eMoviePoster.com Thursday Movie Paper Sale #62 Special Notes
(this is our 62nd set of Thursday auctions which runs from 8/14 to 8/21)
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Bonus Offer to Every Buyer This Week
YOU GET "Vintage Hollywood Posters VII" AS A BONUS THIS WEEK!
"Crazy Bruce Hershenson" says, "We are currently selling 141 oversized stills and autographed items, and I thought I would offer each buyer this week our full-color Vintage Hollywood Posters VII movie poster book as an added bonus!" This collection contains 592 great images spread over 80 pages and is the auction catalog from our July 2004 mega-auction! This auction was held on 7/11/04. Your copy will include a sheet that gives all of the prices realized at the auction. This was Bruce Hershenson's 17th major movie poster auction, but this auction contains a large number of images never seen in any previous book or catalog!
We offer every one of our buyers this week a copy of this great full-color book, Vintage Hollywood Posters VII as a bonus, even if you just buy one $1 item! If you don't already own this great book (or maybe even if you do!), then you should find any one of our hundreds of items to buy, just to get the bonus book! You may get Vintage Hollywood Posters VII AND a great item for as little as $1 plus shipping (if you are the only bidder)!

Special Notes About This Thursday's Items

About The 19 Special Ray Campi Collection Items At the Start of the Auction
The first 19 items we are offering this week come to us from the personal collection of Ray Campi. Ray Campi was born in 1934 and in the 1950s, was a rockabilly musician, whose trademark was his white double bass (he is sometimes referred to as "The King of Rockabilly"). He left the performing life in the 1960s (after having supplemented his music career with lots and lots of unusual jobs!) and spent many years as a high school teacher, and also conducted hundreds of radio interviews with famous celebrities of past years (from movies, radio, TV, and music!) over a 25 year period. When he would schedule a guest for his interviews, he would obtain some movie paper memorabilia (almost always original release items, but sometimes re-releases, and in rare cases reproductions), and he would have that famous celebrity autograph those items while they conducted their interviews. eMoviePoster.com is offering these items directly from the collection of Ray Campi. In these days where so many people worry about the provenance of autographed items, it is so nice to be able to purchase items that were 100% certainly obtained in person, because Ray Campi was with the celebrity in question while they were signing this item! Those interested in learning more about Ray Campi can visit his website at http://www.electricearl.com/campi.html, and as he says on his site, "Ray Campi wants everyone to know that 'all rumors about my being dead are lies!' Ray would like to thank his friends for worrying about him." eMoviePoster.com is proud to offer this group of items from the Ray Campi collection, and we hope to offer many more in the future!

About the "Oversized" Stills We Are Offering
Note that these stills come to us from several very longtime collectors! In many previous auctions, we have sold the 8" x 10" vintage stills from these collectors, but in this auction we are selling many of the stills they had that measure OVER 8" x 10" (most 11" x 14", or slightly smaller). Often these oversized stills are printed on a much higher quality paper than the 8x10s, which are almost always printed on regular photo paper. This auction contains approximately 50% of the oversized stills we have on hand (the remaining 50% will be sold in an upcoming auction like this one, and then there will be no more!). MANY OF THESE STILLS SHOW IMAGES TAKEN BY THE TOP STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS, AND MANY OF THEM ARE STAMPED ON THE BACK WITH THE NAME OF THE SPECIFIC PHOTOGRAPHER!
The collectors who owned these stills purchased them from poster exchanges and from collectible stores many years ago, and they were the sort of people who sifted through thousands of vintage stills to find "the right one", which explains why these collections contains so many wonderful vintage stills, and why so many of them are in really nice condition (don't be fooled by our ultra-harsh grading as most of these stills are in quite nice condition, especially given their age).

About the Originality
WE GUARANTEE THAT EVERY STILL IN THIS AUCTION IS ORIGINAL (just like the ones we sold in all our previous weeks of still auctions)! Why? Because these stills are from several remarkable collections, which were purchased by VERY knowledgeable collectors, who could tell original stills from repros, reissues, or restrikes and it only contains original stills, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! We know you will agree these are surely original stills, but if you have the slightest doubt, you can return ANY still within one week for a no questions asked refund! I have sold many tens of thousands of stills, and I KNOW these to be genuine, and I also know this to be a remarkable collection of hand-picked stills!

