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Did You Know about the 'advanced' ways you can search our auction galleries

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Added: 12/22/2010

Did you know... about the 'advanced' ways you can search our auction galleries?

Our auction galleries are fully searchable by film title, genre, movie star, poster size, country, and just about any other criteria you can think of. Unlike Google which has billions to invest in search technology to make their search work so well, our search is more rigid and can require a small amount of effort to find what you are looking for (but not as much as you might think!). Therefore, we'd like to share with you the many advanced search options that you may not be aware of but that would give you far better control over the results you get. Let's explore some of those advanced options (NOTE: you will find that many of these are easy to do once you have used them!).

  • First off, we'd like to draw your attention to the "Search Tips" page. This covers a few basics that we won't recount here and it covers searching other parts of our website as well. You can find it just above each galleries' search box as shown here:

  • Use title: to only search the auction title.

  • Example #1: if you are looking for the film "Al Capone" (starring Rod Steiger), you may find you get more results than you want (for instance, you may get "Untouchables" because Robert De Niro plays Al Capone in that film!). But if you search for title:Al Capone, the gallery will only search the auction title giving you results only when "Al Capone" appears in the title of the auction.
  • Example #2: if you are looking for stills that feature "John Wayne" (and given that for stills, we only identify the stars that are pictured within our auction title), you can search for title:John Wayne, and you'll get solely results that picture John Wayne (excluding films that he starred in but where he wasn't pictured on the still).
  • Using "" (quotes) to refine your search to an exact name, title, or phrase. Let's say you search for John Wayne. You will inevitably get a result for a David Wayne film that includes a John but not John Wayne. However, if you search for "John Wayne" (with the quotes around his name), you will only get films starring John Wayne.
  • Using AND/OR (in all capital letters) to adjust your results.
    • Using AND. Let's say you solely collect Vincent Price horror material. Often, you can simply search for Vincent Price horror, but sometimes you'll get too many results or even perhaps no results even when we have an item. Under those circumstances, you can try "Vincent Price" AND horror as your search. The AND will cause the search to find results solely where "Vincent Price" and "horror" appear together on the same item.
    • Using OR. Let's say that you collect horror and sci-fi material. You could perform two searches separately which takes twice as long to do and those separate searches will likely have duplicate results between them. However, if you search for horror OR sci-fi, your search will include results for both keywords. This works with anything else too. For instance, a search for "John Wayne" OR "Marilyn Monroe" will find all items for both stars.
  • Very short titles such as E.T. It is impossible to search our galleries for "E.T." and get the proper results because our search removes all punctuation and then searches for "ET" which appears in virtually every auction listing (such as in "Juliet" or "eternal"). However, in cases of abbreviated titles, we always include the full film title within the searchable description. So instead of E.T., search for Extra Terrestrial. Instead of A.I., search for Artificial Intelligence.
  • How to search by decade. Ever want to see solely posters from the 1930s but don't know how? It's easier than you might think. Simply search for 193 and it will find all 1930s items! For 1940s, search for 194. For 1950s, search for 195, and so on. If you want to search for two decades, use the OR option such as 194 OR 193 for 1940s and 1930s results. The results won't be perfect for a few reasons, but it will be a lot closer to what you are looking for. You may also sort the gallery by year using the Sort By option to further aid your decade-based search.
  • Do you have the auction item number (for instance, 2044355) and want to find that particular item even if it has already closed? Simply type in the item number into any gallery search box and you will be taken directly to the auction even if it has closed.
  • Using combinations of these suggestions. You can combine usage of title:, AND, OR, and "" (quotes) in different combinations to further refine you search. See the examples above where we use "Vincent Price" AND horror (using quotes and AND) and "John Wayne" OR "Marilyn Monroe" (using quotes and OR) to get precise results.
        Here's a more complex example: title:"john wayne" AND WC. That will find solely window cards (WC) that have John Wayne in the auction title. Try different things to see what you like best!

We think using these advanced search options will enhance your ability to quickly find items of interest in our auctions. However, if you are searching for something and are getting too many results, the wrong results, or no results and the above options don't help, please let us know and we'll help you with your searching.

Finally know that all of these suggestions work with our Want List Search as well. For those who don't know, our Want List Search allows you to save searches in our auctions and then be automatically notified when we have items meeting your search criteria. Additionally, when you create new Want List searches, we optimize them to be sure you get the best results possible.

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