Sydney Newman was a Canadian film and TV producer who started out as a still photographer and poster artist (he created these posters when he was just 22). In 1938, he had gone to Hollywood and was offered a job by Walt Disney, but he was unable to get a work permit to stay in the U.S., and he had to turn the job down, which caused him to return to Canada and create these posters! He decided he wanted to work in the film industry itself making movies instead of making posters and taking photographs, and he became a film editor in Canada, where he edited over 350 movies! In the 1950s, he moved to England, where he had a long and distinguished career, and he is surely best remembered for creating two of the greatest cult hit English TV shows ever, "Doctor Who" and "The Avengers"! He passed away in 1997 at the age of 80 from a sudden heart attack.
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