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Lionel Barrymore was an actor from the 1900s to the 1950s. He was the brother of John Barrymore and Ethel Baryrmore. Some of his movies include: Rasputin and the Empress (as Rasputin), It's a Wonderful Life (as Mr. Potter), Free Soul (winner of the Best Actor Academy Award for this film), Madame X (nominated for the Best Director Academy Award for this film), On Borrowed Time, Key Largo, Grand Hotel, Dinner at Eight, Captains Courageous, and as Dr. Gillespie in the many "Dr. Kildare" movies. Note that in his later years, he played most of his performances in a wheelchair, leading many to think he was paralyzed! However, it was a combination of two hip fractures as well as arthritis that limited his mobility in later years (by 1938, Barrymore used a wheelchair exclusively and never walked again). He passed away in 1954 at the age of 76.
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