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Maria Montez was a Dominican/American actress from the 1940s to the 1950s. Because of her exotic beauty and accent, she often played a native in jungle or south-of-the-border movies. She starred in lots of the Universal's Technicolor costume adventures, including six opposite Jon Hall (which gave her the nickname, "The Queen of Technicolor").

In 1943 she married French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont and the couple had a daughter, the actress Tina Aumont, in 1946, and soon after they moved to Europe, where Maria appeared in a handful of movies. Sadly, she died in 1951, found in a bathtub after an apparent heart attack. She was only 39 and had appeared in 27 films during her career. Some of her movies include: Pardon My Sarong, That Night in Rio, The Exile, Portrait d'un assassin, Arabian Nights, and White Savage
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