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Baby LeRoy (born Ronald Le Roy Overacker) was an infant actor in the 1930s. "A Bedtime Story" in 1933 marked Baby LeRoy's entrance into show business, and he was just 11 months old when the film was released (not only could he not sign a contract, because he was underage and also couldn't write, but his 16 year-old mother was also underage, and his grandfather had to sign his contract!). He appeared in a total of nine movies over the next two years, and is best remembered for his movies with W.C. Fields: It's a Gift, The Old Fashioned Way, and Tillie and Gus. He basically retired at the age of 4 in 1936. In 1940, it looked like he would have a "comeback" at the age of 8 when he was cast in the lead of "The Biscuit Eater", but he became ill during filming a water stunt, and he was quickly replaced by Billy Lee, with the promise from Paramount that he would get another movie, but he never did. He lived until 2001, passing away at the age of 69, without ever making another movie!
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