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Lot #: 087 RODAN 1sheet

Date Sold 6/24/2000
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Appears in Vintage Hollywood Posters 3

The image at right appears in the auction catalog we published as shown above and was sold long ago and we do NOT have it available for purchase.

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Sora no Daikaiju Radon (released in the U.S. in 1957 as "Rodan! The Flying Monster!"), the classic 1956 Ishiro Honda Japanese Toho kaiju battling rubbery monsters science fiction (sci-fi) action thriller ("Thundering out of unknown skies - The Super-Sonic Hell-Creature No Weapon Could Destroy!"; "The flying monster... Rodan"; "Spawned amid seething Lava Beds!... hurling its 100 tons of terror across the stratosphere!... smashing Jets, Tanks, Cities and everything in sight, with its giant wings!"; "A sky-horror 200 million years old hurtles down to terrorize the world!"; "Entombed in the bowels of the earth for millions of years"; "Freed by the earth-shaking Hell-Bomb... Now its giant wings rage across the heavens... Destroying the world with super-sonic shock-blast!"; "More startling than Jules Verne!"; "Most Horrifying Hell-Creature That Ever Menaced All Mankind!"; "The boy... The Girl... The sky-shrieking terror they could not escape!"; "Never a horror like it!"; "See the Power of Rodan! See the Might of Rodan! See the Destruction of Rodan!"; "A mighty color spectacle - 'Rodan!'"; "The most shocking name in two million years!"; "IMPORTANT Rodan is not to be confused with any other current film. No motion picture since 'King Kong' should be compared with this remarkable color spectacle") starring Rodan (the gigantic Pterodactyl-like dinosaur), Kenji Sahara (billed as "Kenji Sawara"), Yumi Shirakawa, Akihiko Hirata, Akio Kobori, and Yasuko Nakata. Note that there is U.S. advertising material for this movie that has "DCA" as the distributor, and some that has "RKO". This is a similar situation to that which occurred with "The Mysterians" in 1959, where it was distributed by both RKO and MGM. We have been informed by an expert collector that RKO went broke before the initial U.S. release of this movie, and that DCA took over the distribution (items from RKO are more rare than the ones from DCA). RKO had created marketing material before this happened which explains why there are rare RKO items. The DCA posters call the movie "Rodan: The Flying Monster", and the RKO posters call it simply "Rodan", and they have a tagline that says "Rodan is not to be confused with any other current film" (which was referring to the 1957 film "The Giant Claw").
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