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(this is our 527th set of Tuesday auctions which runs from 4/12 to 4/19)
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ATTENTION! The Notes and Shipping Details shown below apply SOLELY to the THE WORLD OF MOVIE POSTERS! 774 non-U.S. posters from 27 different countries we are auctioning from 4/12 to 4/19, and may well NOT apply to our other sets of weekly auctions. If you are looking for details about any of our other sets of weekly auctions, please check our Special Notes Archive.

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New to our auctions? There are important differences between our auctions and others. Do you have questions about any aspect of them? First, visit our Questions and Answers page, and if you don't find your answer there, e-mail us.

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*Details About Tuesday's Items (
774 non-U.S. posters from 27 different countries ending April 19th)
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*U.S. Shipping Details
*Non-U.S. Shipping Details
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Details About This Tuesday's Items

(to better help you find the sizes and countries that interest you)

1r001-1r011 Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, South American, Russian, Cambodian, South Korean, Australian daybills & one-sheet
1r012-1r038 East German, Lebanese, Venezuelan, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Mexican
1r039-1r047 German
1r048-1r056 Indian
1r057-1r069 English 12x18, 13x20, double crowns
1r070-1r088 Spanish
1r089-1r130 Japanese (all sizes)
1r131-1r168 Yugoslavian
1r169-1r236 French (all sizes)
1r237-1r305 Czech 23x33s & 11x16s
1r306-1r387 Italian (all sizes of posters & photobustas)
1r388-1r488 Danish
1r489-1r595 Polish (19x27, 23x33s, 27x38s)
1r596-1r774 Belgian

About the collection of Polish and Czech posters
Some time ago we were consigned a very large collection of Polish and Czech posters (including lots and lots of titles we have never seen, many with wonderful graphics by the top Polish and Czech poster artists!). We have sold many of these in previous auctions, but now we are nearing the end of this amazing collection, and in almost all cases there is only ONE of each poster, so if you miss out getting one you want, PLEASE don't ask us if we know where to find you another one, because we surely won't know where to find it! And if you wait too long, we will have sold all of this wonderful consignment, and then we may have a much smaller number of such posters in the future (unless we get a new major consignor of them, but we would say that is unlikely).
     Are you one of the few collectors who have not yet discovered the wonderful movie posters from Poland and Czechoslovakia? If so, we urge you to carefully look at this great collection, and consider adding at least one to your collection. Most Polish and Czech posters have completely different images from those printed in the U.S., and they are often 100% different from the corresponding U.S. poster (and often, the image is really wild!). It is interesting to note that Polish and Czech posters are often very surreal, and sometimes have next-to-no connection to the movie they are advertising (in some cases, it seems that the poster artist was told the NAME of the movie, but nothing else about the movie, and they created whatever image that title suggested to them, and many Polish and Czech posters have really striking, and often dark images that can be displayed and enjoyed, even if you are not at all a fan of the movie they advertise). WARNING! Once you buy a few of these, you are in danger of becoming "hooked", and you may find you need to keep purchasing them on a regular basis. If this happens to you, don't say we didn't warn you!

About the 774 non-U.S. posters (from 27 different countries)
Note that many of the posters we are auctioning in this set of auctions were never folded. SOME of the posters were once folded (or partially folded, as in tri-folding), but all of those have been stored flat for a long time and will be shipped rolled in tubes, along with the completely unfolded ones. We will NOT re-fold any of the "formerly folded" posters, except in the very rare cases where the poster has not "lost" its folds due to laying flat, and where the poster would cost less to send if it is re-folded, than to send it in a tube.

About the condition
Note that we give a detailed overall condition grade to every item we sell ("fine", "very good to fine", "very good", "good to very good", and "good", with only a few graded "fair" or lesser) along with more details about the condition described in words (but pretty much a general description of the defects, and we only describe specific defects if they are the type that CAN'T be seen in our super-sized images, or if the item is especially valuable). We felt this would help bidders identify items they want to bid on more easily. Of course, we still strongly recommend that you look at our super-sized image to see the extent of the defects that we describe and to examine the poster for minor defects that we did NOT describe.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards via phone at +1 (417) 256-9616 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 AM CST to 5 PM CST except from 12 to 1 when we take lunch), via e-mail, or via fax at +1 (417) 257-6948.

U.S. orders with a flat rate shipping can quickly be completed via PayPal in our Checkout system. At this time, PayPal is the only payment method supported by the checkout but more payment methods and features will be added with time.
     If your order requires a shipping quote and you have received your quote, you may pay via PayPal manually to "mail@emovieposter.com", but know that PayPal has many glitches, so you need to e-mail us separately stating that you completed payment Learn More Here are step-by-step instructions if you need help paying manually with PayPal.

You can send a check or money order (if you do, enclose your address and details about what you purchased) to:
Bruce Hershenson
Attn: Payments
P.O. Box 874
West Plains, MO 65775

If it is your best payment option, you can pay by Western Union, but please don't send cash (as we can't be responsible for lost cash).

If your order requires a shipping quote, please request it through our Checkout system. Please note that we are still developing this checkout system, so while you may request your quote using it, we do not quite have it ready to complete payment (although we hope to have that added soon), but payment may still be completed using whatever method you have used in the past. If you run into any sort of problem requesting your quotes, please e-mail Phillip right away so we can get it addressed.

