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Vanessa Brown was an Austrian actress from the 1940s to the 1990s. She was born in Austria as "Smylla Brind", and she appeared on stage and in movies in the 1940s as "Vanessa Brind". She started as a teenager in "Youth Runs Wild" at the age of 16, and a few years later, she graduated to "grown up" roles. She was intended to be in a series of Tarzan movies after playing Jane in "Tarzan and the Slave Girl" in 1952, but she left the series after making it, likely because she got married to a Hollywood plastic surgeon. After she married, she became a panelist on TV quiz shows, but she did some more stage and film work. Sadly, she divorced her first husband, supposedly because she refused to let her plastic surgeon husband operate on her, and remarried to Mark Sandrich Jr., having two children, which kept her from a full time movie career (though they too would divorce after 30 years of marriage!). In 1956, she became very active in politics, serving as a delegate to the Democratic Convention! Brown passed away in 1999 at the age of 71.
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