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Buck Jones was the great cowboy western star who also was one of William Fox's top cowboy actors in the 1920s, before he switched to Columbia, where he became their leading star in the 1930s. He made scores of westerns, and early in his career he also appeared in many non-cowboy roles. When he first started making movies, he was billed as "Charles Gebhart" (which was his real name). In the middle 1910s, his billing changed to "Buck Gebhart", and it was not until early 1920 that he became "Buck Jones" (sometimes billed as either "Charles Jones" or "Charles 'Buck' Jones"). Some of his movies include: Lazybones, Empty Saddles, and The Phantom Ride. He was still making movies when he died tragically in the Coconut Grove nightclub fire in 1942. He was 50 years old.
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