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Carroll Baker (born Karolina Piekarski) is an actress from the 1950s to the 2000s. She had a tiny part in 1953's "Easy to Love", but that did not lead to anything, and she joined the Actors Studio in New York and got a few Broadway parts before getting her big break in 1956 in "Giant"! Some of her movies include: The Big Country, Giant, Baby Doll (nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award for this film), How the West Was Won, and Harlow (where she played Jean Harlow!). After the Harlow movie in 1965, when she was 34, and good roles were getting scarce, she moved to Europe where she made some Italian and German movies. In 1982, at the age 51, she married actor Donald Burton, and they remained married until he passed away in 2007. As of 2021, she is still alive at the age of 90!
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