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Lawrence Tierney was an actor from the 1940s to the 2000s. Some of his movies include: Born to Kill, Dillinger, The Devil Thumbs a Ride, and many other 1940s and 1950s film noir tough guy roles! He was a true "tough guy" in real life, and scared almost everyone he encountered! Legend has it that when he guest-starred on "Seinfeld" in "The Jacket" episode as Elaine's father, he scared the cast so badly that they never had him back on (apparently he stole a butcher knife from Jerry's TV kitchen and hid it under his jacket and when Seinfeld confronted him about it, Tierney pretended that he was going to use the knife as a gag in reference to the movie Psycho!). Somehow he made it to the age of 82, tough as ever, passing away in 2002.
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