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Did you know... that there are reissue one-sheets for 1959's "The Bat" that have fooled many collectors?

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Added: 12/08/2014

Over many years, we received this question (and lots of similar questions) about one particular poster:

"I have a question I'm wondering if you can help me with. I recently purchased a one-sheet of the Vincent Price film, "The Bat," apparently from 1959, although I have my doubts. The poster is folded and measures 27 X 41. It says on the front lower left corner copyright 1959 and the NSS number is 59/277, yet the paper is glossy and seems more like a late 60's, early 70's type paper. There is no NSS stamp on the back of the poster. I have heard that this movie was re-released much later using the same artwork as the '59 release and wonder if that's what I got instead of the original release. Any thoughts or advice? I really appreciate your help."

I e-mailed the sender and told him that his suspicions were correct, and that this was a later re-release that looks exactly like the original except for the paper stock (it has fooled many, many people). I advised him to take it back to where he got it, and ask for a refund. He replied a day later:

"Just a quick update about "The Bat." The seller (Charlie Moffitt at Intergalactic Comics and Collectibles Mall in Fern Park, Florida) agreed to refund my cost once the poster was returned to him. He seemed surprised that it was a re-release, but said (and I quote) "If Bruce Hershenson says it's a re-release, that's good enough for me!!" Thank you so much for your help. Maybe one of these days I'll end up with the original 1959 release, but in the meantime, I'm thankful there are experts like you who are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us."

I replied: I am not the one you should be praising, it should be Charlie Moffitt, for he did the honorable thing and took the loss himself, rather than have an unhappy customer. I've talked to Charlie, and he said that he mostly sells Star Trek related items from his store and from his website. I wish EVERY movie poster dealer and auction would all adopt this return policy.

The above exchange occurred years ago, and since that time, we have been adding the following paragraph to each re-release Bat one-sheet we auction:
"Note that this poster has the original copyright information and NSS number at the bottom. But it is printed on a glossy stock used in the 1980s, and not used in 1959 AND it has "ABC Pictures" above Price's credit whereas the 1959 poster has "Allied Artists". Many people have unknowingly sold examples of this poster as an original, but it is definitely a 1980s re-release."

And we put this note on each first release 1959 Bat one-sheet we auction:
"Note that there is an exact reprint of this poster from the 1980s, which is often mistakenly sold as an original 1959 release. It can be distinguished from the original by the 1980s style NSS text, "ABC Pictures International" above Price's credit and the completely different paper stock on which it is printed. The poster offered here is 100% certainly a 1959 original release one-sheet!"

To help those of you who have a "Bat" one-sheet (or are thinking of buying one) and want to be certain you get an original, we created a graphic to better illustrate the differences in the two posters (click on the graphic below to view a MUCH larger image).

1) In the "Credits Area", you can see that "ABC Pictures International" was overlaid on top of "Allied Artists Picture".

2) In the "Bottom Left" area, you can see how the copyright notice varies (especially how the original has a litho number and the reissue does not).

3) In the "Bottom Right" area, you can see how the NSS number varies (the reissue poster carrying a "1970s/1980s style" NSS and title block).

Also note how the NSS paragraph is different (flush right on the original and centered on the reissue).

Not pictured is one more tell-tale sign: The R80s poster has reproduced foldlines alongside the physical foldlines!

And here are images (that link to results in our Auction History) where you can see the entirety of each poster:

1959 Original 1980s Re-Release
4h100 BAT 1sh '59 great horror art of Vincent Price & sexy fallen girl! 2c101 BAT one-sheet movie poster R80s great horror art of Vincent Price & sexy fallen girl!

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