THREE STOOGES (personality)

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The Three Stooges are one the most loved comedy teams of all-time! They were famous for their violent slapstick comedy and their silly jokes! The Three Stooges went through several line-up changes which included Moe Howard, Curly (Jerry Howard), Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Joe DeRita (more commonly known as Curly-Joe), and Joe Besser! Of course, any Stooge fan knows that they started in vaudeville with Moe Howard and Shemp Howard (brothers) and Larry Fine. When they switched to movies, Shemp dropped out of the act and their brother Jerry (Curly) took his place. Decades later, when Curly became sick, Shemp took his place, and later, Joe DeRita and Joe Besser took Shemp's place. It is also quite humorous that the Stooges were originally part of Ted Healy's act (billed as "Ted Healy and His Stooges"). When they started having success, they asked for a raise, and Healy fired them and replaced them with new "stooges", thinking that HE was the star, but things didn't work out the way he expected!
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