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Did you know... that our September 10, 2017 auction of production art, transparencies, and negatives was our most complicated auction ever?

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Added: 09/11/2017

Our September 10, 2017 auction of production art, transparencies, and negatives (which was Part IV of our September Major Auction; see EVERY result by going HERE: was far and away one of the most unusual auctions we have ever held, for several reasons!
What made it so unusual? I am glad you asked!

1) It contained "production art". Over the years we have had a few auctions that contained a few examples of "production art" which is any kind of art which is drawn to aid in the making of a movie (and sometimes in the making of the posters, too). Before any movie starts actual filming, artists usually create "storyboards" which map out every scene of the movie, which is a great help to the director, cinematographer, and others. Other artists draw detailed "costume sketches" for each costume, dress, or suit each main character wears, so those can be finalized before any costumes are made. Yet other artists draw detailed drawings of sets, for the same purpose, etc. Sometimes these storyboards, sketches and drawings can be simple pen or pencil sketches, and other times they are watercolors, and sometimes they are actual paintings.

But VERY few of these ever make it into the public's hands! Sometimes the studio would retain them, and sometimes they would throw them out, but it was only on a very few occasions that any non-studio person could ever buy them. That makes these among the most rare of all movie collectibles! Note that most of these are one-of-a-kind hand drawn or hand painted originals, but a very few are copies that were made by the studio, so that they could be given to each of the top production people. We ALWAYS very clearly identify whether an item is an original or a studio produced copy.

In addition, right at the very start of the auction, we had some pre-production mock-up movie posters from E.T. and Graveyard Shift. These were created to show to the filmmakers as possible posters, and they chose which ones to use. The unused ones were never used in any way elsewhere!


9m036 CINCINNATI KID signed 15x20 costume sketch 1965 wardrobe design of sexy Ann-Margret by Donfeld 9m002 E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL 9x14 mock up poster B 1982 rejected art with alien, misspelling! 9m032 DESPERADOES 22x30 watercolor painting 1943 original candid set art by Dong Kingman!

2)It contained "animation art". When cartoon were made, animators would first draw pencil drawings, and then later create animation cels. The cels consist of a piece of plastic celluloid that has a character or characters painted directly on it. They would also create a much smaller number of painted backgrounds (because in most cartoons, the background would remain the same for a minute or several minutes, to save on the need for drawing so much.

This auction contains a number of animation drawings and cels, from a wide range of years and studios. Almost all are from the the making of that specific cartoon, and we always clearly say that within each listing (each original is from the year in the auction, and each was created by the studio).

9m103 SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS 13x16 animation drawing 1937 she's standing & smiling close up! 9m086 FANTASIA group of 3 13x16 animation drawings 1991 Bob Tytla, Chernabog based on Bela Lugosi! 9m067 CINDERELLA animation cel 1950 close up of the evil stepmother, Disney fantasy classic! 9m078 SLEEPING BEAUTY animation cel 1959 Prince Phillip on his horse, Walt Disney cartoon classic!

3) It contained other "original art". We were consigned a few other fine pieces of original art (a Jack Davis original, two Mutt and Jeff comic strips, etc) and these one-of-a-kind originals are in this auction as well.

9m013 JACK DAVIS signed 6x15 original art 1960s Native American Red Shirt by the famous MAD artist! 9m011 MUTT & JEFF 11x30 original comic strip art 1930 Bud Fisher's duo in a poker playing gag! 9m029 ALEXANDRE TRAUNER 15x18 watercolor/ink drawing 1941 cool bar scene sketch from Remorques!

4) It contained a LOT of studio created transparencies and negatives. If you don't know what these are, transparencies and negatives were created by and sent, by the studio that produced these movies, to newspapers, magazines, TV stations, or reviewers, so that they could use them to create the highest quality ads. They can now be used to make very high quality reproductions, but bear in mind that we are solely auctioning the physical transparencies and NOT the right to reproduce them, so unless they are public domain, the new owner must acquire the rights elsewhere before reproducing them.

Original studio produced transparencies and negatives come in several sizes (8x10, 4x5, 2 1/2 by 2 1/2, and some odd sizes). The larger the transparency or negative, the better the quality of reproduction can be made from them! The ones that were made by studios and sent tonewspapers, magazines, TV stations, or reviewers are EXTREMELY rare, especially from the best movies!

There are also transparencies that were NOT created by studios, and those were made by collectors or auction houses. They would hire a professional photographer who would create these with a very special (and ultra-expensive) camera, so they could reproduce those posters from the transparencies. But because those were created after the poster (and were made by photographing the poster), they are not nearly as high quality as the studio created transparencies.

This auction contains some of each type of transparency (studio created transparencies and ones made by collectors or auction houses). We VERY clearly marked which are which (and to make there NO chance for confusion, we put the ones made by collectors or auction houses in a separate section at the end of the auctions).

Also, note for all the transparencies and negatives we not only took a photograph (or photographs) of how these items appear in person, but we also scanned them as well, so that you can see the actual images (and how high quality they are). But please realize that you CAN'T really "display" a transparency or negative in the sense that you would frame it on a wall! You CAN make a great positive print out of either, and you can make many prints, but please bear the fact that they can't be displayed as they are in mind before bidding on them.

9m302 ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. group of 6 4x5 transparencies 1967 sexy Raquel Welch + dinosaur FX! 9m298 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE group of 10 4x5 transparencies 1967 Sean Connery, Pleasence, Bond Girls! 9m478 LIZABETH SCOTT group of 251 3x3 negatives 1953 sexy portaits from Bad For Each Other! 9m517 MARILYN MONROE 8x10 negative 1950s great seated close up holding a drink & smiling big!


You might be thinking, "but if the above is true, how come this auction has so much production art, animation art, and studio created transparencies and negatives? Another great question! The answer is that this auction was literally YEARS in the making!

How so? I used to run a few of these items in our "miscellaneous" auctions. But I longed to do an auction of solely production art, animation art, and studio created transparencies and negatives, so starting several years ago I asked consignors if they would let me hold their items until we had enough for this special auction, and almost all agreed, and now this auction has come to be! The next such auction might be a year from now, but it also might be several years from now. This stuff is just THAT rare! So know that if you miss bidding on an item, you might be waiting many years before you see it again.

What if you are solely interested in one type of item? This is why we have our "Search Filters", which are available to everyone! They are located just to the left of our galleries, and they let you search in many, many ways, and once you click on any type or size, you see solely those items. There is no other auction that has search filters like this, and once you get used to using them, you will be amazed how much they help you locate the items you are most interested in (this is especially true in our "regular" weekly auctions, where we have 999 items at a time).

When you look at these production art, animation art, studio created transparencies and negatives, and the other items that closed on Sunday, you will likely be immediately struck by how many quality items seemed to be at extreme bargain prices! This is made even better because we don't have any reserves or buyers premiums (which means that every item actually sells to the high bidder, no matter how low that bid is). Of course you already know that we have honest condition grading and unenhanced super-sized images on every item!

If the above sounds interesting to you, know that you can see EVERY result in a gallery format (with all the auction info and images) by going HERE:

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