About the Condition
We give a detailed overall condition grade ("fine", "very good to fine", "very good", "good to very good", and only a few which are less than "good to very good") along with more details about the condition described in words (where we thought additional details were needed, because the defects were hard to see). We felt this would help bidders identify items they want to bid on more easily. Of course, we could not describe every single defect, so we still strongly recommend that you look at our super-sized image to see the extent of the defects that we describe and to examine the still for minor defects that we did NOT describe.

About Surface Scuffs and Creasing
As anyone who looks at old photos knows, twenty to eighty year old photos are almost certain to pick up faint scuffs and creases in the surface emulsion of the photo. Vintage stills are the same way. But when these creases and scuffs are light, you can't see them when you look directly at the still from straight on, but you CAN see them when you tilt the still to the light. We don't consider this a major defect, because we don't know anyone who displays their stills tilted to the light. So if a still has minor scuffs and creases that are not very visible when it is viewed straight on, we still grade it as "very good or very good to fine" (or a higher grade). The only exception to this is if there are scuffs and creases throughout the entire still. Then we grade it as "lesser" (or a lower grade), even if the scuffs and creases are not visible when looked at straight on. We DO feel most collectors can accept minor surface scuffs and creases that can hardly be seen from straight on and are relatively minor. If you disagree, you probably should think long and hard before bidding on the stills that we grade as "lesser", or "very good or very good to fine" (but you still likely will be happy with the stills we grade as "fine or better", because we won't give a still those grades if there are scuffs in the surface emulsion that are at all visible when the still is viewed head-on).

MANY OTHER SELLERS WOULD ASK $4.99, $6.99, $9.99, OR MORE EACH FOR REPRODUCTIONS OF STILLS THE SAME OR SIMILAR TO THESE, AND MOST OTHER SELLERS START SIMILAR ORIGINAL VINTAGE STILLS AT $14.99 OR MORE EACH but you may be able to buy one or more stills from us this week for as low as 99 cents PER STILL (if you are the only bidder, but of course, there may well be other bidders; IN OUR AUCTIONS, THE FINAL PRICES ARE ALWAYS SET BY TWO REAL BIDDERS, NOT BY YOU BIDDING AGAINST AN ARTIFICIAL RESERVE OR "STARTING PRICE", which may well be "too high"). And these are vintage stills, which have collectible value, as opposed to reproduction stills, which have NO collectible value.

Payment Options
We accept all major credit cards, either directly over the phone at 417-256-9616 during our regular business hours which are Monday to Friday, 9 AM CST to 5 PM CST except between 12 and 1 when we take lunch, or you can e-mail us payment details, and there are still a few people who fax us!

If you like to pay via Paypal
(our PayPal e-mail is "mail@emovieposter.com"), that is fine, but know that PayPal has many glitches, and you should ABSOLUTELY e-mail us separately when you send us a PayPal payment!

You can send a check or money order (if you do, enclose your address and details about what you purchased) to:
Bruce Hershenson
Attn: Payments
P.O. Box 874
West Plains, MO 65775

If it is your best payment option, you can pay by Western Union (unlike SOME auction sites, we are not prejudiced against Western Union!). But please don't send cash (as we can't be responsible for lost cash)!

U.S. Shipping Details

U.S. buyers need to enclose $9 shipping (which includes full insurance)

Why do we charge $9, when we used to charge $9 to $11 on eBay?
We spend $9 (or more) on almost all U.S. orders, because we use such good, heavy packaging (at least twice as strong as that used by most sellers), even on low priced orders (because we believe a low priced item still deserves the best handling)!
We USED to charge $11 for shipping on U.S. orders over $100 when we sold on eBay, but now that we are auctioning on our own site we have lowered that to $9, which is both our way of thanking those who order a lot from us, and also our way of passing on our savings from not paying eBay commissions to our customers!

You CAN usually combine shipment!
(NOTE: This week's Thursday items must be sent in flat packages and CAN be combined with the stills/lobby cards we sold August 14th, but NOT with the linenbacked and paperbacked posters we are selling 8/12 to 8/19, 8/19 to 8/26, or 8/21 to 8/28)
Note that we not only allow you to combine as many items as you want from a single week, and still pay only a single shipping charge for all of the items, but we also allow you to wait until next week's auctions end so that you can combine your current purchases with those of our following auctions (if possible), and since we do two sets of auctions every week, that means there is a chance you could combine items from up to four of our sets of auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge (assuming those items fit into the same type of package). We KNOW there are other sellers who charge a little less on shipping than we do, but we know that our packaging is the best there is, and our orders virtually never arrive damaged (and on the very rare times that they do, all our U.S. packages are fully insured, and FULL INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE $9 U.S. SHIPPING CHARGE).


