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Did you know... that we are always actively seeking artist information on all posters, where we don't already know the artist's name?

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Added: 01/21/2019

We have a special feature on ALL our auctions that makes it super easy for you to tell us who did the artwork for posters (where we don't already have that information), or for you to give us additional information about that artist, like their first name, other posters they drew, biographical information, etc)!

On ALL our auctions, if we know the artist who drew the poster (if it has art), we list the artist's name in the auction description just above the "Film Description", where it says, for example, "Artist: Albert Kallis", (and of course, the name of the artist after the colon varies depending on who did the art, the example given here is from the PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES one-sheet, with art by Albert Kallis, which is on auction now and ends Tuesday!).

However, in the many cases where we do NOT know the artist (or we are not certain of the artist; see below), we instead put the following in that same location: "If you know who did the art (if any), please let us know." (NOTE: The example linked here comes from this Yugoslavian TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY poster).

We strongly encourage you to use that link when you know the names of artists that we do not know. AND WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE "please let us know." LINK, it SHOULD open an email to us that has the auction title pre-filled in in the subject line, and if it did that correctly, then it means you don't have to re-write that, and can simply put "Art by X" and that will make this process of reporting artist's name that much quicker!

Know too, however, that we don't blindly add what we are told, which is what so many sites do, which of course leads to much erroneous information all over the Net! Instead, we go to great lengths to verify the information we are given, so, please, if you can, include references to how you know it to be from the artist you say, because that will help us a great deal by saving us time AND by making our information more accurate.

In the past few years (since we first added the "If you know who did the art (if any), please let us know" links, we have receiving artist information for posters we did not previously have (or added info on the artists) for many THOUSANDS of posters (and those who have contacted us can feel very happy knowing that they have helped improve those artists' exposures through our auctions!), and we thank each and every one of those who have helped us in the past, and those who WILL help us in the future!

Please know that we only want 100% verified information! If the artwork itself is not signed, then we want info from the artist themselves, or from someone who obtained their info directly from the artist. LOTS of websites contain unverified or "guessed-at" artist info that is flat-out wrong, and we would much rather have NO info than even a likely guess!

The best example of this type of "fuzzy" information is on some of the posters that were drawn by either Reynold Brown or by Albert Kallis (two of the very best 1950s horror/sci-fi artists). There are a number of titles where some people adamantly say the art is by one, and an equal number of people are sure the art is by the other! So on those titles we DON'T list an artist name, and we instead add "Note that there is considerable confusion over who created the art for this poster. Some say it is by Reynold Brown and others say it is by Albert Kallis. If anyone has definitive evidence as to who created the art, please e-mail us and we will post it here."

Please note that we only list poster ARTISTS, and NOT poster DESIGNERS. A few posters credit the poster designer, but not many, and there is not good hard evidence of who did the poster designs for most posters (whereas there often IS hard evidence of who drew the art, like the existence of original art). So please DON'T email us information about designers!

Also, know that because this is automatically added to all auctions, it will often say "If you know who did the art (if any), please let us know", even when the item has only a photographic image, or no image at all! Please DON'T contact us to tell us that! That is why we put "(if any)"!

Also, if you have any sort of correction to what we wrote (like we have the wrong artist, of course, or if we misspelled their name, a list of other posters they drew, biographical information, etc) then please click on the link and let us know that. And of course many artists only sign with their last name or their initials or a a nickname, and if you know more about that artist's name than we do, please share that as well!

A SPECIAL WORD ABOUT ART ON NON-U.S. POSTERS! It was quite common (before computers let studios transfer art electronically to other countries) for non-U.S. poster artists to do an IMITATION of the U.S. poster. Sometimes these imitations can look incredibly close to the U.S. art, and sometimes people erroneously assume it IS by the U.S. artist, but we look at those examples super carefully, and if we do not feel it was surely drawn by the U.S. artist, we don't credit them.

One great thing about non-U.S. posters is that in many countries, unlike the U.S. (and especially in France, Italy and Spain) the artists were very much allowed to sign their work, and that helps a great deal (although sometimes their signatures can be extremely hard, or impossible to read)!

If any of you have long checklists of what posters specific artists did, we absolutely DO want those (and then we will add that information individually to every poster that artist drew) BUT ONLY send us such lists if you are 100% certain of ALL the information in the checklist!

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