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Peter Boyle was born in 1935. He was the Catholic son of a kids TV show host, and he joined a monastery after college! Fortunately for us he left that after a few years, and turned to acting, but roles were somewhat scarce for this odd large bald man. But he had a major breakout role in the bizzare 1970 black comedy Joe, and he had a series of solid eccentric supporting roles after that (in both movies and TV), although it often seemed that Hollywood didn't know what to do with him. In 1974 he had his greatest movie role, as the monster in Young Frankenstein, and he kept turning in wonderful wacky supporting performances over the following years (my two personal favorites were as Chief Orman in Honeymoon in Vegas, and as the highly delusional Jack in The Dream Team). He will perhaps be best remembered for his co-starring role as Frank Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. Boyle passed away in 2006 at the age of 71. He never won an Academy Award, nor did he win an Emmy Award as Frank Barone, but he could have won a fistful of either, and he added much to everything he appeared in!
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