MUTT & JEFF (characters)

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Mutt and Jeff were a comic strip duo created by Bud Fisher in 1907 and 1908. Mutt and Jeff were a pair of loser best friends (one tall and one short) and were one of the most popular newspaper cartoon strips ever. The pair remained in newspaper syndication until 1982 and were drawn by several cartoonists including Al Smith (who drew them for 50 years). The duo have appeared in many forms of media including comic books and films. From 1911 to 1926, Bud Fisher created an astonishing 347 animated cartoons starring the duo. Note that Bud Fisher was one of the rare successful creators who was also an excellent business man, and he gained control of the newspaper strip, and when the first cartoons were adapted in 1911, he retained sole ownership of those as well, and his various enterprises made him an extremely wealthy man!
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