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Did you know... that we want you to be able to spend more money on purchases, and less on shipping, so we have revised BOTH our Pay and Hold program AND our Autoship Program?

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Added: 03/02/2020
It is no secret to ANYONE that shipping costs have skyrocketed over the past 20 years. In 2000, we charged U.S. purchasers a flat rate of $4 an order, and non-U.S. purchasers a flat rate of $14. But every shipping company has MASSIVELY raised rates EVERY single year since then, and rates have mostly quadrupled in those 20 years.

SO YEARS AGO, WE CAME UP WITH A WAY TO COMBAT THAT, CALLED "OUR PAY AND HOLD PROGRAM". It has worked well, and saved our customers massive amounts on shipping. However, because rates continue to rise drastically, we have greatly improved this program (see below), so that we need only send your orders FOUR times a year (except for certain exceptions; see below).

Here is the current way both these programs works (there are a number of improvements over the old way, so please read the below carefully):

How Pay and Hold works:

After you win items, you pay the subtotal for your purchases (excluding shipping) within two weeks (at the most) of the auction(s)' closing. You may then repeat the process for up to TWELVE weeks for all customers (U.S. and non-U.S.), and we hold those orders in our warehouse until the end of that time frame! After the TWELVE weeks are up, we will send you a shipping quote on all of those purchases, and since you will have already paid for the posters themselves, you will just need to pay your choice from the quoted cost of shipping within one week of receiving the email, at which time we will send your purchases out to you, and the process can begin again!

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? You are able to wait up to TWELVE weeks for us to ship items to you, and that means we will mostly be shipping to you only four times a year (typically, one or two packages, in each shipment, one rolled and one flat, unless you buy so many items we need to put them in more tubes or packages), resulting in a HUGE savings on the shipping costs.

CAN THE PAYMENTS BE AUTOMATIC? You pay for these "Pay and Hold" orders using our Checkout (using credit card or PayPal). But you can instead have your payments made automatically when you join our "Autoship" program as described below.

SURELY THERE IS A CATCH! The only catch is that you MUST "stay current" on paying for your purchases at least every two weeks. Failure to do so may cause your bidding privileges to be restricted until you DO get caught up. And this isn't really a "catch", since ALL buyers must pay for their purchases within two weeks!

WANT TO USE IT? Great! Just use our Checkout and choose the "Pay Now & Ship Later" option for your order. The Checkout will show you if your Pay and Hold is due and it will give you all the appropriate options available to you!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What if, even after 12 weeks, I have not made many purchases?
If after 12 weeks, you have so few purchases of either rolled or flat posters that it doesn't make sense to send them, we will EXTEND your Pay and Hold for another 12 weeks! But this can ONLY be done when you have a small amount of purchases (usually under $100), and of course they must have been paid for within two weeks of the auctions close. At the end of the SECOND 12 weeks of holding, your order MUST then be shipped (because we will have then held it for six months!).

Q. What exceptions are there?
There are two kinds of purchases that are exempt from being held for 12 weeks:
     1) If you purchase expensive linenbacked posters (over $100 each), those MUST be sent after the Major Auction you bought them in ends. This is because these posters were restored, and we want you to see them soon after the auction ends, to confirm you are happy with them.

     2) If you purchase expensive autographed items (over $100 each), those MUST be sent after the autographed auction you bought them in ends. This is because these items have a 30 day return privilege, and we want you to see them soon after the auction ends, to confirm you are happy with them.

Q. What about different kinds of packages (flat, rolled, linen)?
We DO maintain separate "Autoship" and "Pay and Hold" orders for each type of shipment. This means, for example, when you win items that ship in flat packages, we set your "ship date" for that separately from items that ship rolled in tubes.

How Autoship works

  1. You keep an active credit card on file with us.
  2. You authorize us to charge for your purchases the day after you win them, without waiting for confirmation from you.
  3. We will send your purchases FIRST, ahead of other orders, as soon as your pre-arranged time to send is due!
  4. You can quit the program any time, but we know you will find that it will save time and get you your packages even quicker.

Autoship Shipment Options. You can pick one of three options:

1) You can sign up for "FOUR Week Autoship". This means that we will wait for four weeks before sending your purchases. For example, if you purchase on a Tuesday, then we will wait until four weeks from that date, and then ship your purchases from that Tuesday, but also combine in (if possible) your purchases from any auctions that closed over those 4 weeks (if you purchased anything from any of those, and if they can be combined in the same package or tube, of course). If you know at any point that you won't bid on any more of those auctions, then you can email us and we will send your original purchases when you email us. Note that we will charge you for each set of your purchases the day after each set is completed, and then charge you for shipping only after the four weeks are up, and you MUST have a valid credit card on file to sign up for "Two Week Autoship".

2) You can sign up for "EIGHT Week Autoship". This is the same as "FOUR Week Autoship", except we ship every EIGHT weeks, but we still charge you for each set of your purchases the day after each set is completed, and then charge you for shipping only after the eight weeks are up.

4) You can sign up for "TWELVE Week Autoship". This is the same as "FOUR Week Autoship", except we ship every TWELVE weeks, but we still charge you for each set of your purchases the day after each set is completed, and then charge you for shipping only after the twelve weeks are up.

If you don't want to leave a credit card on file with us (and remember we ONLY store those numbers on OUR computers, and nowhere on the Internet), then you CAN'T be in this Autoship program, but you can either pay for your purchases as you make them, or you can instead join our "Pay and Hold" program.

Ready to sign up for Autoship!

Ready to join? Follow these two steps:

  1. Add a credit card to your account (or verify you already have one on file) by going to our credit card page.

  2. Then email us via our Contact Form and tell us three things:

    1. State "I want to join Autoship"

    2. Specify ONLY the last four digits of the card you want us to charge

    3. Specify from the choices above how often you wish us to ship your orders. That's it!


1) ALL buyers have to pay for their purchases within two weeks, or their ability to bid may be restricted. This has always been "the rule", but in the past we were sometimes lax in enforcing it, but we found that sometimes people who got a month or two behind in paying would then "vanish", and this is very unfair to our paying bidders, who rightfully want to always know they are bidding against bidders who always pay.

If you can't pay for your purchases within two weeks, you need to then stop bidding until you are "caught up". And remember that an alternate way of paying is to consign items that will cover what you owe. LOTS of our bidders do this, and this is always fine to do!

2) In the past, we offered a "flat rate" shipping price on some of our auctions. We no longer have this, for two reasons. One is that, as stated above, the shipping companies have drastically raised their rates many times in the past few years. The other more important reason is that our Pay and Hold Program allows you to have your order sent every TWELVE weeks, which means we will only send you packages four times a year, and almost all of those packages were being charged the actual cost anyway.

We urge all of our customers to join the Pay and Hold Program, because it really saves you a massive amount on shipping, so that you will spend far LESS on shipping over the course of a year, and have far MORE to spend on the items you buy (especially when compared to buying from multiple sellers on the Internet)!

3) We USED TO have a "cancellation policy" where bidders could cancel items because they had only won a single inexpensive item. But now, thanks to TWELVE week Pay and Hold, you can combine that one item with all the other items you get in the following 12 weeks, so we no longer offer any cancellations for any reason.

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