eMoviePoster.com Tuesday Movie Paper Sale #436 Special Notes
(this is our 436th set of Tuesday auctions which runs from 7/7 to 7/14)
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ATTENTION! The Notes and Shipping Details shown below apply SOLELY to the 399 linenbacked one-sheets in Part I of our Summer Mini/Major Auction we are selling from 7/7 to 7/14, and may well NOT apply to our other weekly auctions. If you are looking for details for other weekly auctions, please check our Special Notes Archive.

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*Special Notes About Tuesday's Items (
399 linenbacked one-sheets in Part I of our Summer Mini/Major Auction ending July 14th)
*Special Bonus: full color custom limited edition t-shirt with every order even if you only get one $1 item!
*Payment Options
*U.S. Shipping Details
*Non-U.S. Shipping Details
*Incredible Discount on Learn About Movie Posters Book! (80% off the cover price!)
*Add More to Your Order: We have over 400 items in our Fixed Price section, most of which can be added to your order for NO additional shipping cost! You really must check out our Fixed Priced items HERE, or Learn More!

Our Summer 2009 Mini/Major Auction has an excellent selection of linenbacked (and choice non-backed) posters (847 in all), covering all years, genres, and 21 countries, plus some exceptional paperbacked and unbacked items!


This special auction is being run in two separate parts:

  • Part I runs from Tuesday July 7th to Tuesday July 14th and includes 399 linenbacked U.S. one-sheets
  • Part II runs from Thursday July 9th to Thursday July 16th and includes 448 mostly linenbacked U.S. posters other than one-sheets, plus non-U.S. posters from 20 different countries, including all sizes of both U.S. & non-U.S. posters (all the way up to six-sheets!)

What distinguishes OUR mini/major auction from other major auctions?  Only the lack of any reserves or buyers premiums!  You will find an amazing selection of posters from all years, genres, and countries, all accurately described, with unenhanced super-sized images!

Start browsing and bidding in Part I in our Tuesday Auction Gallery (the gallery for Part II will be added Thursday, July 9th)!


INCREDIBLE!  Every buyer from ANY of the two parts of this "mini/major" auction receives a great full-color printed t-shirt as a free bonus (even if you only purchase one item)!
     Every buyer in the two parts of this special auction will receive the great full-color T-shirt pictured at right, which shows the image from the The Burning Question (Reefer Madness) one-sheet (we will only be making as many t-shirts as there are different buyers in the two parts of the auction, so it will be a VERY limited edition, and likely will become a "collector's item" in its own right!). Given that you get this great full-color T-shirt with any purchase, shouldn't you absolutely find any one item to purchase from us from among the 847 items in these two special auctions?
     *Note: we give this shirt (which costs us $9 to $11 each at wholesale, because they are very high quality) to anyone who purchases one or more items in the two parts of this auction.  BUT KNOW THAT YOU ONLY GET ONE SHIRT, NO MATTER HOW MANY ITEMS YOU PURCHASE, AND WHETHER OR NOT YOU PURCHASE FROM ONE OR BOTH OF THE PARTS OF THIS SPECIAL AUCTION.

     BUT WAIT, THERE'S EVEN MORE!  The above offer is for anyone who purchases any ONE item from either part of this mini/major auction.  But if you are a member of our weekly e-mail club, we will be offering our most generous bonus offers ever to those who purchase just THREE items from either or both of the two parts combined (you need just purchase a total of three items from both parts).  We will have multiple great offers for those who purchase as few as three items, and as many as twelve or more, and you get these just for being a member of the club (so if you are not already a member, and over 5,400 collectors already are, then why not join today by going to http://www.emovieposter.com/mail/clubsignup.php).