U.S. Shipping Details

All items in this set of auctions ship rolled in tubes for a flat $11 U.S. shipping (due to the many postage rate increases from all couriers, we are now charging $11 U.S. shipping rather than the $10 we charged for many years; we will still lose money on the majority of packages sent for the $11 flat rate). 
     Missouri customers: You must pay an additional 7.162% sales tax on your purchases.  If your order is sent within the state of Missouri, we MUST collect this tax (if it is shipped to another state, we do not collect the tax).

Will your order be shipped to you by UPS?
     UPS does NOT automatically require a signature to deliver packages, so if you want the signature to be required, you will need to pay the extra $3.00 UPS charges for "signature required" Delivery Confirmation, and please realize that they will then NOT leave the package, and you may well have to go to the UPS facility yourself to pick it up.  But if you prefer this, that is fine, and if you have any other special requirements, please tell us when you are paying for your order. 

You CAN usually combine shipment!
NOTE: These Tuesday items need to be sent rolled in tubes so...

*they can be combined with these auctions:

  • Sunday April 10th rolled non-movie posters in Part III of our Spring 2011 Mini/Major Auction (except for 1j001 to 1j045 which must be shipped separately in oversized tubes)
  • Tuesday April 12th rolled non-U.S. posters in Part IV of our Spring 2011 Mini/Major Auction

*they must be sent separately from these auctions for an additional shipping charge:

  • Sunday March 27th 'regular' Sunday auctions
  • Tuesday March 29th folded non-U.S. posters & non-U.S. lobbies
  • Thursday March 31st miscellaneous items
  • Sunday April 3rd miscellaneous items
  • Tuesday April 5th linenbacked items in Part I of our Spring 2011 Mini/Major Auction
  • Thursday April 7th items in Part II of our Spring 2011 Mini/Major Auction
  • Thursday April 14th single stills
  • Sunday April 17th 'regular' and 'bulk lot' Sunday auctions
  • Thursday April 21st "oversized" items that ship in large tubes or flat packages (if we can safely combine purchases from this auction with those from other auctions, we will but then you will have to pay the actual cost of shipping)

Note that we not only allow you to combine as many items as you want from a single set of Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge for all of the items, but we also allow you to wait until the next five sets of auctions end (a total of six sets of auctions) so that you can combine your current purchases with those of our following auctions (if possible), and that means there is a chance you could combine items from up to six of our sets of auctions, and still pay only a single shipping charge (assuming those items fit into the same type of package). We KNOW there are other sellers who charge a little less on shipping than we do, but we know that our packaging is the best there is, and our orders virtually never arrive damaged (and on the very rare times that they do, all our U.S. packages are fully insured, and FULL INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE U.S. SHIPPING CHARGE).


Non-U.S. Shipping Details

Non-U.S. buyers must pay the actual cost of shipping their order (you can choose whatever method you prefer, but know that the U.S. Post Office has eliminated Surface Mail, so we can only send via Express or Airmail), plus $2 for the best packaging materials you have ever seen.  All non-U.S. buyers must tell us if they want the package sent insured or uninsured at the time they pay for their order.

Have you heard about our Pay and Hold Program?
This lets non-U.S. buyers pay for their purchases from 4 consecutive weeks (a total of 12 auctions and around 8,000+ items!), and we then send all your purchases at once saving you LOTS of money!  Click HERE to learn more (if you are not one of the hundreds of our non-U.S. buyers who are already part of this program)

Here is a chart containing estimated shipping charges for up to 3 items from this set of auctions (note these are ESTIMATES only, and your actual shipping may vary considerably)
(Note: Insured quotes are based on a $200 value; you pay $1.60 more for each additional $100 of insurance)

Type of Shipping Canada/Mexico Australian/Asia/Japan Everywhere Else (inc Europe)
Airmail - Uninsured $26.25 / $32.25 $39.75 $38.75
Airmail - Insured $28.85 / N/A $42.35 $42.35
Global Express - Insured $44.40 / $45.45 $45.05 $45.05
Global Express - Uninsured $42.50 / $42.75 $46.25 $47.75
First Class N/A N/A N/A

     IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please bear these approximate shipping cost in mind BEFORE you place a bid (if you live outside the U.S.). The vast majority of our customers want a very securely packed tube, and will pay the extra shipping cost involved (and of course, it goes to the Post Office or UPS, and not us!). Please do not ask us to pack less securely, as that would likely result in a damaged order.
    Some sellers are sending by Ground UPS to Canada, but that incurs large "brokerage fees", so we do not recommend it.  Note that there are also some sellers sending non-U.S. packages via a "Letter" rate, but of course this is not legal, and we can not do this.  We have outlined the possibilities for sending non-U.S. packages above, so please read that carefully, BEFORE placing a bid!

Do you have a friend or relative who lives in the United States?
Some of our customers either visit the U.S. regularly, or have friends or relatives within the U.S., and often those customers have us send their orders to a U.S. address, and then they transport the posters from there. THIS CAN SAVE YOU A GREAT DEAL ON SHIPPING! This is fine with us, but realize that you still need to let us know within one week of receipt if you want to return anything, so don't use this method unless you are certain you will want to keep your purchases.

DON'T BID ON OUR ITEMS UNLESS YOU WILL PAY THE ACTUAL COST OF SHIPPING (the actual cost of shipping plus $2 outside the U.S.)!

You Can Add More to Your Order
In addition to our current auctions, we offer many other non-auction items. Please note that the items in this set of auctions will be sent rolled in tubes, so you can add any item that can also be sent rolled in tubes for no additional shipping costs. We have noted below whether the items can be shipped rolled or not.
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