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Marian Marsh was an actress from the 1920s to the 1940s. She was born "Violet Ethelred Krauth" in Trinidad to a German father and English mother, but they moved to Massachusetts when she was a young girl. She broke into movies in the late 1920s under the name "Marilyn Mason", when she worked for Samuel Goldwyn. After some minor roles she moved to Warner Bros., now renamed "Marian Marsh", and she was given the lead role of Trilby opposite John Barrymore in Svengali in 1931, and that made her a star. But after making four more movies in 1931, she had a falling out with Warner Bros and went to Europe where she made movies in Germany and England for two years, and then returned to the U.S., where she worked for Columbia for two years, and starred opposite Peter Lorre in Crime and Punishment. But after that contract expired she mostly made low budget movies for a variety of studios. In 1938 she married stockbroker Albert Scott, the former husband of Collen Moore, and in 1942 she retired from movies. Scott passed away in the 1950s, leaving her with two children, and in 1960 she remarried another wealthy businessman, and he passed away in 1985. She spent the rest of her life on charitable pursuits. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 93.
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