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In the past 25 years, we have auctioned MORE movie paper for MORE money than ANY other auction company, period!

EVERY item we auction starts at $1, with NO reserve, and NO buyers premium, and EVERY item is honestly described, with an unenhanced super-sized image!

We charge consignors the lowest rates of ANY major auction, and we recently held our one millionth online auction!

Go to our current auctions in our Auction Galleries, and you will quickly see why we are the most trusted auction site! was founded in 1999 as the first all-movie poster auction website. We have auctioned well over ONE MILLION posters, lobby cards, stills and related items through our auctions since 1999, surely the most of any online auction! - The most trusted vintage original movie poster site & the only major online auction with no buyers premiums!

Major Auctions

Below you will find the following:

Consigning to our 18th Annual Halloween Auction which begins October 26th is closed, UNLESS you have a wonderful horror still (or two)!

THE FINAL DEADLINE TO CONSIGN TO OUR 18TH ANNUAL HALLOWEEN AUCTION IS LONG OVER, which means if you didn't get your consignments on their way to us by September 29th, then you have to wait a full year for the next one! However, we added an incredible selection of great horror stills (see the first preview below), most of which are either keybooks or have stamps or snipes on the back. IF YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL HORROR STILL (or two) WE CAN INCLUDE IT IF YOU SEND IT RIGHT AWAY)!

We have received many excellent consignments (see the many previews below, which can be clicked on to see large images) , so if you are a collector of anything horror/sci-fi, be sure to look for preview galleries of the three parts of this special auction which we will add as the auctions' starting dates come closer (Part I begins 10/26, Part II begins 10/29, and Part III begins on Halloween, 10/31!).

We are actively accepting consignments for our December Major Auction, which will include a special Star Wars section!

It is now time to consign to our December Major Auction, which begins on December 3rd, so it is closer than it might seem! You might think, "why should I consign to when there are several auctions that brag of million dollar results?", but you never know if those results really occurred (or occurred at the stated prices), because the auction industry is completely unregulated, and NO ONE verifies if what any of them say is true.

But we at DO give you our guarantee that EVERY result listed in our Auction History Database DID occur, and at the stated prices! If any sale is not completed at the listed price, it is removed from our Auction History Database and the item is re-listed and the new real selling price is added to the database.

But even when you compare's guaranteed accurate results to the other auctions' supposed results, you STILL can clearly see that overall, when you compare "like items" consistently receives higher overall prices than ANY other auction!

When you add in that charges lower selling fees at EVERY price level, and that is far and away the most trusted auction house there is, and that has auctioned more movie paper for more money that any other auction house, isn't it clear that YOU should entrust your quality movie paper (and not-so-quality too!) to

The final deadline to consign to our December Major Auction is Friday, October 27th, but deadlines have a way of creeping up on you, and this will likely be our best auction of the year, so why not prepare your consignments now (and if you send high quality items, we may use them in our pre-auction publicity, plus you are guaranteed your example will be in this auction, if we end up receiving another example from someone else)?

IMPORTANT! We will have a special Star Wars section as part of this December Major Auction (see the first preview below for six of those posters) and with the help of our 2,000+ consignors we should have an incredible offering! We will accept posters from ANY of the Star Wars movies, but please remember that we much prefer having the rare and desirable ones (less rare or less valuable ones would likely do better in our "regular" auctions). WE ARE SURE TO GET OFFERED MULTIPLE EXAMPLES OF SEVERAL TOP TITLES, SO PLEASE CONTACT US SOON IF YOU HAVE ONES TO CONSIGN, because always take the first one we receive!

Are you not familiar with our Major Auctions? Read on:

Our June Major Auction auction ended with $388,075 in total sales, far exceeding our expectations, led by the $27,001 paid for the Scarlet Empress one-sheet! Our September Major Auction concluded with $276,928 in sales, and many individual record prices! But unlike every other auction, which makes it hard to see anything other than the top results, we at show you EVERY single result, in the same easy to view galleries you bid from (and unlike every other auction, we show you the high bidders' IDs, and a complete bid history on every single item).

Remember that while we always auction all backed posters we are consigned only in our major auctions, we also always include quite a few unbacked items as well. And this applies to our December Major Auction! By consigning quality items to it NOW, rather than waiting until it is closer, you GREATLY increase the chances YOUR items will be included, rather than other examples of the same items we are consigned from others (and this happens with dozens of items every auction). And you increase the chances we will use your items in our pre-auction publicity, so why not consign today?

Why do so many collectors consign to us rather than other auctions? Partly it is because we charge MUCH lower selling commissions (at every price level), part is because we get higher results overall (when you compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, even accepting other auctions "reported" auction results as real), and part is because we are known to be 100% honest and trustworthy (and we have NEVER been involved in a lawsuit of any kind, and simple research on the Internet, or talking to others, will quickly show just how many such "problems" other auctions have). We have had 1,988 consignors, and we get lots more consignors every major auction (many of whom tell us how much happier they are dealing with us than with other auctions).