Special Notes About This Tuesday's Items

    The great plus about buying a linenbacked poster is that it has had its defects restored, and it looks its absolute best (if it was well backed), so it is far more enjoyable to display on a wall, as your eye is not distracted by the defects that most non-backed posters have (and even nice condition unbacked posters usually have annoying foldlines). In addition, it is far easier to properly frame a linenbacked poster, as you have to be incredibly careful when framing an unbacked poster, to be sure the poster is not damaged.
    There are two downsides to having a poster linenbacked. The first is that it can be very expensive, usually around $100-$200 for a one-sheet, and more or less for smaller or larger sizes. The second is that once it is linenbacked, it can be difficult to tell exactly how much restoration a poster has had, and many people have been deceived over the years, because they were sold a linenback restored poster, and they were led to believe it had less restoration than it actually had (often with very fuzzy written descriptions of the defects, and even fuzzier images), but even when the seller did not use deceptive methods, the buyers often lacked the skills to determine how much restoration the poster had.
    But in OUR auctions, you get only the upside, without the downside! We tell you exactly what restoration was done to each poster, and the extent of the restoration, so you CAN'T be deceived as to how much restoration the poster has had, and you receive a poster that often looks its best (if the restoration was not so well done, then we clearly tell you that), and you get a poster that is far easier to frame.
    Plus, YOU don't have to pay for the restoration! The person who consigned the poster to us paid for the restoration, and in many cases, you may well be able to purchase the poster for less than the actual cost of restoration, because these are no reserve auctions. In some cases, you may be able to purchase the poster professionally linenbacked for less than you would have paid for the poster prior to restoration!

About the Condition
    It is always difficult to give a single overall grade to a linenbacked (or paperbacked) poster, for a simple reason. Some posters had few defects, but have had little restoration performed on them, whereas some posters had a greater number of defects, but have had expert restoration performed on them.  The second type of poster currently looks to be in "better" condition than the first type, so how do you grade them both in a single scale?  You really can't!  We do the best we can by first giving each poster an overall grade that that conveys the most important information YOU want to know about the current appearance of the poster and the quality of the restoration, WHICH IS, WOULD YOU LIKELY BE HAPPY TO DISPLAY THIS POSTER AS IS, OR WOULD YOU FIRST WANT TO HAVE ADDITIONAL RESTORATION PERFORMED? 
     A poster with a grade of "fine" means BOTH that the poster was very well backed, AND also that it was in truly excellent condition prior to linenbacking, and I feel everyone would be happy owning this poster (this grade is just for "condition freaks", and we ALMOST NEVER grade linenbacked items as "fine", so they can KNOW what posters are sure to make them happy!). 
     A poster with a grade of "very good" or "very good to fine" means that a poster displays nicely, and I think all but the fussiest collectors would likely be happy to display it on their wall "as is", but the poster HAS had some degree of restoration (it may be a relatively small amount, or a relatively larger amount, and this is a big part of what makes a poster either "very good" or "very good to fine", and we detail what areas needed restoration in our "Overall Condition and Pre-Restoration Defects with Quality of Restoration" field).  Note that for a few posters that we gave a "very good" grade to (NOT "very good to fine"), the poster either has a small amount of noticeable restoration (but it is not very distracting, and we think many collectors could accept it), or the poster might have an unrestored defect, but we know that a talented restorer could repair it without re-backing the poster.  There are a VERY few posters that we gave a "very good" grade to which would benefit from professional re-backing, but we only did this with extremely rare posters that were backed long ago, and did not have major defects other than their lesser backing, and in the rare cases where we did this, we CLEARLY noted exactly what areas could use additional restoration and why.
     A poster with a grade of "good to very good" means that the poster had enough defects that were not well corrected through restoration to where I feel that they are SOMEWHAT noticeable, but not very distracting, and that a lot of collectors WOULD be able to display the poster just as it is (although some collectors might want to have additional restoration performed, and in many cases, that could be done without re-backing the poster).
     A poster with a grade of "good" means that the poster either had significant defects that were not well corrected through restoration, or some that were not corrected at all, to where I feel a lot of collectors would NOT want to display the poster unless it had additional restoration performed. Many of these posters will look fantastic after additional restoration is performed, and in some cases, that can be done without re-backing the poster.
     A poster with a grade of "fair" or "poor" means that the poster had REALLY significant defects that were either not well corrected through restoration, or not restored at all, to where I feel almost all collectors would NOT want to display the poster unless it had additional restoration performed. Many of these posters may look fantastic after additional restoration is performed, but the result will still surely be a heavily restored poster, so bear that in mind before bidding.
      IT IS VERY LUCKY (both for me and for the buyers of these posters!) that many of these posters either did not require a lot of restoration, or that many of them were restored by the most talented professionals, which means that many of the posters now look great! 7% of these posters received a grade of "good", and approximately 41% received a grade of "good to very good", meaning that 52% received a grade of "very good" (or better), which means that those posters are ones we think most collectors would be happy to display on their wall "as is".  PLEASE REALIZE THAT SOME OF THESE POSTERS WERE LINENBACKED IN THE "AMERICAN" FASHION, which usually means that the restorer attempted to repair and conceal virtually every defect, AND SOME OF THE POSTERS WERE LINENBACKED IN THE "EUROPEAN" FASHION, which usually means the restorer did little or no restoration to the poster, often simply linenbacking it exactly as is (AND WE ALWAYS NOTE WHEN THE RESTORER DID LITTLE OR NO RESTORATION TO THE POSTER).
     After the overall condition grade, I described each poster's pre-restoration defects in words. All of these posters were already linenbacked when I received them, but I have sold literally over ten thousand linenbacked posters (more than anyone in the world!), and I believe I know how to look for "hidden" restoration better than anyone else in the hobby, and I describe everything that was done to the poster, along with the quality of the work.  Far too many sellers of linenbacked posters fail to see the restoration their posters have had, either intentionally or because they lack the ability to see it.  When you buy a linenbacked poster from us, there is NO chance you will get an unpleasant surprise when you receive your purchase (although you may well be pleasantly surprised, especially if you have purchased from "major" auction houses that usually "optimistically" grade most of their restored posters).  Of course, our large and super-sized UNENHANCED images will also help you better know the exact condition of each poster BEFORE you place a bid (and we NEVER enhance any image in any way, including NEVER giving a slightly "fuzzy" image that hides many tiny defects)!

