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Richard Dreyfuss was born in 1947. He had a tiny speaking role in The Graduate (watch the scene in the rooming house where he says "Want me to call the cops"), but of course his breakout role was as Curt in American Graffiti (who joins the Pharoahs, but never does catch up to Suzanne Sommers). He held his own against great actors Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider in Jaws. His career has had many ups and downs (due to manic depression and self medicating his illness, and in recent years, he has been very public about his struggle, in an attempt to help others with the same ones), but one of his most memorable roles (and best teacher movies ever) came in 1995 with Mr. Holland's Opus (in the title role as Glenn Holland; nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for this film). Some of his other movies include: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl (winner of the Best Actor Academy Award for this film), Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and What About Bob? As of 2021, Dreyfuss is still alive at the age of 73!
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