dollar value over $300, in which case we will ALWAYS send it with signature required, due to the massive rise in "porch thefts", unless you specifically tell us not to, and you will need to fully accept responsibility for the package if it is stolen from your porch or lobby)!

You CAN usually combine shipment!

NOTE: These items need to be sent in oversized flat packages so...

*they can be combined with these auctions:

Tuesday October 22nd all signed items (if they ship flat)
Sunday October 27th single lobby cards
Sunday November 3rd most items that ship in flat packages or boxes in Halloween Part I
Tuesday November 5th lobby cards, folded one-sheets, and more in Halloween Part II
Sunday November 10th most items that ship in flat packages or boxes
Tuesday November 12th
3sh, 6sh, Italian & more
Thursday November 14th single vintage 11x14 lobby cards
Sunday November 17th many different kinds of bulk lots (if they ship flat)

*they must be sent separately from these auctions for an additional shipping charge:

Tuesday October 22nd all signed items (if they ship in tubes)
Thursday October 24th inserts, 1/2-sheets, Japanese, French, Belgian & Italian
Tuesday October 29th
non-U.S. posters
Thursday October 31st special posters AND rolled one-sheets
Sunday November 3rd linenbacked and unbacked rolled posters in Halloween Part I
Thursday November 7th half-sheets, inserts, one-sheets, and non-U.S. posters that ship in standard tubes in Halloween Part III
Sunday November 10th very oversized rolled items
Sunday November 17th many different kinds of bulk lots (if they ship rolled)
Tuesday November 19th non-U.S. posters from 27 countries
Thursday November 21st "special" posters AND rolled one-sheets

Note that we not only allow you to combine as many items as you want from a single set of Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge for all of the items (even if you get 100 or more, but solely from a single set!), but we also allow you to wait to have your purchases shipped until the next four weeks of auctions end (a total of up to twelve sets of auctions) so that you can combine your current purchases with those of our following auctions (if possible; see Learn More About Combining), and that means there is a chance you could combine items from up to twelve of our sets of auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge (assuming those items fit into the same type of package, but of course, there is a limit to how many items can fit in a single package or tube, and if you end up with several packages, you will need to pay that many shipping charges; Learn More About Combining). Since around half of our auctions have items that ship in tubes and the other half have items that ship in flat packages, and since few of those items can be combined, most of our regular buyers end up with at least two packages after four weeks. We KNOW there are other sellers who charge a little less on shipping than we do (and of course, there are others who charge far more!), but none of the ones with lower rates offer the same generous flat rate shipping we do, and we know that our packaging is the best there is, and our orders virtually never arrive damaged (and on the very rare times that they do, all our U.S. packages are fully insured, and FULL INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE U.S. SHIPPING CHARGE).


Non-U.S. Shipping Details

Non-U.S. buyers must pay the actual cost of shipping their order (you can choose whatever method you prefer, but know that the U.S. Post Office has eliminated Surface Mail, so we can only send via Express or Airmail), plus $3, for both the best packaging materials you have ever seen and a separate printed invoice mailed to you. All non-U.S. buyers must tell us if they want the package sent insured or uninsured at the time they pay for their order.

Have you heard about our Pay and Hold Program?
This lets non-U.S. buyers pay for their purchases from 8 consecutive weeks (a total of 24 auctions and around 20,000+ items!), and we then send all your purchases at once saving you LOTS of money! Click HERE to learn more (if you are not one of the hundreds of our non-U.S. buyers who are already part of this program)

Learn more about how to save money on shipping by shipping to friends/family in the U.S., insurance, and customs fees.

Here is a chart containing estimated shipping charges for up to 3 items from this week's auctions (note these are ESTIMATES only, and your actual shipping may vary considerably)
(Note: Insured quotes are based on a $200 value; you pay $1.60 more for each additional $100 of insurance)

Type of Shipping Canada/Mexico Australian/Asia/Japan Everywhere Else (inc Europe)
Priority Mail Int'l - Uninsured $49.93 $58.10 $61.19
Priority Mail Express Int'l - Uninsured 65.27 80.90 74.49
First Class* (under 4 lbs ONLY) N/A N/A N/A
*First Class has a weight AND dimensional limitation. Because of the dimensional limitation and the size of these items, very few items in this set of auctions can be shipped via First Class. If there are any exceptions, we will automatically quote the First Class rate for you, but that is highly unlikely, so bear this in mind before bidding.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please bear these approximate shipping cost in mind BEFORE you place a bid (if you live outside the U.S.). The vast majority of our customers want a very securely packed tube, and will pay the extra shipping cost involved (and of course, it goes to the Post Office or UPS, and not us!). Please do not ask us to pack less securely, as that would likely result in a damaged order.
Some sellers are sending by Ground UPS to Canada, but that incurs large "brokerage fees", so we do not recommend it. Note that there are also some sellers sending non-U.S. packages via a "Letter" rate, but of course this is not legal, and we can not do this. We have outlined the possibilities for sending non-U.S. packages above, so please read that carefully, BEFORE placing a bid!