Payment Options
We accept all major credit cards, either directly over the phone at 417-256-9616 during our regular business hours which are Monday to Friday, 9 AM CST to 5 PM CST except between 12 and 1 when we take lunch, or you can e-mail us payment details, and there are still a few people who fax us!

If you like to pay via Paypal
(our PayPal e-mail is "mail@emovieposter.com"), that is fine, but know that PayPal has many glitches, and you should ABSOLUTELY e-mail us separately when you send us a PayPal payment!

You can send a check or money order (if you do, enclose your address and details about what you purchased) to:
Bruce Hershenson
Attn: Payments
P.O. Box 874
West Plains, MO 65775

If it is your best payment option, you can pay by Western Union (unlike SOME auction sites, we are not prejudiced against Western Union!). But please don't send cash (as we can't be responsible for lost cash)!

U.S. Shipping Details

THIS WEEK ONLY, all buyers (U.S. AND non-U.S.) must pay the actual cost of sending your order, plus $2 for the packaging materials.
     Why don't we have a "flat rate" for U.S. orders this week?  Because we are mostly selling linenbacked posters which must be sent in our custom-made extra heavy duty gorilla proof mailing tubes which are much stronger than the ones used by most sellers (*read more about our "gorilla proof" tubes that stand up to the greatest of abuse, and we wrap all expensive items in plastic, so that even a submerged tube may arrive undamaged!).  Shipping will vary greatly depending on how many items you get, what weight of linen the posters were mounted on, if they fit in the same package, and where you live. Generally it will cost around $14 to send a standard-sized tube anywhere in the U.S. by either U.S. mail or UPS, fully insured (all U.S. orders MUST be fully insured). 
     Can we send your order in a less expensive way? We have purchased movie paper items many hundreds of times over the Internet ourselves, and we have seen the tubes that other sellers use (both the free kind and the kind purchased at shipping supply stores), and the protection offered by those tubes is spotty at best (those cheaper tubes will often get bent resulting in creasing or tearing to the poster, or in extreme cases, a tube can even lose a cap from an end resulting in the buyer receiving a tube but no posters!), so please do not ask us to use a lighter weight tube or less expensive packing materials to save on shipping, because we won't do it!  We know that once you see our tubes you will agree that they are a great investment in protecting your purchase(s) and you will wonder why other sellers of vintage movie paper do not use these same tubes (and if somehow you don't agree with us, we ask you not to bid at all)!

