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Auction History Result

2d186 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK style B printer's test 1sh 1980 Jung, it's also the rare purple variant!

Date Sold 12/15/2019
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An Original Vintage Theatrical Unfolded Style B One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 36 1/4" x 46" [92 x 117 cm]) (Learn More)

The Empire Strikes Back (now known as "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back"), the classic 1980 Irvin Kershner science fiction (sci-fi) outer space action adventure sequel ("The Star Wars Saga Continues"; "Story by George Lucas") starring Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (as Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia), Billy Dee Williams (as Lando Calrissian), Anthony Daniels ("as C-3PO"), David Prowse ("as Darth Vader"), Kenny Baker ("as R2-D2"), Peter Mayhew ("as Chewbacca"), Frank Oz ("as Yoda"), Alec Guinness (as Obi-Wan Kenobi), Jeremy Bulloch (as Boba Fett), and John Hollis (as Lobot)
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Artist: Tom Jung
Important Added Info: Note that this poster is a "double rarity"! What do I mean? There is a rare color variant of this poster which has a prurple background rather than a blue background (see below for more on this). The purple poster is many times more rare than the blue one (at least ten times more rare!). But this is also a "printer's test" poster (see far below for more on this). We have only previously auctioned ONE printer's test of this style B Empire Strikes Back one-sheet, but that one was the standard blue color and NOT this purple variant! So this is a "double rarity" and you might never see another one offered that is both a printer's test and a purple variant. Above we talked about the variant color of this poster. It is clearly not the regular U.S. "style B" one-sheet. It has exactly the same image, and yet the coloring is different (on the regular U.S. "style B" one-sheet, the color is a light sky blue, while on this poster, the color is a darker lavender type color). The printing in the bottom border is also different. The title is on the lower left on this poster while it is on the lower right of the other poster, and this poster says "ONE SHEET B", while the regular poster says "STYLE B", and they are in different positions. Finally, the regular poster has an NSS number in the bottom right, and this one does not. Also, above we talked about this poster being a printer's test poster. What does that mean? It means that this is a very rare uncut printer's test poster (often referred to as a "printer's proof")! Before a poster was printed in large quantities, the printer would print a limited number of posters as "test" posters. Because they needed to be shown to people at the studio, people in the art department, the stars, etc, they would print a number of test posters and distribute them to these people. Some of them would be fully trimmed, but often they would leave the color chart on the left edge of many of the posters, which added an extra inch to the width of the poster (which explains why the poster measures 36 1/4" x 46" [92 x 117 cm]). Once these printer's test posters were shown to the various people in a position to "OK" them, the printer would print the full print run of the posters. Not only is a printer's test poster far more rare than a regular poster, but it is also 100% genuine as there is no fear of purchasing a reproduction!

This auction is one of 520 auctions in's special "all-Star Wars" auction! Where did this remarkable selection come from? It all started when we were contacted by a VERY long time collector of Star Wars posters, who told us he wanted to sell his entire collector, and we started with his 296 (which included many of the most rare and desirable ones) and we then asked our other 2,500+ consignors if they had any other Star Wars posters (or related items) that we did not already have, and the result is this amazing collection of 520 auctions, and every item will have a new owner once the auctions end, because all truly have no reserve. If one tried to duplicate this collection, it would surely take MANY years to do so!

The item(s) in THIS specific auction you are viewing right now came from the longtime collector who first consigned to this auction. Here are a few words directly from him about his collection:

"It has been a true labor of love for me to collect Star Wars movie posters/paper over the past 38 years. When I saw the movie for the first time it captured my imagination like no other and started a fascination that will last the rest of my life. I certainly enjoyed playing with the original toys, but only wanted to collect original movie posters because of my general love of movies.

Looking back, it has been a sweet ride. Growing up in the north Midwest, I didn't have great access to such collectables, which was part of the challenge. I started exploring what older movie theaters would have for sale, sometimes getting lucky enough to find something really nice. Before the internet, I remember searching both local and national newspaper classifieds, and movie warehouse catalogues for poster sales. I was self-taught with researching all the different styles and sizes available, so whenever I would come across a new poster it was very exciting.

I frequented hobby stores for advice on collecting and what other resources were available. When I found the Kilian checklist poster, I of course had to try and acquire the complete list. Two other great references I used were the Butterflied & Butterfield Star Wars Reference Collection and The Star Wars Poster Book, both of which opened my eyes to the selection of unique sizes and foreign posters available. Through the years the foreign posters were often much harder to find so I gained more satisfaction whenever I acquired one of those.

I have thoroughly enjoyed researching, collecting, and reminiscing with these posters over the past several decades and am now ready to pass them on for others to enjoy. I hope they fill in many frustrating gaps in other collections!"

Condition: good to very good. This printer's test poster has many light creases scattered throughout, more so down the left and right sides of the image. They are much more distracting when you look at the poster while it is tilted to the light, but they are clearly there and need to be considered before bidding on this poster. There are also many tiny creases in the borders with small paper loss in the top right blank corner. Please bear all of the above in mind and look closely at our super-sized image before bidding on this very rare poster.
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