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(This set of Sunday auctions runs from 11/3 to 11/10)
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ATTENTION! The details shown below apply SOLELY to the 432 folded posters, lobby cards, stills, & pressbooks in Part IV of our 14th Annual Halloween Auction we are auctioning from 11/3 to 11/10, and may well NOT apply to our other weekly auctions. If you are looking for details for other weekly auctions, please check our Info Archive.

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New to our auctions? There are important differences between our auctions and others. Do you have questions about any aspect of them? First, visit our Questions and Answers page, and if you don't find your answer there, e-mail us.

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*Details About Sunday's Items (
Part IV of our 14th Annual Halloween Auction ending November 10th)
*U.S. Shipping Details
*Non-U.S. Shipping Details
*Add More to Your Order: We have 638 items in our Fixed Price section, most of which can be added to your order for NO additional shipping cost! You really must check out our Fixed Priced items HERE, or Learn More!

Our 14th Annual Halloween Auction has an incredible selection of posters (1,579 items in all!), covering all years and sizes and is being run in four parts:

  • Part I Results (COMPLETED!): 489 one-sheets (linenbacked, rolled, tri-folded, and fully folded)
  • Part II (Ends Tuesday November 5th): 286 non-one-sheet linens and oversized items
  • Part III (Ends Thursday November 7th): 372 rolled posters of all types
  • Part IV (Ends Sunday November 10th): 432 folded posters, lobby cards, stills, & pbs

What distinguishes OUR Major Auctions from other major auctions? Only the lack of any reserves or buyers premiums, honest condition grading, and unenhanced super-sized images! You will find an amazing "supermarket" selection of great posters from all years, genres, and countries!

Special bonus offers to the buyers from this special auction
     If you are a member of our weekly e-mail club,
we are offering ONE incredibly generous bonus offer to those who purchase just TWELVE items from any of the parts combined (you need just purchase a total of twelve items from any of the parts together, so if you get twelve from any one part, you get it, and if you get 6 each from two parts you get it, if you get 3 each from all four parts you get it, etc, as long as your total wins is twelve or more!). We also have an incredible "GRAND PRIZE" for the person who purchases the most items from all four parts combined. That person gets ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS (at our current retail) of VINTAGE MOVIE POSTERS (so if you are not already a member, and over 8,300 collectors already are, then why not join today by going to https://www.emovieposter.com/club/settings.php). It is fine with us if you join the club just to get the bonuses and then "unsubscribe"!

Details About These Sunday Items

(to better help you find the sizes that interest you)

All of the following ship in standard flat packages for $11 U.S. shipping:
3w001 1932 MUMMY script
3w002-3w005 heralds including BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN
3w006-3w018 signed items, special 11x17, cool assorted items, presskits, trade ads
3w019-3w026 German & Austrian programs, German & English trade ads
3w027-3w029 English hardcover book, Mexican LCs, French still
3w030-3w044 DAWN OF THE DEAD Australian one-sheet, Australian & New Zealand daybills
3w045-3w065 German posters of all sizes
3w066-3w099 German LCs, pressbooks, & more
3w100-3w184 U.S. complete & incomplete lobby card sets
3w185-3w198 U.S. title lobby cards
3w199-3w206 1924 THIEF OF BAGDAD lobby cards (entire set, by the card)
3w207-3w331 U.S. scene lobby cards
3w332-3w335 Fantasy #9 lobby cards
3w336-3w338 English pressbooks
3w339-3w380 U.S. pressbooks

All of the following ship in standard flat packages for $7 U.S. shipping:
3w381-3w391 English FOH LCs (containing 1 to 8 LCs per auction)
3w392-3w432 U.S. stills (containing 1 to 18 stills per auction)

About the condition
   Note that we give a detailed overall condition grade to every item we sell ("fine", "very good to fine", "very good", "good to very good", "good", and "fair", with only a few graded "poor") along with more details about the condition described in words (but pretty much only if they are defects that CAN'T be seen in our super-sized images, or if the item is especially valuable). We felt this would help bidders identify items they want to bid on more easily. Of course, we still strongly recommend that you look at our super-sized image to see the extent of the defects that we describe and to examine the poster for minor defects that we did NOT describe.

  If a poster is in less than very good condition, should you not bid on it? Of course not, as long as you are accepting of the defects the poster has! The item that is graded "very good", but has as many minor defects as is allowed under the "very good" definition is only in SLIGHTLY better condition than the best of the "good to very good" items. So please take the time to look at the larger images of items that interest you, and see if the defects are the sort that you can "live with", or are willing to restore. Some of these items are EXTREMELY rare, and it may be years before you see them offered again!

U.S. Shipping Details

U.S. buyers need to enclose $7 or $11 shipping (which includes full insurance), no matter how many items you purchase from this set of auctions (you should refer to the chart above or each individual auction page to know how it will be shipped)! NOTE: Our $7 or $11 flat rate shipping is good for three weeks. If you haven't paid within three weeks, you will then be quoted the actual cost of shipping when you request it.
     Missouri customers: You must pay an additional 7.162% sales tax on your purchases.  If your order is sent within the state of Missouri, we MUST collect this tax (if it is shipped to another state, we do not collect the tax).

Will your order be shipped to you by UPS?
     UPS does NOT automatically require a signature to deliver packages, so if you want the signature to be required, you will need to pay the extra $3.00 UPS charges for "signature required" Delivery Confirmation, and please realize that they will then NOT leave the package, and you may well have to go to the UPS facility yourself to pick it up.  But if you prefer this, that is fine, and if you have any other special requirements, please tell us when you are paying for your order. 

You CAN usually combine shipment!