Non-U.S. Shipping Details

Non-U.S. buyers must pay the actual cost of shipping their order (you can choose whatever method you prefer, but know that the U.S. Post Office has eliminated Surface Mail, so we can only send via Express or Airmail), plus $2 for the best packaging materials you have ever seen. All non-U.S. buyers must tell us if they want the package sent insured or uninsured at the time they pay for their order.

Here is a chart containing estimated shipping charges for up to three items from this week's auctions
(Note: Insured quotes are based on a $200 value; you pay $1.60 more for each additional $100 of insurance)

Type of Shipping Canada/Mexico Australian/Asia/Japan Everywhere Else (inc Europe)
Airmail - Uninsured $22 $27 $25
Airmail - Insured N/A $32 $29
Global Express - Insured $33 $40 $36
Global Express - Uninsured $30 $37 $33
First Class $12 $16 $15

IMPORTANT! NOTE THAT WE GIVING A BONUS BOOK (Vintage Hollywood Posters VII) TO ALL OF OUR BUYERS THIS WEEK, as a way to encourage bidders to participate in our auctions and to thank our customers for their support! However please note that for non-U.S. buyers, we can only include the bonus book with non-U.S. orders if the buyer is willing to pay the roughly $10 or more added shipping charge (because the book will add around 1 pound to the weight of the package!).

Do you have a friend or relative who lives in the United States? Some of our customers either visit the U.S. regularly, or have friends or relatives within the U.S., and often those customers have us send their orders to a U.S. address, and then they transport the posters from there. THIS CAN SAVE YOU A GREAT DEAL ON SHIPPING! This is fine with us, but realize that you still need to let us know within one week of receipt if you want to return anything, so don't use this method unless you are certain you will want to keep your purchases.

DON'T BID ON OUR ITEMS UNLESS YOU WILL PAY THE ACTUAL COST OF SHIPPING (the actual cost of shipping plus $2 outside the U.S.)!

You Can Add More to Your Order
In addition to our current auctions, we offer many other non-auction items. Please note that the items in this week's auction will mostly be sent rolled in tubes, so you can add any item that can easily be rolled for no additional shipping costs. We have noted in each paragraph below whether the items can be shipped rolled or not.
2008 Movie Poster Sales Results! (can be shipped rolled or flat)

This new edition includes 25,000 verified sales results from our 2007 sales and contains NO duplication to our previous editions! We are offering the brand new 2008 edition for the cover price of $10, or you can order it, plus the previous four editions for a total of $15, a great savings of $35 off of the combined cover prices! Go to our "Other Publications" books page at http://www.emovieposter.com/books/books.php?section=nonBruce to learn more and to order!

Illustration Magazines (can be shipped flat only)

Know that we also sell several other movie poster-related publications, so now is a good time to pick up items you may have missed! We have copies of a great full-color magazine entirely devoted to the great legendary poster artist, Bob Peak! This magazine (called Illustration Magazine #6) has tons of full-color images, all shot directly from Peak's originals, and has a great in-depth overview of Peak's entire career, written by his son! It sells for $9 and it is almost completely sold out, but if you want a copy, just enclose $9 with your order! We also have copies of Illustration Magazine #7, which has a long article on master horror/sci-fi illustrator Reynold Brown, with many full-color images shot directly from his originals, and that issue is also just $9.

Movie Collectors World (can be shipped rolled or flat)

We also offer the latest issue of Movie Collectors World to all our buyers (the latest is the September issue, which we just received). This magazine has been published for over 30 years and is the "Bible" of the movie poster collecting hobby! The cover price is $3.00. If you want a copy of the September issue added to your order for $3.00 (with NO additional shipping), just let us know when you pay for your order and we will include it!

Fixed Price Posters (most can be shipped rolled but not all can be sent flat; if an item has a "UF" or "TF" in the description, it can only be shipped rolled, but if it has a "FF" in the description, it can likely be sent rolled or flat; please check with us if you are unsure)

Click HERE to view these Fixed Price posters on our website (many of them are one-sheets). If we can combine any of the Fixed Price items with your current purchases into a single package, then we won't charge you any added shipping!