And as far as auction results go, one has to take the reported "results" from other auctions with a BIG "grain of salt", when so many of the items that seemed to do well return to their auctions over and over, most often progressively "selling" for less and less. In our auctions, the items REALLY sell, at the listed prices, and in the tiny number of cases where they don't, we cancel the sale and remove it from our database (so every result there is 100% guaranteed to be real).

And you don't have to take our word for any of the above! Ask around the hobby, and you will soon find out why so many more collectors and dealers consign to us, rather than any other auction. In December 2016, when one of the most major and respected French dealers, Dominique Besson, was looking to sell his wonderful collection of U.S. one-sheets, he consigned it to us, rather than any other auction (and rather than selling or auctioning it himself). And the same is true of many of the other most respected dealers and collectors the world over. Go to our Consign Page to learn all about consigning to us, and click on the below "Public Service Announcement" to see a much larger image, and to get more helpful tips!

Did You Know... that we never offer to buy items from our consignors?

Unlike almost all of our competitors, we do not EVER offer to buy items from those with items they are looking to sell, because that would put us in direct conflict with our consignment based business, and we would be on "the opposite side" from you, needing to buy your items for a low price. Instead, when you consign to us, we are "on the same side" (if your items sell for more, then you get more and we also get more).

This "refusal to purchase" has cost us some consignments, and sometimes people have offered us items for a fraction of their true value, but when that happens we explain they will get much more by consigning, and we convince them to do so, and afterwards they are always quite thankful!

Many other auctions play all sorts of games with their own consignors. Sometimes they try to buy the items outright from them for pennies on the dollar, if they feel the consignors are uninformed. Sometimes they will get the consignor to consign the items to their low profile auctions where they will buy the items themselves and then re-auction them (as their own consignments) in their higher profile auctions. Since they have their own consignments being auctioned alongside those from consignors, they often give their own items higher estimates and condition grades than they give the items consigned by other consignors!

WE NEVER PLAY ANY OF THESE GAMES. If you are interested in consigning your item(s) to our weekly auctions, the link below gives you full details about consigning. If you are solely interested in selling your items as a group, you should search the Internet to find dealers that might be interested (you will almost surely receive less money selling them outright than you would consigning, but a few people insist on selling rather than consigning, even when it costs them money). Quite often, the dealer who buys your items will turn around and consign some or all of them to us!

Before you send any items to us, be sure to thoroughly read our "Consign Page" at If our consignment terms are agreeable (and note that we have no "fine print" or hidden fees or "buyers premiums", then please print out the "Consignor Reference Sheet" (here:, fill it out, and include it inside your package. This short form makes processing of your consignments much faster for us. This insures that we have all the information we need.

What you can expect once we receive your consignments:
1) We will notify you via e-mail when your consignments arrive
2) We will begin preparing them for auction soon thereafter (they will likely be auctioned when we next sell that size, UNLESS it is in one of the categories we have lots and lots already consigned, or unless we already have one or more examples of the exact same item already consigned to us, or unless you send tightly rolled posters that need quite a while, possibly months, to "flatten" enough to where where can work with them)
3) We will notify you via e-mail when items of yours are put up for auction
4) One week later, we will notify you via e-mail of the results of your items
5) We will pay you by check sent by U.S. mail (unless you have made other arrangements, such as PayPal or wire transfer) at the end of the month following the month in which items are sold (we will include a detailed list of every single item, what it sold for, when it sold, and what our commission was)

Consignments and the consignor reference sheet can be sent securely wrapped to (if by Post Office):
Bruce Hershenson
Attention: Consignments
P.O. Box 874
West Plains, MO 65775

Our address for UPS and FedEx only is:
Bruce Hershenson
Attention: Consignments
306 Washington Avenue
West Plains, MO 65775

We get ten to twenty packages every DAY of new consignments (they contain an average of around 4,000 items every WEEK!) and just about the only time we "lose" a consignor is when they have nothing left to sell (and we regularly gain new consignors who had poor dealings with other auction houses or who were tired of eBay's constantly rising fees and constantly falling prices).

If YOU have been considering joining our 2,000+ current consignors, know that NOW is an excellent time to do so, because we have refined our system to where we can now auction even huge collections in a relatively short time!

In 2010 we commissioned ace cartoonist Erik Andresen to create the below comic strip for us on the subject of consigning vs. selling outright (and it is as accurate today as it was 7 years ago). Click on the image to see it in a much larger (and more readable) size.

Complete Buyer Protection - No time limit on our guarantees & NO buyer beware
Hershenson Help Hotline - Direct line to Bruce (our owner!) for urgent problems
Also, please read the following three pages of in-depth Customer Reviews of our company - Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, which shows you in our customers' own words exactly what makes our company and our auctions so very different from all others!

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