NOTE: These Sunday items need to be sent in flat packages so...
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT COMBINING: Flat rate shipping is good for 3 weeks worth of purchases. If you win items over a span of more than 21 days, you will then be charged the actual cost of shipping plus $3 for packing materials.

*they can be combined with these auctions (NOTE: In the event you win items of two different shipping rates [such as $7 and $11], you will pay the higher of the two; rates noted below):

Sunday October 13th vintage 8" x 10" stills in lots of 2 or more
Tuesday October 22nd folded one-sheets ($11)
Thursday October 24th complete & incomplete lobby card sets ($11)
Sunday October 27th vintage single 8" x 10" stills
Thursday October 29th three-sheets, six-sheets, Italian, & Argentinean ($13)
Sunday November 3rd "folded" 1shts in Part I of the Halloween auction ($11)
Tuesday November 5th "flat" items in Part II of the Halloween auction (various)
Tuesday November 12th folded one-sheets ($11)
Thursday November 14th single lobby cards ($11)

*they must be sent separately from these auctions for an additional shipping charge:

Tuesday October 15th rolled non-U.S. posters
Thursday October 17th rolled one-sheets
Sunday October 20th bulk lots
Thursday October 31st rolled one-sheets
Sunday November 3rd "rolled" & "linenbacked" one-sheets in Part I of the Halloween auction
Tuesday November 5th "linenbacked" & "rolled" items in Part II of the Halloween auction
Thursday November 7th items in Part III of the Halloween auction
Sunday November 17th oversized items of all types (SOME items may be combinable with items from other auctions & we will do so if it is safe to do)

Note that we not only allow you to combine as many items as you want from a single set of Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge for all of the items, but we also allow you to wait until the next three weeks of auctions end (a total of up to eight sets of auctions) so that you can combine your current purchases with those of our following auctions (if possible), and that means there is a chance you could combine items from up to eight of our sets of auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge (assuming those items fit into the same type of package, but of course, there is a limit to how many items can fit in a single package or tube, and if you end up with several packages, you will need to pay that many shipping charges). We KNOW there are other sellers who charge a little less on shipping than we do, but we know that our packaging is the best there is, and our orders virtually never arrive damaged (and on the very rare times that they do, all our U.S. packages are fully insured, and FULL INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE U.S. SHIPPING CHARGE).


Non-U.S. Shipping Details

Non-U.S. buyers must pay the actual cost of shipping their order (you can choose whatever method you prefer, but know that the U.S. Post Office has eliminated Surface Mail, so we can only send via Express or Airmail), plus $3, for both the best packaging materials you have ever seen and a separate printed invoice mailed to you.  All non-U.S. buyers must tell us if they want the package sent insured or uninsured at the time they pay for their order.

Have you heard about our Pay and Hold Program?
This lets non-U.S. buyers pay for their purchases from 6 consecutive weeks (a total of 15 auctions and around 12,000+ items!), and we then send all your purchases at once saving you LOTS of money!  Click HERE to learn more about becoming one of the hundreds of our non-U.S. buyers who are already part of this program.

Learn more about how to save money on shipping by shipping to friends/family in the U.S., insurance, and customs fees.

Here is a chart containing estimated shipping charges for up to 3 items from this week's auctions (note these are ESTIMATES only, and your actual shipping may vary considerably)
(Note: Insured quotes are based on a $200 value; you pay $1.60 more for each additional $100 of insurance)

Type of Shipping Canada/Mexico Australian, Asia,
& Japan
Everywhere Else
(inc Europe)
Priority Mail Int'l - Uninsured $31.76 / $37.12 $45.63 $47.10
Priority Mail Express Int'l - Uninsured $41.50 / $47.55 $59.27 $54.71
First Class (under 4 lbs ONLY) $17.54 / $22.13 $24.74 $24.74

     IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please bear these approximate shipping cost in mind BEFORE you place a bid (if you live outside the U.S.). The vast majority of our customers want a very securely packed tube, and will pay the extra shipping cost involved (and of course, it goes to the Post Office or UPS, and not us!). Please do not ask us to pack less securely, as that would likely result in a damaged order.
    Some sellers are sending by Ground UPS to Canada, but that incurs large "brokerage fees", so we do not recommend it.  Note that there are also some sellers sending non-U.S. packages via a "Letter" rate, but of course this is not legal, and we can not do this.  We have outlined the possibilities for sending non-U.S. packages above, so please read that carefully, BEFORE placing a bid!


You Can Add More to Your Order
In addition to our current auctions, we offer many other non-auction items. Please note that the items in this set of auctions will be sent in flat packages, so you can add any item that can also be sent in flat packages for little or no additional shipping costs (NOTE: if we can add it to your package without raising the cost of shipping, then we will do so with no added shipping charge, but if it raises the cost then you will need to pay the difference). We have noted below whether the items can be shipped rolled or not.

Fixed Priced Items:
Indian Tomb
Italian one-panel

Cinema Judaica: The War Years, 1939-1949

Hollywood Posters
Set of Volumes I to VI

Fixed Priced Items:
Seven Samurai
R82 one-sheet

1174FF INDIAN TOMB Italian 1p '61 Fritz Lang's Das indische Grabmal, cool art by Luigi Martinati!

1227UF SEVEN SAMURAI 1sh R82 Akira Kurosawa's Shichinin No Samurai, different art of Toshiro Mifune!

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Only $61!

638 items in all (108 have sold out)!

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Now available for
immediate shipping!

This book takes a unique look at Jewish-themed movies during WWII & includes images of 200 posters +!

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Only $60!

Our first 6 auction catalogs at half off the combined original cover prices!

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Only $43!

638 items in all (108 have sold out)!

See All Fixed Priced items HERE!

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