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Auction History Result

6x001 STAR WARS TRILOGY Avco Cinema Center 1sh 1985 one performance only, one of two posters made!

Date Sold 6/16/2019
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An Original Vintage Unfolded One-Sheet Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41 1/2" [69 x 105 cm]). Included with the poster is a framed display that measures 27" x 39" and contains an original theater ticket, button, and other items (see below) (Learn More)

Star Wars Trilogy, the 1985 one-time showing ("For the first time in America, The Star Wars Trilogy"; "One Performance Only"; "The [name of specific theater] is proud to present one complete, uncut showing of the Star Wars Trilogy, in 70 Millimeter and Dolby Stereo. Thursday, March 28, at [specific time]. All seats $10"; "This special performance will benefit the Corporation for Public Broadcasting") of the first three Star Wars films that was held on March 28th, 1985. This was a special promotion dreamed up by George Lucas, where only nine theaters showed all three movies on one day only! These were the nine theaters that had been showing the movie ever seen it opened, for an entire year (eight U.S. theaters and one Canadian theater), and naturally, all dedicated Star Wars fans wanted to attend this one day only event, but to do so, they had to go to one of the nine theaters. Lucas had only 2 one-sheets made for each of the nine theaters, so only eighteen posters were created, and each was printed with the specific theater names. These posters were not "printed" like regular movie posters! Because only two of each were needed, each was a photographic blow-up of the image. Because the text of the image had to be changed for each of the nine pairs of blow-ups, the camera setting were apparently slightly changed in between the printing of each pair, so there are slight differences between the nine pairs of posters in regards to border size and image size, and overall measurements (we have now seen four of the nine, but we can't say exactly what they all measure, but there are variances between the four we have auctioned)! THINK OF THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS! While there may be some Star Wars posters where only a small number are believed to exist (even only one or two), in every other case, there is always the possibility that a lot of other examples could be discovered at any time in the future (because a lot of the posters were originally printed), but in the case of these original posters from this one-day 1985 trilogy re-release, absolutely only 18 were made (2 for each of the nine theaters showing the triple-bill), and every pair of posters for each theater is different, so there are absolutely only TWO of each, and there is NO chance that any more of them could ever surface (and around half of the original 18 are believed to still be in collectors' hands). If any poster were to be called "the Holy Grail" of Star Wars posters, it would have to be this one. Note that there is a "bootleg" of this poster, but it is not an exact match, and it has many significant differences, and no one who saw an image of this poster could possibly be fooled by it. The poster we are offering here is 100% one of the original eighteen created, and it has impeccable provenance (see below)!
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If you know who did the art (if any), please let us know.
Important Added Info: Note that this one-sheet measures exactly 27" x 41 1/2" [69 x 105 cm]. It measures extremely closely to one of the three previous 1985 Star Wars Trilogy posters we have auctioned (which was from the Seattle showing), and not very close to the two others we auctioned (which were from the San Francisco showing and from the Toronto showing). The three posters we auctioned were all auctioned in 2014 and 2015, and they sold for $20,500, $12,703, and $8,235 (not surprisingly, the most expensive one was in the best condition, and the least expensive one had restoration and was backed). Now we are auctioning this fourth example, again from a different city. In this case, it is from the Los Angeles theater that showed this, on Wilshire Blvd., near Hollywood! Our consignor obtained this poster long ago, and he wanted to be 100% certain that it was authentic, and he brought it to Pete Vilmur (who, along with Steve Sansweet, is the world's authority on Star Wars posters and memorabilia). Mr. Vilmur compared it to two of the eighteen posters that Mr. Sansweet has in his collection (from two other showings), and he confirmed it is absolutely one of the eighteen original posters! He wrote a "letter of authenticity" stating that for our consignor, and our consignor had that framed in a frame that measures 27" x 39", because together with the letter, our consignor also framed two documents explaining about how many of these posters there are and how to tell they are original, and also an original newspaper clipping telling about this "trilogy showing", and also a special Star Wars Trilogy button from this showing, and also an actual numbered ticket from this showing at this very theater (see our image). It is 100% certain that this poster is one of the two posters created for the Los Angeles showing of this trilogy in 1985. You have the word of Pete Vilmur and Bruce Hershenson! Our consignor shot a video of Pete Vilmur examining the poster, and of course, his letter is in the framed display. The new owner of this poster will have the "Holy Grail" of Star Wars posters! Note that when our consignor purchased this poster, it had been dry-mounted to a stiff board (for preservation purposes only, because it was in excellent condition!). It will need to be shipped to the new owner in a very large flat package. The framed display will also need to be shipped in a very large flat package (although the two can be combined), so bear this expense in mind before bidding on this poster and display (the winner gets both items).

Note that this special "all Star Wars" auction began with a phone call from a VERY long time collector of Star Wars posters! He told us that he had reached a point in his life where he was wanting to sell his collection, and he asked if we could do it all at one time. Because he had 174 posters (including many of the most rare and desirable ones), we were happy to comply, but we told him that we would like to also add additional rare Star Wars posters from other collectors, and he agreed, and after we were consigned an additional 117 posters and related items, we have our auction!

We asked the person who assembled the amazing collection of 174 posters in this auction to share with us a written history of how he came to assemble this amazing collection, and if you CLICK HERE, you will be taken to a separate page that shows you what he wrote for us!

Condition: very good. As noted above, the poster is dry-mounted onto a heavy board. It had the tiniest of creases and scuffs scattered in the solid background areas, prior to being dry-mounted, and they have been rendered virtually invisible. The poster will display wonderfully on the new owner's wall! Of course, some collectors might wonder if it could be removed from the dry mounting. It surely could, but to us, it would make no sense to do this. It is in wonderful condition, and will stay that way, and to us, it does not make sense to remove it from the backing, but of course, that will be the decision of the new owner of this poster.
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