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Carrie Fisher was an actress from the 1970s to the 2010s. Of course she could never escape the one role she is most known for, playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. With her trademark "bagel bun" hair style, that role has been the source of countless parodies. Her private life has always been turbulent, starting from when she was the 3 year old daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, and he left her mom for Liz Taylor. She has a child by a man she didn't marry, and she was briefly married to singer Paul Simon. But in spite of these setbacks, she accomplished a great deal, writing several books (including Postcards From the Edge which was made into a movie), appeared in other movies, and worked as a screenwriter (sometimes uncredited), but she will surely forever be primarily remembered as the character she first played as a 20 year old! She passed away after suffering a heart attack in 2016. She was 60 years old. Her mother Debbie Reynolds passed away a day later.
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