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2595 ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO Spanish language pressbook R54 Gary Cooper, Basil Rathbone, John Ford
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A 1954 Re-Release Theatrical Movie Pressbook (pb; measures 12" x 18" [30 x 46 cm]; 4 pages) (Learn More)
The Adventures of Marco Polo, the 1937 Archie Mayo & John Ford historical exploration biography adventure thriller ("Meet Mr. Marco Polo The gay, swashbuckling adventurer whose fierce fights and ardent love affairs were excitingly spread from Venice to Imperial China"; "'Such women!' From Venice to the gates of Imperial China, beautiful women remembered the swashbuckling adventurer who loved and fought and rode away... on and on, in the court of Mighty Khan. The most romantic adventure any man ever lived, magnificently, produced by the Samuel Goldwyn tradition of excellence."; "He came he saw he conquered"; based on the story by N.A. Pogson) starring Gary Cooper (in the title role as Marco Polo), Basil Rathbone, George Barbier (as Kublai Khan), Ernest Truex, Sigrid Gurie (billed as "introducing Sigrid Gurie... Discovered by Samuel Goldwyn in Norway... Young, beautiful, interesting and exciting in her fresh talent"), Lana Turner (in one of her earliest film roles), Binnie Barnes, Alan Hale Sr., "And a Cast of Five Thousand"
Important Added Info: Note that this pressbook was printed in the United States for use at theaters with Spanish speaking audiences (this was done most by MGM, starting in the 1930s, but it was done by the other major studios as well, and often the posters would have the exact same image as the English language poster, except the writing would be in Spanish, and on posters from the 1930s and 1940s there would be an added "Toda en Espanol!", meaning "Entirely in Spanish!", printed within the image). Sometimes posters from the 1960s or later will have the word "SPANISH" printed in the bottom border (or sometimes stamped on the back of the poster). Also note that this pressbook is complete and uncut! Given that theater owners purchased pressbooks partly in order to create their newspaper advertising, and quite frequently cut them up for that purpose, it is rare to find a pressbook that IS complete and uncut!

Overall Condition: very good. The pressbook is complete and uncut and it was never folded. It has minor wear around the edges. (Learn More)
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