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0848 THING pressbook R60s Howard Hawks classic horror!
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An Undated (probably 1960s) Re-release Vintage Theatrical Movie Pressbook (measures 11" x 17" [28 x 43 cm]; 4 pages) (Learn More)
Howard Hawks' The Thing From Another World!, the classic 1951 Christian Nyby science fiction (sci-fi) monster horror thriller ("The Thing from another world!"; "How did it get here?"; "Natural or Supernatural?"; "Howard Hawks' Astounding Movie"; "Look out... it's The Thing from another world!"; produced by Howard Hawks; based on the story by John W. Campbell, best known for being the editor of Astounding Science Fiction!) starring Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Dewey Martin, Paul Frees, John Dierkes, Eduard Franz, James Arness (in the title role as The Thing From Another World!), William Self, and Billy Curtis (as the miniature "Thing" in the final sequence when the monster appears to shrink). Note that this movie had a very unusual poster campaign, where the letters of the title were made to look like body parts ("blood and guts"!), with wires coming off of the letters. Almost all the posters had this basic design. The pressbook calls all of them "teaser" posters and says "This display material was designed for an advance teaser campaign, as well as for general use". So obviously, they intentionally wanted to have the posters not reveal much about the movie, as a way to get people interested and get them into the theater.
Important Added Info: Note that many of the classic 1950s horror/sci-fi movies were re-released to theaters in the 1960s (but we have not been able to track down the exact year of these re-releases). For these re-releases, four-page pressbooks were made, and they show that posters and stills were available from Donald L. Velde, which was a major distributor of movie paper in the 1960s. Often, these four-page pressbooks are mistakenly sold as first release pressbooks, because they re-print material from the first release, and there is nothing anywhere on them to indicate that they are from re-releases. Also note that we have provided an image of the front and back covers of the pressbook, plus an image of any supplements or heralds (if there are any included with this pressbook), but of course, the winner of this auction will receive the entire single pressbook we are selling (plus any supplements or heralds described above)!

Overall Condition: fine, NO CUTS. The pressbook is in quite nice condition! (Learn More)
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