You CAN usually combine shipment!
(NOTE: These Tuesday items must be sent rolled in tubes but can NOT be combined with the Japanese/Italian posters we auctioned 7/7 or the 27" x 41" one-sheets we are auctioning on 7/9 because rolling non-backed posters with backed ones can result in damage to the non-backed posters, so we never do it; can NOT be combined with the items we are auctioning in our Sunday auctions on 7/12 or 7/19 [because those items must be sent in flat packages], and CAN be combined with most of the items will be offering in Part II of our mini/major auction that runs from 7/9 to 7/16)
     Note that we not only allow you to combine as many items as you want from a single set of EITHER Tuesday, Thursday and/or Sunday auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge for all of the items, but we also allow you to wait until the next three sets of auctions end (a total of six sets of auctions) so that you can combine your current purchases with those of our following auctions (if possible), and that means there is a chance you could combine items from up to six of our sets of auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge (assuming those items fit into the same type of package). We KNOW there are other sellers who charge a little less on shipping than we do, but we know that our packaging is the best there is, and our orders virtually never arrive damaged (and on the very rare times that they do, all our U.S. packages are fully insured, and FULL INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE U.S. SHIPPING CHARGE).


Non-U.S. Shipping Details

Non-U.S. buyers must pay the actual cost of shipping their order (you can choose whatever method you prefer, but know that the U.S. Post Office has eliminated Surface Mail, so we can only send via Express or Airmail), plus $2 for the best packaging materials you have ever seen.  All non-U.S. buyers must tell us if they want the package sent insured or uninsured at the time they pay for their order.

Here is a chart containing estimated shipping charges for up to three items from this week's auctions
(Note: Insured quotes are based on a $200 value; you pay $1.60 more for each additional $100 of insurance)

Type of Shipping Canada/Mexico Australian/Asia/Japan Everywhere Else (inc Europe)
Airmail - Uninsured $28.36 / $36.91 $45.46 $42.38
Airmail - Insured $30.26 / N/A $48.66 $45.58
Global Express - Insured $47.37 / N/A $55.53 $55.07
Global Express - Uninsured $45.47 / $46.39 $52.83 $52.37
First Class N/A N/A N/A

     IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please bear this shipping cost in mind BEFORE your place a bid (if you live outside the U.S.). The vast majority of our customers want a very securely packed tube, and will pay the extra shipping cost involved (and of course, it goes to the Post Office or UPS, and not us!). Please do not ask us to pack less securely, as that would likely result in a damaged order, AND WE WILL NOT DO THAT!
    Some sellers are sending by Ground UPS to Canada, but that incurs large "brokerage fees", so we do not recommend it.  Note that there are also some sellers sending non-U.S. packages via a "Letter" rate, but of course this is not legal, and we can not do this.  We have outlined the possibilities for sending non-U.S. packages above, so please read that carefully, BEFORE placing a bid!

DON'T BID ON OUR ITEMS UNLESS YOU WILL PAY THE ACTUAL COST OF SHIPPING (the actual cost of shipping plus $2 outside the U.S.)!

