TOM & JERRY (characters)

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Tom and Jerry is a classic series of animated animation cartoons created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (Hanna-Barbera). The first one was created in 1940, and there as a total of 114 cartoons through 1957. Seven of these won Academy Awards for Best Cartoon, tying for most wins with Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies. There were around 50 more cartoons created after the first run ended, through the early 2000s, and there were also TV shows based on these classic characters. Some people have criticized the cartoons for their "excessive violence", but actually no blood or gore was ever shown in any of them, and this type of violence is commonly referred to as "cartoon violence". Many of the Tom and Jerry cartoons are extremely clever and make wonderful use of music. They are not nearly as appreciated today as they should be, but in their day, they were among the most popular cartoons of the 1940s!
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