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0150UF FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE int'l 1sh R80 Sergio Leone, Robert McGinnis Rod Steiger & Coburn art!
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A 1980 Re-Release Vintage Theatrical Unfolded International One-Sheet Movie Poster (27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]) (Learn More)
Giu la testa (released in the U.S. in 1972 as "A Fistful of Dynamite" and "Duck, You Sucker"), the 1971 Sergio Leone Italian cowboy spaghetti western Mexican Revolution adventure thriller ("Rod Steiger and James Coburn will blow you apart in 'A Fistful of Dynamite' by the master of adventure Sergio Leone") starring Rod Steiger, James Coburn (as an Irish IRA explosives expert), Romolo Valli, Maria Monti, Rik Battagila, and Franco Graziosi. Note that this movie was initially released in the U.S. under the enigmatic title of "Duck, You Sucker"! I have been told that the title came about because director Sergio Leone titled it so, and no one had the nerve to question WHY he did so, and only after it was first released was it learned that he was under the misunderstanding that "Duck, You Sucker" was a common American idiom! After this, the movie was quickly re-titled "A Fistful of Dynamite". A collector tells us that this story is confirmed on the Sergio Leone Anthology DVD set in a featurette by film historian Christopher Frayling who states that Leone thought 'Duck, You Sucker' was a common American phrase!
Important Added Info: Note that this is an "international" style one-sheet (meaning it was printed in the U.S. for use in non-U.S. countries). Note the lack of a ratings box and the "INT'L 1 SHEET" printed in the right of the bottom edge of the poster.

Overall Condition: very good to fine. The poster was never folded. There are some faint horizontal "waves" scattered through the poster (not creases), but otherwise, the poster is in really nice condition! (Learn More)
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