You Can Add More to Your Order
In addition to our current auctions, we offer many other non-auction items. Please note that the items in this week's auction will mostly be sent rolled in tubes, and normally you could add any item that can easily be rolled for no additional shipping costs, but we never combine non-backed items with backed items due to the great chance of damage to the unbacked items, so this week only, if you order any of the items below, they will need to be sent in a separate package and will therefore require a second shipping charge. We have noted in each paragraph below whether the items can be shipped rolled or not.

Incredible Discount on Learn About Movie Posters Book! (can be shipped flat only)

A while ago, we offered great discounts on many of our books, and the best seller from that promotion was the Learn About Movie Posters book, which regularly sells for $29.95, but which we sold for just $5.99.  We sold out of all of our remaining copies (we thought!), but we have discovered we have more copies of this great book than we realized, and we can offer them once again at this incredible discount!
     Whether you are brand new to the hobby, or have been collecting for many years, you are almost certain to find this book of great value.  About the only complaint we ever hear about the LearnAboutMoviePosters.com is that it is just SO massive that it can be difficult to find what you are looking for, and you won't have that problem with this book.  And at this ridiculously low price of just $5.99, you are sure to "get your money's worth" in no time at all (because it will help you become a better informed collector)!
     To learn more about the book (and to see some sample images), go to http://www.emovieposter.com/books/bookspecific.php?booknum=62 where you can also order online (and you can, of course, order via e-mail at mail@emovieposter.com, or by the phone at 417-256-9616, or by Postal Mail).  If you live in the U.S., and want the book sent by itself, you need include $4 for Media Mail, and if you purchase anything else from us that it can be combined with, you don't have to pay ANY shipping at all!  If you live outside the U.S., you need to pay the actual cost of shipping (either by itself or sent with your other purchases).
     Don't miss this chance to add this great book to your bookshelf at this giveaway price.  We promise you that you will LOVE the book, or we will give you a cheerful refund of your purchase price!

2008 Movie Poster Sales Results! (can be shipped rolled or flat)

This edition includes 25,000 verified sales results from our 2007 sales and contains NO duplication to our previous editions! We are offering the brand new 2008 edition for the cover price of $10, or you can order it, plus the previous four editions for a total of $15, a great savings of $35 off of the combined cover prices! Go to our "Other Publications" books page at http://www.emovieposter.com/books/books.php?section=nonBruce to learn more and to order!

Illustration Magazines (can be shipped flat only)

Know that we also sell several other movie poster-related publications, so now is a good time to pick up items you may have missed! We have copies of a great full-color magazine entirely devoted to the great legendary poster artist, Bob Peak! This magazine (called Illustration Magazine #6) has tons of full-color images, all shot directly from Peak's originals, and has a great in-depth overview of Peak's entire career, written by his son! It sells for $9 and it is almost completely sold out, but if you want a copy, just enclose $9 with your order! We also have copies of Illustration Magazine #7, which has a long article on master horror/sci-fi illustrator Reynold Brown, with many full-color images shot directly from his originals, and that issue is also just $9.

Movie Collectors World (can be shipped rolled or flat)

We also offer the latest issue of Movie Collectors World to all our buyers (the latest is the August issue, which we just received). This magazine has been published for over 30 years and is the "Bible" of the movie poster collecting hobby! The cover price is $3.00. If you want a copy of the August issue added to your order for $3.00 (with NO additional shipping), just let us know when you pay for your order and we will include it! 
     Note that our back cover ad (which we have every issue) in this issue is a full-color comic strip we had specially commissioned just for this issue, and you won't want to miss it!

Fixed Price Posters (most can be shipped rolled but not all can be sent flat; if an item has a "UF" or "TF" in the description, it can only be shipped rolled, but if it has a "FF" in the description, it can likely be sent rolled or flat; please check with us if you are unsure)

Click HERE to view these Fixed Price posters on our website (many of them are one-sheets). If we can combine any of the Fixed Price items with your current purchases into a single package, then we won't charge you any added shipping!