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Auction History Result

f001 CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON incomplete three-sheet movie poster '54

Date Sold 6/12/2007
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An Original Vintage Theatrical Folded Three-Sheet Movie Poster (measures 41" x 54") (Learn More)

Creature from the Black Lagoon, the classic 1954 Jack Arnold Universal 3-D (3D; 3-Dimension) science fiction (sci-fi) monster horror thriller ("Sheer, stark terror grips you in underwater... 3-D"; "Terrifying monster of the ages raging with pent-up passions! ...with every man his mortal enemy ...and a woman's beauty his prey!"; "Centuries of passion pent up in his savage heart!"; "Amazing! Startling! Shocking!"; "Monster from a million years ago!"; "CLAWING MONSTER FROM A LOST AGE strikes from the Amazon's forbidden depths!"; "Thrills beyond compare in... 3D") starring Richard Carlson, Julie Adams (billed as "Julia Adams"), Richard Denning, Antonio Moreno, Nestor Paiva, Whit Bissell, Ricou Browning (who played the Gill Man underwater), Ben Chapman (who played the Gill Man on land), and Bernie Gozier. Note that the inspiration for this movie began when William Alland (the producer of this movie) was playing an acting role in "Citizen Kane", and he learned of a myth about half-man half-fish creatures in the Amazon. He wrote notes for a story called "The Sea Monster" in 1951, combining the above myth with the "Beauty and the Beast" story. In December 1952, a 59-page treatment called "Black Lagoon" was written by Maurice Zimm and Leo Lieberman wrote a script based on that treatment in early 1953, but Universal turned it down. After this script was written, a new script was written by Arthur Ross and Harry Essex, and that was the script that was used for the movie as filmed, and the last great Universal monster was created! Finally, note that the wonderful creature costume was created by a woman named Milicent Patrick, who you probably never heard of, but she deserves to be well remembered. She was a top pianist as a young girl, and she graduated from high school at 14. She went to work for Disney as an artist in the animation department in the late 1940s, and she was the first female hired by Disney in that capacity. In 1954, she designed the classic creature costume used in this movie, but the head of the makeup department did all he could do to keep her from getting proper credit, and as a result, she left Universal. It is said that she also created some of the well known costumes in other Universal horror and sci-fi movies preceding this, but there is no clear record as to which ones (but some great monsters of this time, including the ones in "This Island Earth", seem to be unmistakably her design). She turned to acting, appearing in a few movies and on TV, but she pretty much vanished in the early 1960s. She passed away in 1998 at the age of 82. She certainly deserves massive credit for her contributions to this movie and other great 1950s monster movies, but that may never happen.
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Important Added Info: This three-sheet was printed in 2 sections, but the bottom section is missing. THIS IS 2/3 OF A POSTER! WE DO NOT HAVE THE BOTTOM SECTION, NOR DO WE KNOW WHERE YOU COULD ACQUIRE ONE! IF YOU BID ON THIS POSTER, YOU ARE SOLELY BUYING THE TOP 2/3 OF THE POSTER. Of course, you might be able to find the rest of the poster somewhere, or any talented restorer could re-create the missing area, but PLEASE do not bid on this poster unless you can accept that you are solely buying 2/3 of a very expensive poster!

Condition: fair. The bottom 1/3 of the poster is completely missing. There are tears, smudges, pinholes, stains, and areas of paper loss around the 2/3 of the poster that is there, and there are creases, separation, and tears on several foldlines and paper loss at several crossfolds. There is a U-shaped tear with some paper loss in the green background below the "A" of "LAGOON". There is paper loss at the bottom of the two vertical foldlines that fall on the left and right of the girl. There is a 10" jagged tear going up through the girl's hair. Obviously, this poster has many significant defects (of course, the greatest one is the missing bottom third), so please do not bid on this poster unless you can accept that you are solely buying 2/3 of a very expensive poster!

This poster has really significant imperfections. We may have written a few words about those imperfections, but we may not have, as you can likely see them by looking at our "super-sized" image of the actual poster. It DOES have major defects, which are likely to be very noticeable in our "large" or "super-sized" images that you can click on from our small image at right (if the item has significant defects that are difficult to see in our image, then we try to describe those in words elsewhere within the auction). Note that some of these posters have tape repairs on the back, and we note more significant repairs, but we do not note just a few small pieces of tape on the back of a poster. PLEASE DO NOT USE WISHFUL THINKING WHEN LOOKING AT THE CONDITION OF THIS POSTER! It DOES have significant defects, and they may be such that you would not be happy with this item. We know that some collectors could accept this item's defects, and display it as is, and we also know that many collectors would only be happy with this poster if they had it restored, so please do not bid on it unless you feel sure you can accept it as it is, or are willing to pay to have it properly restored. Of course, you should realize that if you do not bid on this poster because of its condition defects, it may be quite some time before you see this poster offered again! NOTE THAT WE ARE SELLING SIX INCOMPLETE THREE-SHEETS THIS WEEK (around one-third of each is missing). There is no one word description of the condition of these, so we arbitrarily called them "fair", but made this major defect very clear in each such auction.
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